11 Covid Vaccine Myths: Your Health Concerns Addressed

We have all heard a minimum of one delusion in regards to the COVID-19 vaccines. Fears that the federal government or “Huge Pharma” secretly plans to trace and management us by way of the vaccine. Or, on TikTok and Instagram, we see folks with spoons caught to their arms, claiming the vaccine made them magnetic. Many of those myths sound like conspiracy concept paranoia. However others replicate the very human worry of the unknown.

I’ve seen the complete vary of issues in my circle of relatives. One instructed me that masks provide you with most cancers. One other mentioned the COVID vaccine had nothing in it. Others, a few of whom really did get vaccinated, nonetheless had doubts and questions. “It is simply so new,” they mentioned. “We do not know what it is going to do to us, long run.”

To which I mentioned: I get it. COVID-19 and its variants are new to all of us. We’re scared.

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Getting Info: Tough Enterprise

A lot info bombards us each day. Even these of us who suppose we’re savvy can get tricked by incorrect info. The opposite week, I heard a mainstream radio report asserting that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines weren’t defending towards the delta variant. I freaked out. I attempted to search for the info and could not discover it anyplace. The following day, I discovered that the numbers got here from an unfinished research in Israel. What had been reported as a truth turned out to not be true.

It is not stunning that so many Individuals do not know who to belief. Our media shops, political leaders, and group voices supply conflicting “knowledgeable” recommendation. The outcomes are tragic: 67% of the unvaccinated consider a minimum of one delusion in regards to the vaccine. Unvaccinated folks at the moment are experiencing surges of infections, hospitalizations, and demise. This places all of us in danger.

When Your Beloved Ones Will not Get Vaccinated: What to Say?

When somebody you like states a vaccine delusion as truth, what do you say? As with most tough conversations, listening is essential. Some myths sound wacko. However some misinformation on the market sounds prefer it may be true. Should you get an opportunity to share your ideas, having some details in your again pocket can assist.

Myths & Info: Your Well being & the COVID Vaccine

Fantasy: I can keep away from COVID by masking/social distancing, so I do not want the vaccine to remain secure.

Truth: Carrying a masks and staying away from others positively can shield you from an infection. They’re higher than nothing in any respect.

However, these techniques aren’t fail-safe.

It’d assist to grasp that COVID vaccines do not simply stop an infection. Should you’re vaccinated however get contaminated — which is uncommon, however doable — the vaccines cut back how sick you get and whether or not you go to the hospital or not. Masks and distancing alone cannot try this. For the perfect safety, and particularly for people who find themselves immunocompromised, the vaccine plus masking and different instruments offers you probably the most probability of avoiding an infection and extreme sickness.

Fantasy: I am comparatively younger and wholesome, so if I get COVID, it will not be a giant deal.

Truth: Whereas being younger and retaining a wholesome way of life can cut back your probabilities of getting severely sick for those who’re contaminated, it’s nonetheless no assure. As of November 3, the CDC stories that about 50,000 Individuals beneath the age of fifty have died from COVID-19. A a lot bigger variety of folks wanted to be hospitalized however ultimately recovered.

Should you do occur to get contaminated, you additionally would possibly wind up with lengthy COVID, a long-term situation. Though most individuals who get COVID get better inside a number of weeks, lengthy COVID signs stick round and proceed affecting you for months after an infection. Lengthy COVID can occur whether or not you initially had delicate, extreme, or no signs of an infection. It will probably trigger:

  • Respiratory points
  • Fatigue
  • Problem considering or concentrating (typically known as “mind fog”)
  • Coronary heart points
  • Ache in your chest or abdomen
  • Joint or muscle ache, typically after train
  • Modifications or loss in odor or style
  • Points affecting a number of organs

Getting vaccinated is one of the simplest ways to forestall getting contaminated with COVID-19 and spreading it to others.

Fantasy: The vaccine was rushed to market. It solely has an emergency-use approval from the FDA. It is not legit.

Truth: They did rush the vaccine and get emergency approval, and thank goodness: That rush job saved lives. Proof? Simply have a look at the variety of deaths earlier than and after folks began getting vaccinated.

But it surely’s vital to know a few issues.

  1. The Pfizer vaccine has now acquired full FDA approval.
  2. Emergency-use authorization (EUA) does not imply {that a} vaccine continues to be in an experimental section or hasn’t been vetted completely, or is harmful. Earlier than the FDA gave emergency approval, researchers used medical trials to check the COVID-19 vaccines in tens of 1000’s of individuals. The vaccines met the Meals and Drug Administration’s (FDA) rigorous scientific requirements for security, effectiveness, and manufacturing high quality wanted to assist the authorization.
  3. Science isn’t any rush job. Scientists have been engaged on medicine to forestall coronavirus infections for many years. In the event that they hadn’t, they would not have had something to hurry to market in any respect.

Say what you’ll, scientists and the FDA observe strict procedures and pointers when growing, testing, and approving medicine for human use. And COVID vaccines have undergone and can proceed to endure probably the most intensive security monitoring in U.S. historical past.

