9 Vitamins That May Help With Vaginal Dryness: Symptoms & Causes

Vaginal dryness happens naturally with growing age when the estrogen ranges deplete.

Vaginal fluid or lubricant is mucus that’s produced within the vagina. The hormone estrogen is answerable for the manufacturing of vaginal fluids and maintains the suitable thickness of the vaginal lining.

Vaginal fluid or lubricant maintains:

  • Vaginal well being
  • Prevents infections
  • Helps transfer sperm
  • Reduces the friction within the vaginal wall throughout intercourse

What are the signs of vaginal dryness?

The signs of vaginal dryness can fluctuate, and a girl might not really feel all of them on the identical time.

The commonest signs embody:

  • Dryness, stinging, burning, or itching within the vaginal space
  • Lack of libido or sexual curiosity
  • Discomfort throughout intercourse
  • Lubrication is decreased throughout intercourse
  • Bleeding following intercourse
  • Urinary tract infections

9 nutritional vitamins for vaginal dryness

Each hormonal and dietary components can affect vaginal secretions. With regards to vaginal well being, correct immune exercise is essential.

  1. Vitamin B advanced
    • Vitamin B advanced, a complement, incorporates all eight types of vitamin B and promotes immune perform.
    • Vitamin B might be consumed as a complement or absorbed via meals, resembling poultry, fish, potatoes, and bananas.
    • Nonetheless, an excessive amount of may be hazardous. It might trigger muscular weak point, gastric issues, and painful sores.
  2. Vitamin D
    • When you find yourself uncovered to daylight, pores and skin cells naturally synthesize vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin).
    • In line with analysis, vitamin D might assist in vaginal lubrication.
    • Some research reported that taking vitamin D drugs or utilizing suppositories might assist with vaginal dryness and wellness all through menopause.
    • Utilizing vitamin D as a suppository for eight weeks improved the manufacturing of vaginal lubricant.
  3. Vitamin E
    • Vitamin E contains eight fat-soluble antioxidant-rich elements. It is necessary for eye, mind, and pores and skin well being, however it could assist with lubrication and alleviate vaginal dryness.
    • Analysis reported that utilizing a vitamin E suppository for 12 weeks elevated the well being of the vaginal partitions.
    • Different research discovered that utilizing vitamin E suppositories and different dietary supplements containing vitamin D and A relieved signs of vaginal atrophy in most cancers sufferers.
  4. Omega-3 fatty acids (fish oil)
    • Research reported that omega-3 fatty acids might enhance lubrication, notably throughout menopause.
    • Omega-3 fatty acids might assist hydrate and moisturize the pores and skin.
    • A examine on 52 postmenopausal breast most cancers survivors, who consumed 3.5 grams of omega-3 fatty acid every day for six months, had improved vaginal dryness.
    • A examine recommended that omega-3 fatty acids might improve estrogen ranges and enhance vaginal lubrication.
  5. Hyaluronic acid
    • Hyaluronic acid is a pure chemical that’s generally utilized in skincare merchandise attributable to its essential perform in pores and skin well being. Nonetheless, it’s out there as an over-the-counter complement.
    • It might now be used to extend vaginal lubrication.
    • A examine with 42 postmenopausal girls, who had been administered 5 mg of hyaluronic acid sodium salt for eight weeks, reported that individuals had improved vaginal lubrication.
    • A complement containing hyaluronic acid and different elements, resembling nutritional vitamins A, C, and E improved vaginal dryness in a trial of 28 younger girls.
  6. Sea buckthorn
    • Sea buckthorn is a plant that incorporates a wide range of nutritional vitamins and energetic compounds which might be utilized in medication to assist halt the growing older course of.
    • Moreover, the ocean buckthorn plant generates oil that’s used to deal with many pores and skin ailments resembling eczema, zits, and wrinkles.
    • In line with present analysis, this wealthy oil might shield towards water loss and strengthen the vaginal membrane.
    • A 3-month trial of 116 postmenopausal girls discovered that consuming three grams of sea buckthorn oil every day improved vaginal lubrication and elasticity.
    • The mandatory fatty acids in Sea buckthorn oil enhance vaginal tissue integrity.
  7. Probiotics
    • Probiotics have lengthy been really helpful for his or her advantages to intestine well being. Nonetheless, a brand new examine reveals that probiotics might profit vaginal situations.
    • The restriction of the proliferation of probiotic micro organism within the vagina may end up in vaginal dryness, atrophy, and the potential for vaginal an infection.
    • Oral probiotic utilization might keep vaginal well being by avoiding a discount within the protecting vaginal flora, which can trigger dryness and discomfort.
  8. DHEA
    • Estrogen regulates the feminine reproductive system, and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is a vital estrogen supply.
    • DHEA is produced by the physique and the manufacturing will increase if you find yourself 10 years previous, peaks in your 20s, after which begins to fall.
    • Analysis means that every day use of suppository DHEA, 6.5 mg for 12 weeks, helped alleviate vaginal dryness in females.
    • A scarcity of intercourse drive can go away your vagina dry.
    • Analysis means that DHEA might assist preserve your libido fixed.
  9. Boron
    • Boron is a nonessential mineral. Nonetheless, it could be present in leafy greens, prunes, raisins, almonds, and occasional.
    • Though it’s unclear how boron would possibly assist your well being, some examine has linked it to intercourse hormones.
    • Analysis revealed in 1987 reported that blood estradiol ranges elevated dramatically in girls who acquired boron dietary supplements, notably those that maintained a low-magnesium weight-reduction plan.
    • Estradiol ranges are decreased in menopausal girls, and low ranges could cause vaginal dryness, irritation, and itching.


The vagina contains the labia, clitoris, and uterus.
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8 potential causes of vaginal dryness

Vaginal dryness happens naturally with growing age when the estrogen ranges deplete. As girls age, they go into menopause. Menopause impacts the manufacturing of vaginal lubricant and ultimately, the vagina will get dry.

A dry vagina could cause ache throughout intercourse and improve the chance of urinary tract infections.

Low estrogen ranges is also attributable to:

  1. Breastfeeding: Estrogen and progesterone ranges drop instantly after childbirth.
  2. Most cancers remedy: Medicines and remedy method for breast and uterine most cancers inhibit the discharge of estrogen.
  3. Contraception drugs: Contraception drugs function by reducing the quantity of testosterone generated by the ovaries and boosting intercourse hormone binding globulin, a protein launched by the liver.
  4. Hysterectomy: Throughout a hysterectomy, each the cervix and the cells that produce vaginal secretions are normally eliminated, which leads to vaginal dryness.
  5. Over washing the vagina: Water dehydrates the vagina. The vagina cleans itself via discharges and secretions. You may gently wash the vulva with water.
  6. Smoking cigarettes: Cigarette people who smoke have been demonstrated to have a better probability of getting into menopause early than nonsmokers.
  7. Sjogren’s syndrome: That is an autoimmune situation during which the glands of the physique are unable to generate sufficient moisture.
  8. Different causes embody:

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Vaginal dryness: individualised affected person profiles, dangers and mitigating measures.

6 Dietary supplements and Nutritional vitamins That Would possibly Assist with Vaginal Dryness.

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