70 Best God Vinayaka Child Names

Lord Ganesha child names – If you’re questioning a couple of conventional identify alternative in your new child, which is impressed and brought as a direct blessing from God, what greatest than naming her or him with a reputation concept that’s symbolic to the Lord? The Lord Ganesha impressed child names could be the proper match. All of us start any new activity with Ganesh Ji’s blessing, and these names could be good beginnings to you, too, within the type of your infant.

With a number of identify concepts to slot in for girls and boys, these Ganapati names for child could be apt, and the proper slot in all contexts. Let’s examine them out.

Lord Ganesha Impressed Kids’s Identify for Boys, Women, and Twins:

One could not assume that each one the names listed with which means and symbolism associated to our Lord have to sound and look conventional. We’ve compiled every kind of child names decisions only for you – from conventional and traditional ones to trendy and distinctive names; we’ve got all of them. Right here we go together with the stunning child names associated to Lord Ganesha.!

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Lord Ganesha Impressed Child Boy Names:

First, allow us to discover the well-known, in style, and distinctive child boy names impressed by our Lord GanapatiJi. These are perfect for any trendy dad and mom who’re looking out to call their little star with the blessing of our elephant god. Here’s a checklist of our favourite stylish and wonderful identify concepts with symbolisms, different meanings, and extra!

1. Aayog:

Aayog is a child boy identify with a contemporary and cute sounding. Nonetheless, the identify means an individual who has a bond and blessing from Lord Ganesha. It’s a gorgeous and up to date alternative impressed child boy identify.

2. Aatesh:

Aatesh identify itself immediately symbolizes Lord Ganesha. The identify is sort of well-known and getting stylish within the north Indian Hindi language talking state. It’s once more a contemporary and distinctive, unusual identify alternative.

3. Akurath:

Akurath means somebody who has a mouse as a charioteer. That is none aside from our favourite God. It’s a trendy but traditional-sounding significant identify alternative for child boys on this technology.

4. Amit:

Amit, whereas it’s a widespread identify alternative for child boys, it additionally means countless or limitless. Nonetheless, we have no idea that it is usually a stunning widespread identify which means to Lord Ganesh Ji. That is such a brief and cute Lord Ganesha names for child boy.

5. Anaimuga:

Anaimuga is of Sanskrit origin, the opposite identify for God Ganapathi. It’s a uncommon but very conventional identify concept. That is additionally an historical and conventional Lord Ganesha names for child boy in Sanskrit.

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6. Avighna:

Avigna or Avighna immediately symbolizes our God, Ganesh Ji. It’s a very conventional and traditional identify once more and a famously in style alternative already.

7. Balesh:

The identify Balesh is used as symbolism, referring to each Lord Siva and Lord Ganesh Ji. We love this conventional Ganpati names for child boy.

8. Bhuvanpathi:

Bhuvanpathi actually interprets to Lord of the entire world. It not directly symbolizes the God Ganesh Ji. That is in style amongst trending Ganesha boy names.

9. Dharmik:

Dharmic or Dhaarmik means an individual who’s charitable like Ganesha. It’s a conventional sounding identify alternative, very best for child boys. This may be a good suggestion for fogeys who need a typical identify for his or her children.

10. Ekadant:

Ekadant or Ekadanta means one-toothed God. That is our Ganesh Ji. It’s a very conventional identify but once more and isn’t a generally discovered identify on this technology of children.

11. Gadadhara:

Gadadhara is a really conventional and traditional mythological based mostly identify alternative. It means somebody who’s as sturdy as anybody and impressed by God Ganesh Ji’s options.

12. Gajanan:

Gajanan means an individual who has a face like an elephant. The identify symbolizes our favourite God, Ganesh Ji, and is an unusual but very identified significant identify alternative for child boys. Isn’t it?

13. Ganapathi:

How concerning the unique identify Ganapathi itself? It’s a widespread and well-known identify, a timeless alternative but coming down from generations collectively. It additionally means Lord of all Gods.

