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Causes, Symptoms of Obesity – 9 Health Disorders Which Could Kill You

Weight problems has grown right into a pandemic affecting hundreds of thousands throughout the globe. Based on WHO (World Well being Group), over 650 million folks suffered from weight problems in 2016. And the quantity reveals no signal of dwindling; as a substitute, it’s on the rise.

Weight problems is commonly attributed to the surplus calorie consumption in comparison with the energy burned. Thereby it has been related to overconsumption of meals and lack of bodily inactivity. Whereas that is true and a serious reason for the situation, there are myriad different components or causes for weight problems. On this article, we’ll discuss in regards to the 9 well being issues and different components that trigger weight problems and a complete Indian food plan plan to handle weight. First, let’s have a look at the causes and signs of weight problems.

Weight problems – Threat Elements and Signs

Weight problems is a medical situation that’s related to extra fats within the physique or extreme weight. The best approach to outline or diagnose it will be by the BMI (Physique Mass Index). Based on WHO, an grownup with a BMI better than or equal to 25 is chubby, and people with a BMI better than or equal to 30 is taken into account to be overweight. Weight problems is rather more than only a massive waist or cumbersome look; it may well have far-reaching penalties if not arrested at an earlier stage.

What are the causes and symptoms of obesity


The results of weight problems in the long run will be devastating. It might result in an innumerable variety of well being points. A few of the penalties of weight problems are – type-II diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart illnesses, stroke, gallbladder illness, joint pains within the knees or decrease again, low libido, sleep apnea, and again ache. With the intention to stop or efficiently handle the situation, it’s crucial that you just perceive the causes and the signs of weight problems.

A. Threat Elements of Weight problems

Weight problems is a much more complicated situation than typically perceived. Whereas calorie consumption and expenditure do play a crucial position, there are quite a few different components which will result in the situation. These are a number of the commonest danger components:

1. Life-style

That is maybe the driving pressure behind the spurt of weight problems circumstances over the flip of the century. The change in the way in which we work, commute, and eat has led to a rise in lots of illnesses. Consuming meals excessive in fat and sugars, consuming late at evening, change in meals habits and smoking have an effect on our well being.

Unhealthy meals habits have turn out to be a norm at the moment. The rising recognition of western diets, particularly quick meals, excessive in fat, salt and sugar, has resulted unwell. Excessive alcohol consumption, consuming sweetened drinks, and binge consuming have turn out to be part of the common food plan. Attempt consuming wholesome entire meals comparable to entire grains, fruits, greens, pulses and dry fruits. Keep away from skipping breakfasts, limiting sodium, lowering portion dimension, and consuming a number of small meals in a day.

A scarcity of bodily exercise and an unhealthy food plan are the first cause behind most weight problems circumstances. Staying inactive for an extended interval and a scarcity of train may end up in a rise in fats deposits. A number of research even recommend that bodily inactivity is probably the most vital issue behind the surge in weight problems and never high-calorie consumption. The Nationwide Well being and Diet Examination Survey carried out by the Facilities for Illness Management and Prevention concluded that the perfect quantity of train required was 150 minutes of average bodily exercise every week or 75 minutes of vigorous train.

The growing urbanization has led to a change in life-style and resulted in an increase in a sedentary life-style. Lengthy intervals of inactivity can impair the physique’s skill to interrupt down fats and likewise cut back metabolism. Attempt to cut back display screen time and common train or stretch.

2. Age Issue

Weight problems can have an effect on anybody, even kids; this may be noticed with the variety of circumstances of childhood weight problems. As you age, it turns into extra vital to continually train and keep a nutritious diet. The quantity of muscle reduces as you get older; this ends in a slower metabolism. As you age, bodily actions additionally cut back; thus, you burn fewer energy.

3. Sure Medicines

Whereas some medicines have an effect on your metabolism, others improve your urge for food. Steroid hormone medicines like prednisone or contraception tablets, remedy for diabetes, comparable to insulin, may cause weight achieve.

