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We all know the widespread COVID-19 signs at this level—cough, sore throat, fatigue, and so forth. However some signs are uncommon, and will proceed for months. “When you’ve got lengthy COVID signs, you need to search care,” says Devang Sanghavi, MD. “As we’ve seen in a whole lot of these surveys and research about post-COVID syndrome is that often this situation does not include only one symptom—there is a cluster of signs.” Listed below are some uncommon COVID signs individuals are not speaking about—however ought to be. Learn on—and to make sure your well being and the well being of others, do not miss these Certain Indicators You’ve got Already Had COVID.


Physicians are reporting seeing individuals with long run gastrointestinal points together with bloating, diarrhea, and constipation. “Whereas we aren’t certain but, there are a number of potential methods the COVID-19 an infection may trigger gastrointestinal issues,” says Greg Vanichkachorn, MD, director of Mayo Clinic’s COVID Exercise Rehabilitation Program. “For instance, the liner of the intestine has a considerable amount of the receptors that the SARS-COV2 virus makes use of to invade cells. The overall irritation attributable to the an infection may disrupt the conventional micro organism that dwell within the intestine and stimulate a few of the gastrointestinal system’s nerves.”

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Lengthy-term erectile dysfunction is a regarding symptom of lengthy COVID. “I’ve seen younger, wholesome males, in addition to older males with different medical issues, develop erectile dysfunction after contracting COVID-19,” says urologist Amarnath Rambhatla, MD. “However males who’re older could be at an elevated threat for creating erectile dysfunction as a consequence of underlying medical issues. There are a number of different the explanation why older males may very well be at an elevated threat of creating erectile dysfunction after COVID-19: Testosterone ranges lower as we age, and we all know that testosterone is required for regular erectile operate. Whenever you’re older, you might be additionally extra more likely to expertise an elevated inflammatory response to COVID-19.”

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For those who do not feel like your self since getting COVID, you are not alone—there are studies of extreme character adjustments post-COVID, particularly associated to anger and rage points. “In superior imaging — particularly in a few of our research — we see adjustments in blood circulation, blood permeability, and mind metabolism that overlap with areas chargeable for these areas of the character,” says neurologist Anna Nordvig, MD. “Neuropsychological testing is one thing we additionally ship some sufferers for, to assist diagnose the [personality] change. That is nonetheless beneath research.”

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The pandemic has (understandably) exacerbated psychological well being situations for many individuals. “The truth is our brains do not exist in a bubble,” says Heather Murray, MD, MPH. “So in case you have systemic irritation issues or viral syndromes which are affecting different organs, it is smart that they’d additionally have an effect on the mind and trigger different psychological signs. It is sadly one thing that sufferers with continual fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, for instance, have skilled for years… The truth is that melancholy is quite common, and lots of people with COVID have a historical past of melancholy. They are going via a horrible time of their life, to not point out society goes via a horrible time.”

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Shedding hair could be a distressing facet impact of COVID. “The hair loss that happens after COVID-19 an infection happens due to overactive irritation within the physique,” says dermatologist Alexis Younger, MD. “The irritation may cause a shift within the hair cycle. Hair loss after a irritating state of affairs shouldn’t be uncommon. Folks can expertise hair loss after childbirth or a significant surgical procedure, and we’re now seeing the identical outcomes after COVID-19 an infection in some individuals.”


Comply with the general public well being fundamentals and assist finish this pandemic, irrespective of the place you reside—get vaccinated or boosted ASAP; when you dwell in an space with low vaccination charges, put on an N95 face masks, do not journey, social distance, keep away from massive crowds, do not go indoors with individuals you are not sheltering with (particularly in bars), apply good hand hygiene, and to guard your life and the lives of others, do not go to any of those 35 Locations You are Most Prone to Catch COVID.

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