5 Ways to Stop Sugar Cravings Before They Start, Says Dietitian — Eat This Not That

No, there isn’t any magic tablet to take to cease your sugar cravings. Nonetheless, sugar cravings are simpler to deal with when you recognize what’s inflicting them within the first place, in response to Lisa Moskovitz, RD, CEO and creator of The Core 3 Wholesome Consuming Plan and a member of our medical skilled board.

“Whereas generally a yearning for sugar is an indication that your physique wants extra vitality and carbs, it will also be prompted by stress and powerful feelings,” says Moskovitz. “That mentioned, step one to managing sugar cravings is to study extra in regards to the why behind them.”

Listed here are the strategies Moskovitz recommends for eliminating a sugar craving earlier than it takes over. After, for much more wholesome suggestions, try our listing of 9 Wholesome Consuming Habits to Dwell Over A Century.


“Journaling could be an efficient modality to discover why you are guaranteeing meals selections and should you’re missing something out of your weight-reduction plan that may set off robust cravings,” says Moskovitz. “Should you can pinpoint the trigger, and even if you cannot, it might nonetheless be exhausting to close it off.”

When you’re conscious of the sure triggers (like not getting sufficient of these satiating macronutrients, like protein and wholesome fats), then it may be simpler to make some switches to your meals to assist with sugar cravings long run.

“For that motive, discovering alternate options to fulfill a critical candy tooth could assist forestall extreme added sugar consumption,” says Moskovitz. “Examples embody recent or dried fruit, salted nuts, mild ice cream, low-sugar chocolate, chocolate-covered fruit or nuts, and high-fiber cereals or chips.”

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Should you’ve seen some well being guru inform you to drink water with a purpose to suppress your meals cravings…properly, they are not utterly flawed. One research printed in Physiology & Conduct discovered that hydration standing does alter one’s want for meals. Whereas the research members ate comparable quantities of meals, their cravings for meals did change when correctly hydrated. Researchers additionally discovered that water may also help with emotions of satiety, which helps with managing sugar cravings for the long term.

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Sure—your blood sugar and your meals cravings are actually linked. Information printed in Vitamins in 2020 concluded that those that adopted a lower-carbohydrate weight-reduction plan (which will not trigger huge spikes and dips in blood sugar) had a larger discount in sugar cravings. A more healthy weight-reduction plan excessive in protein, fiber, and wholesome fat will assist with controlling blood sugar spikes, which in flip helps with sugar cravings throughout blood sugar dips.

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It might appear counterintuitive, however should you’re really seeking to cease a craving in its tracks, many dietitians would say merely consuming a portioned measurement of the meals you might be craving will assist with feeling happy, as a substitute of making an attempt to fulfill the craving with a more healthy different.

“Some individuals could take the highway of full sugar avoidance. Whereas this will work for some, it will probably backfire for others,” says Moskovitz. “In that case, going for the true deal may be the one method to indulge your craving so you possibly can transfer on. So long as your candy deal with would not exchange different nutritious meals in your weight-reduction plan, it is completely wholesome to include desserts or something sugary-tasting into your weight-reduction plan. Having that after-dinner dessert to look ahead to can usually be a useful behavior to repeatedly eat a extra balanced, nutritious weight-reduction plan.”

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One other nifty trick for eliminating a sugar craving is to pair that candy deal with with one thing nutritious and filling.

Should you discover that permitting any kind of added sugar tends to result in extra sugar cravings, mix what you are craving with meals which are nutritious and filling, says Moskovitz. “For instance, as a substitute of simply consuming chocolate or simply consuming an apple, mix the 2. As a substitute of solely choosing ice cream or nuts, prime your ice cream with fiber and protein-rich almonds or walnuts.”

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