A Black Dermatologist On How She Manages Eczema Flares

One other necessary way of life behavior I exploit to deal with my eczema is moisturizing my pores and skin instantly after showering. Proper now, I like to make use of the La Roche-Posay Lipikar Balm ($20, Ulta), which I preserve within the bathe with me. As quickly as my bathe is completed, I pat my pores and skin dry with a towel to take away extra water however not sufficient to dry it fully. Then I apply moisturizer throughout my pores and skin. Subsequent, I apply a layer of petroleum jelly, which acts as an additional barrier to lock that moisture into the pores and skin.

Typically I like to make use of oatmeal-based skin-care merchandise too. Eczema-prone pores and skin is so delicate and liable to allergic-type reactions that merchandise containing perfumes, dyes, and fragrances could be extraordinarily irritating and trigger an eczema flare. So I make certain to keep away from moisturizers, soaps, detergents, and different merchandise that comprise added fragrances. My objective is for all of the merchandise that are available contact with my pores and skin to be bland and gentle and comprise as few components as attainable.

There are additionally prescription medicines to deal with eczema. Initially, prescription steroid lotions had been solely reasonably efficient for me. Now, if I’m experiencing an eczema flare, I’ll apply the steroid cream within the areas which can be bothering me probably the most, however that is principally only a occasionally factor. By maintaining with my way of life modifications, the problematic areas that require steroid lotions have gotten smaller and extra restricted.

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There are some things to find out about eczema in melanin-rich pores and skin.

Eczema can get neglected in darker pores and skin varieties as a result of it typically presents in a different way than it does in lighter pores and skin, wherein it tends to be crimson and really seen. In darker pores and skin, the redness just isn’t as obvious and the pores and skin could even look regular although it feels very itchy. Eczema in darker pores and skin may also have a darkish brown or purplish look.

It could appear to be little bumps as an alternative of a rash.

There’s one kind of eczema that you simply see lots in folks with darker pores and skin varieties: follicular eczema. That is the kind of eczema I skilled early on, earlier than it flared in several methods throughout my first being pregnant. Follicular eczema doesn’t actually appear to be a rash; as an alternative, it seems to be like goosebumps or small bumps round hair follicles all through completely different areas of the physique, together with the again, stomach, thighs, and chest. As a dermatologist, numerous mother and father carry their youngsters into my workplace questioning why their child’s pores and skin is so dry and bumpy. The pores and skin in these sufferers could not even be itchy, nevertheless it lets me know that they might have eczema and we must always follow very light skincare with them to cut back the chance of a visual flare.

You would possibly see darkish spots in your pores and skin.

When you’ve darkish, melanin-rich pores and skin like mine, everytime you expertise irritation—whether or not it’s from eczema or one other pores and skin situation—hyperpigmentation is quite common. That’s as a result of irritation causes the melanocytes, or the cells that make pores and skin coloration, to turn out to be overactive, leading to darkish spots. When the discoloration persists even after the eczema calms down, we name it post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. It might probably final for months and even years and could be actually distressing to folks, which is why it’s so necessary to deal with eczema early earlier than a flare will get extreme and causes a ton of irritation.

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