Advisor in Indianapolis, IN — Money Diary

Occupation: Advisor
Business: Greater Training
Age: 26
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Wage: $43,000
Internet Price: $19,085 (HSA: $1,110, 403(b): $2,400, investments: $1,150, IRA: $5,000, emergency earnings substitute fund: $4,500, automobile emergency fund: $1,650, well being emergency fund: $850, cat emergency fund: $750, sinking funds: $1,675)
Debt: $0 (I completed paying off $9,000 of scholar loans from undergrad in February 2020)
Paycheck Quantity (1x/month): $2,559.44 from my most important job and $50-$100 per week from my aspect gig as a barista
Pronouns: She/her

Month-to-month Bills
Lease: $650 (Break up 50/50 with my accomplice, G. When she begins her new job subsequent month we can be adjusting a number of issues, together with hire, to be extra pretty break up with me paying 40% and her paying 60%.)
Electrical: $30 (Break up with G.)
Fuel/Water/Sewage: $75 (Break up with G.)
Web: $30 (Break up with G)
Telephone: $50 (Ship to mother)
Roth IRA: $15
Financial savings: $300 (Break up between earnings substitute, automobile, well being, and cat funds)
Netflix: $15.89
Hulu/Disney+/HBO: On mine or G.’s mother and father’ accounts
Spotify: $6.50 (break up with G.)
Renter’s Insurance coverage: $10
AAA: $6.88
Automobile Insurance coverage: $25.35
YNAB Subscription: $8.66

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