4. Socio-Financial Standing

Social and financial components have been proven to have a direct relationship with weight problems. It impacts the meals you eat; for instance, financially poor populations are much less prone to entry wholesome, nutritious meals than their wealthier counterparts. The strategy of cooking, house to train, and different influences differ relying on the socio-economic standing.

5. Psychological Elements

Many particular person’s use consuming as a coping mechanism to take care of varied emotional conditions. Boredom, anger, frustration, stress, anxiousness and unhappiness can result in binge consuming. To stop this, attempt to perceive the place the starvation is coming from. Ask your self, is it actual starvation or an emotional response?

6. Genetics and Hereditary Predisposition

Some persons are genetically predisposed to achieve weight. It may be inherited, however the genetic affect might drastically differ in people. Treating weight problems turns into simpler if the size of genetic affect in weight achieve in a person is thought.

Different causes embrace hyperalimentation and nervous system illnesses. Small adjustments in your life-style and food plan might make an enormous distinction within the administration of the situation. If different causes are liable for weight problems, seek the advice of a health care provider. Additionally, look out for the signs as proven under.

B. Signs of Weight problems

The BMI rating is taken into account to be the easiest way to diagnose weight problems. However there are a number of different typical signs as properly. Look out for these signs of weight problems.

1. BMI (Physique Mass Index)

A BMI rating is probably the most trusted and best approach to diagnose weight problems. An grownup with a BMI of 30 or extra is taken into account to be overweight.

2. Hassle Sleeping

Lack of sleep and irregular sleeping patterns may end up in many well being issues. Individuals with weight problems usually tend to expertise sleep-related issues comparable to insomnia, sleep apnea, loud night breathing and bother sleeping. Speak to your physician to discover a approach to get sufficient sleep till you’ll be able to cut back your weight.

3. Shortness of Breath

Respiratory issues, together with shortness of breath, is one other basic drawback related to weight problems. The strain that the additional fats that places on the chest and the stomach ends in shortness of breath.

4. Osteoarthritis

The additional weight places immense strain on the joints leading to osteoarthritis. The situation will be extraordinarily painful and lead to restrictions in motion. This restriction results in inactivity, thus leading to extra weight achieve.

5. Varicose Veins

As a result of extra weight, there may be immense strain on the leg veins and their valves. Over time the restrictions within the blood stream as a result of strain of additional weight ends in issues in pumping the blood again. This causes the veins to develop, resulting in varicose veins.

6. Fatigue

Weight problems causes a scarcity of high quality sleep, which ends up in fatigue and tiredness through the day. One more reason for fatigue in overweight folks is continual irritation attributable to the situation.

7. Fats Deposits in Stomach and Waist

The ‘’potbelly’’ or the ‘’beer stomach’’ is taken into account a transparent signal of weight problems. This extra of visceral adipose fats can also be referred to as central weight problems.

Many of those signs generally happen in different circumstances. However, in case you observe a few these signs, it’s clever to seek the advice of a health care provider instantly. Now let’s check out the 9 well being issues and different components that trigger weight problems.

9 Issues That Trigger Weight problems

The non-public selections and a scarcity of willpower of a person are sometimes thought of to be the explanation for weight problems. It’s attributed merely as an habit to junk meals, extreme consuming and lack of bodily exercise. It is very important consider different components that may additionally trigger the situation. Though it’s typically a results of life-style selections, some persons are predisposed to placing on extra kilos.

9 health and other factors that cause obesity

It’s important to know the components that trigger the situation with the intention to draw a correct therapy plan and keep off weight problems danger components.

1. Problem with Bodily Functioning/Incapacity

Incapacity or any hindrance in correct bodily functioning might trigger restrictions and a incapacity to carry out bodily demanding duties. This results in a scarcity of bodily exercise, which in flip may cause weight achieve.

