A ‘little yacht’, back of a car: Places where Vijay Deverakonda has had sex

Vijay Deverakonda who appeared on Karan Johar’s ‘Koffee With Karan 7’ revealed that probably the most public place he has had intercourse is “a ship”.

Showing with ‘Liger’ co-star Ananya Panday within the fourth episode of the present, Deverakonda clarified that the boat in query was in reality “like a small yacht”.

He was responding to his celeb host’s query/remark: “In the midst of the ocean? No person else or like… ?” Listening to Deverakonda’s reply, Karan remarked that it was attractive, whilst Ananya mentioned, “I do not do all this stuff.”

Karan jumped on Ananya’s assertion and, in his normal wide-eyed, schoolboy grin-laced approach, and requested her if she hadn’t had intercourse in a public place, she mentioned: “I have never completed it.” And he or she added that her mother and father — Bollywood actor Chunky Panday and costume designer Bhavna Panday — have been going to observe the present.

Ananya had clearly walked right into a lure and Karan didn’t let go of the chance. “So, what do they suppose? They’ve a vestal virgin at house!”

Deverakonda additionally let loose that he had had intercourse in vehicles. Karan responded to that with: “However aren’t they uncomfortable? I have never completed something in a automobile.” The ‘Liger’ rose to the event with a memorable reply accompanied by a significant wink: “Determined occasions.”

On a extra private notice, Deverakonda, who’s now thought to be maybe the nation’s sexiest single man, candidly talked about rumours that he was courting Rashmika ‘Srivalli’ Mandanna.

He mentioned they’d completed two movies collectively at an early stage of his skilled profession they usually had been good pals since then. “She’s a darling and I am keen on her. She’s a very good pal of mine.”

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