14. Gaurinandan:

The identify Gaurinandan interprets to the son of Goddess Parvathi or Goddess Gauri. This implies our personal Ganesh Ji. The identify is once more a standard alternative but an lovely and significant one. Isn’t it?

15. Gaurik:

Gaurik means good-looking son of Goddess Gauri or Goddess Parvathi. This can be a trendy and quick identify concept impressed by our God and is an lovely option to check out.

16. Haridra:

Haridra means an individual who has golden shade pores and skin and is a stunning cute, trendy uncommon identify that symbolizes and is impressed by our Ganesh Bhagwan.

17. Ibhaan:

Ibhaan is a really trendy and wonderful quick child boy identify. It means somebody’s face which resembles an elephant, that’s our very personal Lord. Isn’t it stunning?

18. Karunya:

Karunya, the identify means somebody who’s calm, peaceable, and quiet. The identify not directly symbolizes our God, Ganesh Ji, with all his traits and traits on this identify. It is usually a really inventive and modern, stunning identify alternative for child boys. What do you consider these Vinayagar names for child boy?

19. Kavish:

Kavish is one other identify for God Ganapathi Ji, however it’s not generally discovered as but. It’s originated from the Sanskrit language.

20. Laavin:

Laavin means an individual who carries the presence of Lord Ganesh himself. That is once more a stunning and modern-day hardly ever discovered identify alternative for child boys on this technology. That is a lot hardly ever seen unknown Lord Ganesha associated child boy names.

21. Lambodara:

Lambodara is generally a standard nickname present in Indian nation. This implies somebody who has an enormous stomach. It’s a nickname and cute identify given to our Ganesh Ji additionally. Isn’t it pretty?

22. Mahabali:

Mahabali means an individual who’s as sturdy as God Ganapathi Ji. It’s a prevalent identify mythologically well-known too. It’s a in style and historical Lord Vinayaka names for child boy.

23. Mahodhar:

Mahodhar, within the Hindi language, actually interprets to somebody who’s sort and really beneficiant. This identify can be impressed and symbolizes our Lord Ganesh and is an ideal conventional alternative for fogeys who want to identify one for his or her child boys. It is usually hardly ever discovered within the identify.

24. Mrityunjay:

Mrityunjay is a standard identify discovered within the Northern states of India. It means an individual who has conquered loss of life, and that’s God Ganesh Ji. It’s a token of the identify given as a blessing to the new child for them to guide a really completely happy and wholesome lengthy life.

25. Natik:

Natik is one other identify for God Ganesh. It’s a quick and cute modern-day identify alternative, impressed by our Lord’s identify, and isn’t very generally discovered as but. That is uncommon Lord Ganesha names beginning with N.

26. Nidheeshwar:

Nidheeswar or Nidheeshwar means bestower of wealth. Since worshipping Ganesh Ji earlier than any event is auspicious and creating wealth for any dwelling, this identify additionally symbolizes our favourite God. The fashionable variation of the identical identify is Nidheesh.

27. Omkara:

Omkara or Omkar means a brand new starting or blessing the brand new beginnings. This identify is once more related to Ganesh Bhagwan, worshipping him for good and wholesome beginnings. The identify is a well-liked alternative for male boy little one in a number of states of India.

28. Ojhas:

Ojas or Ojhas is a really distinctive and wonderful quick child boy identify alternative. Ojhas means somebody who shines brightly and brilliantly like our Lord.

29. Parin:

Parin is a 5 lettered quick child identify for boy. It’s one other identify for our Ganesh Ji himself. On condition that not many know of this identify but, this may make the proper alternative for contemporary dad and mom looking for a significant but charming and distinctive choice for the little star. One other spelling for a similar identify is Pareen.

30. Prahar:

Prahar means Lord who conjures up and blesses a brand new starting. The identify not directly symbolizes our God Ganesh Ji and is a inventive and wonderful sounding trendy child boy identify alternative. We love this one. What do you suppose?

31. Prathmesh:

Prathmesh or Pratmesh means the primary particular person of all. The primary particular person and God we expect and pray to whereas starting new duties or first occasions are Ganesh Ji. This identify symbolizes him.