2. Genetics / Household Historical past

Weight problems will be inherited; some persons are predisposed to weight achieve. However the affect the genes have on weight problems differs from one particular person to a different.

3. Environmental Elements

Your atmosphere can extremely affect your consuming and life-style habits. A aggravating atmosphere, quick meals, packaged meals, sedentary life-style are environmental components that may trigger weight problems.

4. Leptin Resistance

The hormone leptin is more and more believed to be the reason for weight achieve. Leptin resistance is a situation through which the physique doesn’t reply to this hormone, thus resulting in weight achieve. Leptin is a hormone that’s produced by the physique’s fats cells and is commonly referred to as the ‘’hunger hormone’’. Leptin’s position is to sign the mind that there’s sufficient fats within the physique; therefore there isn’t a must eat any additional. When the leptin fails to sign correctly, the mind will urge the physique to eat extra, despite the fact that there may be sufficient storage of vitality. This results in overeating, thus inflicting weight problems.

5. Ethnicity

Sure ethnicities are extra vulnerable to weight achieve. For instance, African-Individuals have the next proportion of the overweight inhabitants within the US than their Asian, Hispanic, and Caucasian counterparts. Social and financial components affect this distinction.

6. Consuming Issues

Consuming issues comparable to binge consuming issues may cause vital weight achieve in a brief span. Binge consuming is commonly a coping mechanism triggered by feelings.

7. Deceptive Info

There are lots of so-called “health pundits” with no medical background providing health-related recommendation on social media platforms. This recommendation can typically result in well being issues. Deceptive data on meals packages may trigger well being points. Usually, the meals claimed to be wholesome turn into unhealthy and should lead to weight achieve.

8. Childhood Weight problems

Based on research, kids who’re overweight usually tend to be overweight in maturity.

Childhood weight problems may end up in extra extreme well being dangers.

9. Sure Medicines

Sure medicines may result in weight achieve. Some antidepressants, antipsychotic drugs, anti-seizure drugs, steroids, and diabetes drugs may cause weight problems.

A few of these issues are tough to regulate or actually out of a person’s management. With correct care, you may handle weight problems and keep away from the penalties of weight problems. One of the vital therapy plans for weight problems is following food plan plan.

Indian Weight-reduction plan Plan For Weight problems

Weight-reduction plan performs a significant position in each inflicting the situation and likewise managing it. A nutritious diet together with entire meals wealthy in vitamins consisting of the required energy can successfully management your weight.

Indian weight-loss diet

Comply with this food plan plan to handle your weight and keep away from obesity-related illnesses.

Meal plan Choices
Early Morning Flaxseed boiled water – 1 glass


Luke heat lime water – 1 glass

or jeera water – 1 glass

Breakfast 1 cup oats meal porridge with 2 boiled egg whitesor

Brown bread with a stuffed sandwich and orange juice

Pre-lunch Strawberry smoothie – 1 glass


Papaya – dice items – 1 cup


Almond milk – 1 glass

Lunch Brown rice with rooster curry – 1 cup


Steamed rice with cauliflower mashed potatoes curry


Spinach roti with 1 cup curd (low-fat milk)

Night tea 1 cup inexperienced tea with nuts (soaked almonds)


1 cup oolong tea with 1/2 cup boiled sprouts

Dinner Steamed fish with stuffed veggies


Combined vegetable salad vs chopped garlic with yoghurt


Boiled pepper rooster with lettuce

Bedtime Heat milk with turmeric – 1 glass
Nutritious advantages with energy
Early Morning Energy-0


Flax seeds, jeera water and lime water detoxifies our physique and enhances metabolism

Breakfast Diet value- 200 KCals roughly


As a gas to energise your day. Oats and brown bread are good for metabolism and reduce leptin resistance. Egg whites are wealthy in protein. Orange juice relieves constipation

Pre-Lunch Diet Worth – 100 KCals roughly


Strawberry smoothie, papaya, and almonds are good sources of vitamin C, enhance digestion, and do away with gastric points.

