Causes & How To Get Rid Of The Bumps

You may get ingrowns wherever you will have hair follicles—together with, sure, your eyebrows. Primarily, the wisps of hair can develop into trapped beneath the pores and skin because it grows, which can lead to a tiny, pimple-like mound. Ingrowns might occur extra if in case you have coarse or curly forehead hairs, says forehead professional Joey Healy, however they’re tremendous frequent, particularly should you’re a fan of an everyday eyebrow wax or threading session. 

“Once you’re waxing or threading, you’re generalizing the path of progress,” Healy provides, which may doubtlessly break the hair. “When a hair breaks on the floor of the pores and skin or proper beneath, that’s an issue. You need to take away the hair in its entirety.”  

And since the pores and skin across the eyes is so delicate, the bumps may be extra painful than different sorts of ingrowns. “The hair high quality within the forehead is commonly just a little bit coarser than, say, a hair in your arm,” provides Healy. That coarser hair plus delicate pores and skin is an ideal recipe for ingrowns, which is why they’re so frequent within the forehead space. 

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