55 Unique Indian Twin Boy And Girl Names With Meanings


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Naming a child is next-level happiness, and the happiness doubles if the infants are twins. Dad and mom typically really feel like giving their twins names that sound comparable, are associated and have the identical beginning alphabet.

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Matching Names For Twin Boy And Girl

Discovering an appropriate identify for twins will be tough, particularly when they’re a boy and a lady. Right here, now we have listed down a couple of of the sweetest and most significant twin boy and woman names. You may select your favourites from the listing and take your decide.

1. Armaan and Arushi

Armaan: Hope/Want
Arushi: Daybreak/Early morning sunshine

2. Aadrit and Ayesha

Aadrit: Revered/Beautiful
Ayesha: Joyful dwelling

3. Ayush and Ahana

Ayush: Lengthy life/well being
Ahana: Immortal/First rise of the solar

4. Bhargav and Bhratiti

Bhargav: An epithet of Lord Shiva/An excellent archer.
Bhratiti: Vine

5. Charvik and Charu

Charvik: Clever/Sensible
Charu: Divinely handsome/charming

6. Chaitanya and Chetna

Chaitanya: Pure consciousness
Chetna: Consciousness/Wonderful intelligence

7. Dhruv and Dhriti

Dhruv: Pole star/Devoted
Dhriti: Goddess Durga/ Braveness

8. Daksh and Dua

Daksh: Son of Lord Brahma/Vigorous proficient
Dua: Blessing/Prayer

9. Divyansh and Divya

Divyansh: God’s personal divine/Religious knowledge
Divya: Divine brilliance

10. Ekansh and Ekta

Ekansh: Complete/Absolute
Ekta: Fertility

11. Eshaan and Eshani

Eshaan: Lord Shiva/Needing
Eshani: Consort of Lord Shiva/Want

12. Farhan and Farah

Farhan: Joyful/Pleasant
Farah: Happiness

13. Gauransh and Gargi

Gauransh: A part of Goddess Gauri
Gargi: The one that evokes to assume/Goddess Durga

14. Hardik and Hrishita

Hardik: From the guts
Hrishita: The very best/Who brings happiness

15. Ikshit and Innaya

Ikshit: Desired
Innaya: Care/Concern

16. Ivaan and Idaya

Ivaan: God’s gracious and wonderful reward.
Idhaya: Coronary heart

17. Jivin and Jagriti

Jivin: Provides life
Jagriti: Awakening

18. Jai and Jaahanvi

Jai: Victory
Jaahanvi: Moonlight

19. Karan and Kanisha

Karan: Expert/Sensible
Kanisha: An individual with glowing eyes

Matching Names For Twin Boy And Girl

20. Kiaan and Kiara

Kiaan: Grace of God
Kiara: Gentle/Clear

21. Krishiv and Kashvi

Krishiv: Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva
Kashvi: Shining

22. Laksh and Lepakshi

Laksh: Vacation spot/Individual with a excessive goal
Lepakshi: Rise chicken

23. Lakshit and Lekha

Lakshit: Ambition
Lekha: Writing/Lightening

24. Medhansh and Myra

Medhansh: Born with intelligence
Myra: A beloved particular person

25. Mayank and Maya

Mayank: Moon
Maya: Phantasm/Dream

26. Maanas and Marsha

Maanas: Religious thought
Marsha: Courageous

27. Nimit and Nimisha

Nimit: Future/Decided
Nimisha: Twinkle of a watch

28. Nihal and Nitya

Nihal: Joyous/Profitable
Nitya: Everlasting

29. Nicole and Naomi

Nicole: Folks of victory
Naomi: Pleasantness

30. Ojas and Ojal

Ojas: Physique energy
Ojal: Imaginative and prescient

31. Om and Ojaswini

Om: Lord Shiva
Ojaswini: Highly effective/Radiant

32. Parth and Prisha

Parth: An individual who by no means misses the goal.
Prisha: Beloved

33. Pawan and Pranshi

Pawan: Wind/Breeze
Pranshi: Goddess Lakshmi

34. Pranit and Pravya

Pranit: Humble/Modest
Pravya: An individual who likes to study new issues.

35. Qadim and Quirina

Qadim: Vintage
Quirina: Warrior

36. Rakshit and Reena

Rakshit: Secured/Defender
Reena: Beloved/Melody

37. Rehaan and Reesha

Rehaan: Candy-scented
Reesha: Characteristic/Saintly

38. Reyansh and Ruhi

Reyansh: Ray of sunshine
Ruhi: Religious/Beloved

39. Sathvik and Samanta

Sathvik: Calm/Virtuous
Samanta: Flower/Blossom

Matching Names For Twin Boy And Girl

40. Shivansh and Shanaya

Shivansh: Part of Lord Shiva
Shanaya: Eminent

41. Sagav and Swara

Sagav: White
Swara: Musical tone

42. Tejas and Taahira

Tejas: Energy
Taahira: Pure

43. Tanish and Tanvee

Tanish: Gold/Jewel
Tanvee: Lovely/Delicate

44. Taksh and Tanya

Taksh: King Bharat’s son/To Create
Tanya: Fairy queen

45. Udant and Urvi

Udant: Appropriate message
Urvi: The Earth

46. Udarsh and Udita

Udarsh: Refill
Udita: One who has risen

47. Veer and Vidhi

Veer: Courageous
Vidhi: Goddess of Future

48. Vihaan and Vaani

Vihaan: Daybreak
Vaani: Eloquent in phrases

49. Vishal and Vedika

Vishal: Nice
Vedika: Nice

50. Wriddhish and Wakeeta

Wriddhish: Lord Ganesha
Wakeeta: Chief

51. Xavion and Xanthia

Xavion: Fighter
Xanthia: Blonde

52. Yash and Yara

Yash: Success/Splendour
Yara: Water Woman

53. Yug and Yadvi

Yug: An period
Yadvi: Goddess Durga

54. Zayaan and Zara

Zayaan: Lovely
Zara: Radiance

55. Zashil and Zaina

Zashil: Enthusiastic
Zaina: Magnificence

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