32. Ridheesh:

Ridhesh means a Lord who resides within the coronary heart of our personal. Whereas this may occasionally imply a number of gods, it can also take our personal favourite Ganapathi Ji. What do you suppose?

33. Shambhav:

Shambhav means the son of Lord Siva, which is Lord Ganesh. That is immediately one other identify for our favourite God. That is additionally a well-known one amongst a number of in Lord Ganesha names, beginning with S.

34. Shivatmaj:

Shivatmaj means an individual who’s the soul of Siva or born as a soul from Siva. That is once more our personal Ganesh Ji. It’s a conventional and glorious typical identify. Nonetheless, it’s hardly ever discovered alternative.

35. Shubham:

Subham or Shubham is a well-liked and well-known identify in North India for child boys. This implies good beginnings or auspicious. This identify not directly symbolizes our Lord Ganesh Ji.

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36: Sidhesh:

Siddesh or Siddhesh means God of all of the workship. That’s our Ganapathi Bhagwan. It’s a widespread child boy identify alternative, but it’s a well-known and basic identify to attempt even right now.

37. Sidhivinayak:

The identify is in style already, given the well-known Ganesh temple with this identify. Nonetheless, this identify can be famend and is but a basic alternative for individuals who wish to do that as a blessing from Ganesh Ji.

38. Sumuk:

Sumuk is one other identify for God Ganesh Ji.

39. Swaroop:

Swaroop is a modern-day and exquisite child boy identify, which suggests somebody who has a nice and wonderful face. This symbolizes our Lord’s identify and is a well-known one in Lord Vinayaka names in Telugu.

40. Taksh:

Taksh is a cute and robust, pretty child boy identify. It is usually inventive and exquisite in sounding. Taksh means sturdy. It additionally means somebody who’s highly effective.

41. Umaputra:

Uma is none aside from Goddess Parvathi. Uma Purtra means Goddess Uma’s son, which is Lord Ganesh Ji.

42. Varad:

Varad is a classy and quick cute child boy identify alternative for Ganesh Ji. It means power and is a stunning and infrequently discovered concept for naming right now’s born children.

43. Vidhyadhar:

Vidyadhar truly means somebody who is stuffed with knowledge and data. The identify can imply a number of God’s, and one among the many many is our Ganesh Ji. It’s well-known amongst Lord Ganesha names beginning with V.

44. Vignesh:

Vignesh is a standard identify alternative, particularly in south Indian states. The Vignesh means the one who removes obstacles; it’s Ganapathi Ji. The identify is legendary and located nicely in Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, and Tamil languages for Lord Ganesh child boy names

45. Vikat::

Vikat is a contemporary and really distinctive, uncommon identify alternative for child boys. It means an individual who has a powerful character, symbolizing our God, Ganesh.

46. Vinayak:

Vinayak is one other identify for God Ganesh and is a well-known alternative already in a number of states of India.

47. Visvak:

Visvak or Viswak is an individual who’s the treasurer of the entire world. It not directly symbolizes Lord Ganapathi Ji.

48. Visvamukh:

This implies somebody who’s the grasp of your entire universe or world. The identify additionally means multi-headed God.

49. Yogadipa:

This can be a lesser-known and but pretty identify alternative impressed by our God, Ganesh Ji.

50. Yunay:

Yunay is once more a really unusual, trendy, and infrequently discovered identify. It means essentially the most highly effective God on the entire earth.

Lord Ganesha Impressed Child Woman Names Concepts:

Chances are you’ll be stunned, however pretty identify concepts impressed by God Ganesh Ji for ladies. These are symbolisms or direct names that may be named for child ladies too. Right here we provide you with our high ideas comprising of each conventional and trendy decisions. Right here we go!

51. Binaka:

Binaka is the identify of God Ganesh. The identify additionally symbolizes creativity and energy out of vulnerability. We love these intense meanings; what do you consider this lord Ganesha names for child lady?

52. Ehika:

Ehika means an individual who removes obstacles and brings auspiciousness throughout new beginnings. That is none aside from our favourite Lord. Isn’t it?

