Commentary on Trump’s stability repeated lies, innuendo

Being a typical far-left liberal author, The Herald’s Mary Murphy justified in her article that she is a bearer of false data (“What Jan. 6 testimony has proven of Trump’s stability,” The Herald, July 25).

Former White Home aide Cassidy Hutchinson reported a declare that Trump grabbed for the steering wheel of a Secret Service car and yelled “take me to the Capitol.” I’m wondering, was Cassidy within the car or did she simply hear it? Properly, two of the Secret Service brokers stated he didn’t do both. One other aide to President Trump stated the other of Cassidy, that he by no means grabbed for the wheel.

So it seems like Murphy and the committee see simply the lies and innuendo. Does this sound like a good and equitable listening to?

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Was it ever introduced up within the hearings that Trump supplied 10,000 Nationwide Guard troops for the Capitol days previous to occasion; but it was refused by Nancy Pelosi, the D.C. Police and the mayor of Washington. I’m wondering why? Murphy didn’t point out this in her commentary. Perhaps they needed it to occur.

I’d admire our journalists at The Herald do their due diligence in a good and accountable method or get out of the enterprise of writing propaganda.

Jerry Dugan


Editor’s observe: Murphy’s commentary was primarily based on and checked in opposition to quite a few media accounts.

Thus far, solely Hutchison has testified below oath as to what she had heard concerning Trump’s actions instantly after the speech on the Ellipse on Jan. 6, 2021. Whereas a second-hand account, her testimony has not been refuted by different witnesses testifying earlier than the Jan. 6 committee.

As to the declare that Trump ordered up 10,000 Nationwide Guard troops for his Jan. 6 speech, the Washington Publish’s Truth Checker column has researched the declare and decided that the president didn’t subject such a order. Nor was such a suggestion refused by Pelosi, the Capitol police division or Washington’s mayor. The declare, repeated by Fox Information’ Sean Hannity, amongst others, earned “4 Pinocchios” from the Truth Checker’s Glenn Kessler.

— Jon Bauer, Herald opinion editor

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