Lunch Diet Worth – 320 KCals roughly


To heal and a good weight reduction possibility – brown rice, steamed rice, entire wheat flour assist in leptin resistance, are wealthy in fibre, and supply good satiety.

In curries – rooster, cauliflower, potatoes and spinach. They’re wealthy in protein, fibre, nutritional vitamins and anti inflammatory brokers.

Night Tea Diet Worth – 50 KCals roughly


Inexperienced tea and oolong tea cut back free radicals, are good antioxidants (catechins, flavonoids, and polyphenols)

Dinner Diet Worth – 400 KCals roughly


In dinner – rooster (is a wealthy supply of protein), Fish (Tuna) is an efficient supply of omega, is nice for the center, boosts mind well being, the place the cooking methodology adopted is steamed or boiled and many veggies are added too.

Mattress time Diet Worth – 77 KCals roughly


Milk with turmeric is a pure aspirin, prevents arthritis, viral infections, colds and cough.

Whereas the above food plan will help you handle the situation to a sure extent, combining it with train is essential to get the specified outcomes. For a personalized food plan plan, you may all the time search dietary help from licensed nutritionists.


Weight problems is a rising menace to society, and the current spurt in circumstances may very well be attributed to the altering life-style. However the situation is rather more than simply life-style or meals habits; components comparable to genetics, drugs, and issues additionally play a component. Understanding the reason for weight problems and making adjustments will allow you to reverse the situation. If the food plan is the trigger, then following a food plan plan might assist. A easy tweak in your food plan and life-style can go a good distance in eliminating that cussed beer stomach and avert extreme well being dangers. In case your BMI rating signifies weight problems, seek the advice of a health care provider instantly.


1. What causes weight problems?

Weight problems is usually prompted as a consequence of overeating and exercising too little. Different components comparable to genetics, drugs, and atmosphere may trigger the situation.

2. Does weight problems trigger hair loss?

Weight problems might circuitously trigger hair loss, however the well being circumstances which might be prompted as a consequence of weight problems could also be liable for hair loss.

3. What issues may cause weight problems?

Beneath are a number of the issues that may trigger weight problems:

  1. Problem with Bodily Functioning/Incapacity
  2. Genetics / Household Historical past
  3. Leptin Resistance
  4. Consuming Issues
  5. Childhood Weight problems

4. What are 5 illnesses attributable to weight problems?

Beneath are the 5 illnesses attributable to weight problems:

  1. Sort 2 diabetes
  2. Coronary heart illness
  3. Stroke
  4. Osteoarthritis
  5. Hypertension

5. Will Weight problems improve coronary heart charge?

Weight problems may cause fast and irregular heartbeats, resulting in coronary heart illness, stroke, and different well being issues.

6. What are the indicators and signs of weight problems?

A few of the commonest indicators and signs of weight problems are:

  1. Joint and again ache
  2. Fatigue
  3. Extreme sweating
  4. Melancholy
  5. Lack of correct sleep

7. Why do I hold gaining weight despite the fact that I don’t eat a lot?

It’s not simply the quantity of meals you eat however the sort that impacts your weight. Consuming even a bit processed and junk meals might result in weight achieve. There are different components like sedentary life-style, genetics and drugs that additionally have an effect in your weight.

8. How can we stop weight problems?

We will stop weight problems by:

  1. Maintaining a healthy diet entire meals
  2. Avoiding processed meals, sugary and high-fat meals
  3. Exercising often
  4. Getting sufficient sleep

9. Can weight problems be comorbid?

Sure, it may well. Individuals with weight problems are liable to growing circumstances comparable to hypertension, heart problems, stroke, sort 2 diabetes, and gallbladder illness.

10. Can weight problems be genetic?

Sure. Genes play a key position in weight problems. However your habits additionally have an effect on weight achieve.


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