53. Kapila:

Kapila means yellowish brown coloured pores and skin. It is also impressed by Lord Ganesh Ji’s identify and is appropriate for child ladies. This Ganapati names for child lady isn’t discovered and is trendy in sounding too.

54. Kaya:

Kaya is one other identify given for Lord Ganesha and is an ideal decide for the little child lady. It additionally means a destroyer of conceitedness. It’s a favourite quick and cute trendy Ganesha names for child lady.

55. Nitya:

Nitya means eternal or everlasting. It additionally symbolizes Ganesh Ji. This can be a quick, cute, and basic identify alternative for child ladies.

56. Prahara:

We love the identify Prahara. It’s given to child ladies and is a contemporary and infrequently discovered identify. It refers to Lord Ganesh Ji.

57. Shambhavi:

The identify Shambavi means Goddess Parvathi, and he or she is the mom of our favourite Lord, Ganesh Bhagwan. That is the normal Vinayagar names for child lady to check out.

58. Rudrapriya:

Rudra’s identify is given to a number of Goddesses corresponding to Durga and even Parvathi. The beloved one in all Goddess Parvathi is our Ganapathi Ji.

59. Shwetha:

Most of us have no idea that the identify Shweta is definitely impressed by God Ganesh.

60. Varaya:

Varaya is once more a really hardly ever discovered identify and is exclusive too. The identify Varaya means blessings from God. It additionally means auspiciousness. We love this distinctive and new Lord Vinayaka names for child lady.

Unisex Child Identify Concepts:

There are additionally particular identify concepts and ideas that are distinctive and could be very best to call each child girls and boys. Let’s examine them out too!

61. Karthika:

Karthika is a standard identify appropriate for each girls and boys. It means the son of Lord Shiva.

62. Kirti:

Kirti means fame and popularity. It additionally means the happiness of recent beginnings. This can be a appropriate identify for each girls and boys, impressed from Ganesha.

63. Kshipra:

Kshipra means somebody who is able to appease. The identify symbolizes our Ganesh Bhagwan and is a hardly ever discovered but stunning and distinctive identify alternative, appropriate for each girls and boys infants.

64. Nandana:

Nandana is a unisex identify alternative which suggests Son of Lord Shiva.

65. Yashashwi:

If you’re questioning, Yashashwi is a woman’s identify alternative; that is additionally appropriate for child boys. It means somebody who brings fame and success, symbolizing God Ganesh Ji.

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Twin Identify Concepts:

In case you might be in search of matching concepts in identify decisions for twin infants, we even have gotten you lined on this. These are our high ideas.

66. Alampat – Avaneesh:

Each are distinctive and infrequently discovered modern-day identify concepts symbolizing God Ganesh. Each imply God of the world and God of the brand new beginnings.

67. Pitambar – Pramoda:

Each are one other symbolising identify for God Ganesh and are twin child boy identify concepts.

68. Shanmukh – Saurjyesh:

These are each twin child boy identify concepts. Shanmukh means an individual who has a number of heads and symbolizes our favourite God right here. Saurjyesh additionally interprets to Ganesha and in addition Kartikeya, each.

69. Supash – Swarna:

These are once more twin child boy and lady identify concepts. Supash means God Ganesh, one who lives in divine land. Swarna is gold, one other identify for God Ganesh too.

70. Vishwaraja – Vishvamukha:

These are twin child boy identify concepts. Each the meanings revolve and symbolize God Ganesh Ji and the conqueror of the world.

We hope you loved exploring this checklist of lovely and newest Lord Ganesha child names for girls and boys. These are good for each conventional and trendy outlook decisions and are distinctive and mesmerizing ones to check out. Inform us which is identify you favored essentially the most. We love to listen to from you!


All of the names given above have their meanings as per the context associated to the nation India. These meanings and symbols could alter in keeping with completely different cultures, nations, areas, and languages. We advise conducting your intensive analysis earlier than understanding the a number of interpretations connected to the identify. Additional, please additionally notice that that is solely an informatory information on the child identify concepts and decisions; the writer shouldn’t be liable for any error or discrepancy.

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