See this FAQ about COVID vaccination from the CDC.

Fantasy: We don’t know the long-term results of the vaccine.

Truth: Researchers have been engaged on these vaccines for a very long time. To not point out, most individuals — tens of millions world wide, actually — solely get delicate signs and no long-term unwanted effects in any respect.

When severe or long-term unwanted effects do come from a vaccine, they often present up inside 6 weeks of the shot. If the COVID vaccines posed any form of risk to human well being, proof would have proven that by now.

Fantasy: The vaccine causes severe unwanted effects, together with seizures, tremors, and coronary heart issues.

Truth: The vaccine may cause unwanted effects, like delicate coronary heart irritation and even rarer blood clots, in sure folks, says William Petri, MD, infectious illness knowledgeable.

However these unwanted effects are very uncommon. “About 1 in each 100,000 individuals who’ve taken the vaccine” get severe unwanted effects.

That is nothing in comparison with the variety of deaths attributable to COVID: 1 in 600.

Getting unwanted effects from a vaccine is regular. They do not imply you are sick with a illness. They imply your physique is constructing antibodies to the virus.

Fantasy: The vaccine has a microchip in it that gathers info and tracks me.

Truth: The COVID-19 vaccines don’t comprise any microchips or digital parts of any sort. Their solely objective is to construct your immunity to COVID-19. The truth is, details about the elements of the three vaccines used within the U.S. is obtainable on-line from the CDC.

Once you get your shot, you obtain a card stating which shot you bought, the place you bought it, and the date. State governments do preserve this info in a database with the intention to entry it for those who lose your card.

Your conduct is already tracked in some ways by a number of completely different corporations — apps in your cellphone or smartwatch and web sites you go to collect info on the place you might be, what you store for, and what you have a look at on the web. If organizations need to observe you, they will do it with out having to trick you into taking the vaccine.

Fantasy: I’ve an underlying situation, so the vaccine isn’t secure for me.

Truth: Some folks I do know thought having Sort 1 diabetes meant they should not get the vaccine. However actually, it is the alternative. Underlying situations, together with diabetes, put you at an even bigger threat for extreme sickness from COVID-19. Not solely do you have to get vaccinated, however you must get the third dose booster when it’s obtainable for you.

Fantasy: I have allergic reactions. An allergic response to the vaccine may kill me.

Truth: It is true, when you have sure allergic reactions, you could possibly have a response to the vaccine. At UVA Well being, we have now allergy consultants on the COVID clinic to observe these particular conditions. They can assist you instantly when you have a response. Name us for those who’re afraid of getting an allergic response to the vaccine.

Fantasy: Children can’t unfold the virus. Plus, in the event that they get contaminated, youngsters solely get a gentle an infection.

Truth: Youngsters, like anybody else, can unfold the coronavirus. COVID-19 strikes from individual to individual by droplets that come out of noses and mouths by way of coughs, sneezes, and regular respiration. Even when they do not get signs, contaminated youngsters can unfold the virus to others who will.

Sure, COVID did not hit youngsters as onerous when the pandemic started. Based on the CDC, greater than 95% of COVID-19 deaths occur in folks older than 45. However the variety of instances in youngsters have been rising just lately. The delta variant spreads quicker and hits tougher than the primary model of the virus. Unvaccinated youngsters pose large dangers to their members of the family and the broader group.

It is also vital to notice that youngsters with immune points — youngsters with most cancers, or who’ve had an organ transplant, for instance — are very weak to any form of an infection.

Fantasy: The COVID vaccine makes you infertile. And it isn’t secure for pregnant ladies.

Truth. No proof exists that the vaccine hurts pregnant moms, their infants, or the power for males or ladies to have youngsters.

Fantasy: Should you’re breastfeeding, the vax will give your child seizures and infect them with COVID.

Truth: No scientific stories present proof for something of the kind. COVID-19 vaccines do not have the virus in them, to allow them to’t infect moms or infants.

What we have now seen is that breastfeeding individuals who acquired vaccinated have antibodies of their breastmilk. The vaccine will not hurt breastfeeding infants. It could, actually, shield them. Should you get the vaccine, among the immunity you get from it could cross to your child by way of breast milk.


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Fantasy: Should you get COVID, it is identical to getting a chilly/flu – no massive deal.

Truth: The factor is, we do see traits of who will get sicker and even probably dies from a COVID an infection. However a good share of people that do not match the profile of a high-risk particular person additionally have extreme reactions and die.

As of August 27, 2021, 652,261 Individuals and 4,495,272 folks world wide have died from the COVID-19 virus. A few of these folks have been wholesome and younger. Chances are you’ll be fortunate and never have signs for those who get contaminated. However you could possibly additionally die. Nobody can assure the end result, both method.

Researchers proceed to trace long-term medical points in COVID survivors.

Fantasy: I had COVID already. I am immune now. I do not want a vaccine.

Truth: Individuals who have had COVID as soon as can nonetheless get it once more. We do not know the way lengthy having had an an infection protects you, however it definitely is not endlessly.

This submit was first revealed on September 6, 2021, and up to date in November 2021.

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