10 Cooking Tips Chefs Say You Should Never Try — Eat This Not That

You’ll find cooking suggestions, hacks, and methods all throughout the web, from TikTok and Instagram creators, and even out of your well-meaning family and friends. However how are you aware which tricks to belief? If a tip is within the recipe notes on a cooking weblog is it dependable? What about your grandma’s recommendation about the best way to cook dinner burgers? In all probability? Possibly? 

Since all of us do not have the time or wherewithal to go to culinary faculty or spend years working in an expert kitchen, we determined to show to the most effective supply—skilled and seasoned cooks who’ve honed their expertise in skilled kitchens, and normally spend their spare time testing new recipes or cooking for his or her households—similar to us! We requested cooks in all places from steakhouses to luxurious lodges to cozy bistros what not to do within the kitchen, and a few of the solutions have been shocking. 

Learn on to search out out which cooking errors you’ll be able to simply keep away from in response to skilled cooks!


“This doesn’t work in killing any micro organism and may even have the alternative impact and unfold micro organism round your kitchen. It’ll additionally moisten your pores and skin which can lead to it not crisping nicely whenever you cook dinner it.” —Chef Daniel Kenney, Clink on the Liberty Lodge.


Go gradual when heating up your grill! “In case your grill grates are so scorching they’ve turned white, you’ll incinerate no matter you placed on them. Grilling is completed on excessive warmth, however don’t overdo it, enable your grill time to get to the proper temp, and place your hand above the grill. You need to have the ability to maintain it there for not than three to 5 seconds. Once you apply your protein or greens to the grill, it is best to hear the sizzle and never see flames engulfing your product.” —Chef Ryan Marcoux, Grill 23 & Bar

Woman putting raw meat in refrigerator

“You need to all the time let it mood (relaxation on a slicing board or plate) for at the least 10 to fifteen minutes previous to cooking. This permits for extra even cooking.” —Chef Robert Sisca, The Banks Fish Home

cooking sugar

 “Many house cooks who wish to make a formidable dessert, akin to Crème Brûlée, suppose that the sugar on high must be cooked to a ravishing golden brown. The reality is, it must be burnt—the truth is, crème brûlée actually means ‘burnt cream.’ The burnt sugar supplies an exquisite bitter distinction to the sweetness of the dessert. Now, I am not recommending you carbonize your cooking, as a result of you’ll be able to’t undo the style of a scorched sauce, however embrace the bitterness of charred sugar as a taste that your tastebuds will recognize!” —Chef Colt Taylor, The Essex

press on burgers

“You need to by no means press a burger whereas over a warmth supply because the juices that maintain it good and deliciously moist will actually run out of the meat. A easy technique to maintain the juice in your burger and likewise minimize the cooking time down could be to kind the burger right into a thinner patty earlier than inserting it on the grill.” —Chef Daniel Kenney, Clink on the Liberty Lodge

soaking fries

Do not throw freshly minimize potatoes right into a fryer! “Should you drop recent minimize potatoes straight up, all of the water will nonetheless be soaked up into them and so they’ll scorch. What it is best to do as a substitute is minimize and brine them. Accomplish that for at the least 4 hours, drain them, after which drop them within the deep fryer. The most effective crunchy fries with construction you’ve got ever had in your life.” —Chef Ryan Smith, Lazy Susan Tapas Bar

smashing garlic

Chef Smith begs you to take it straightforward on the garlic. “I used to have a Sous Chef who insisted on smacking all of his garlic earlier than chopping it to ‘launch its oil.’ And to his credit score, a number of cooks have informed me the identical. All it actually does is destroy your knife and take twice as lengthy. And hilariously, one such prep day, his cleaver deal with misplaced a rivet. Critically, throw it within the meals processor and be accomplished with it.” —Chef Ryan Smith, Lazy Susan Tapas Bar

adding oil to boiling water

You could have heard that including oil to your pasta water helps the noodles not stick, however that is not the case. “That is bull****. And a waste of oil.” —Chef Matt Broussard

five steak marinades in small plastic bags
Kiersten Hickman/Eat This, Not That!

Probably the most widespread errors a number of cooks make is so as to add salt to the marinade whereas marinating any proteins for longer occasions. “Salt is a de-moisturizer in its pure state and in case you add additional salt it will possibly result in over extracting the flavors an excessive amount of and may result in dry meat or seafood.” —Chef Suraj “Sunny” Chopra, Insurgent’s Guild at The Revere Lodge

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woman cooking rice and vegetables

Go away your rice alone! “I really like Jasmine and I all the time sauté my rice with 2 tbsps of olive oil at medium warmth. Should you discover, the rice is an opaque shade and as soon as it is positioned within the warmth it begins to turn into white, giving the rice a toasty taste as nicely. I transfer the rice gently to make sure it’s utterly white. I then add my minced garlic and salt to style, then add water. At this level, I increase the warmth to medium-high. Now it is vital to not stir the rice, we’ve got added the water and the rice will start to launch the starches within the rice. As soon as the water begins to simmer it is time to place a lid in your pan and produce down the warmth to low for about 15 minutes. Now you’ll be able to raise the lid and provides a mild fold to your rice, center, and sides to get a good cook dinner after which place the lid again on and switch off the warmth. Let the rice relaxation for about 5 minutes.” –Govt Chef Patti Delgado, Vibrant

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