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Do carbs make you fat? The trainer’s opinion

Do carbs make you fats or not? Private coach and dietary therapist Terry Fairclough from Your Physique Programme units the report straight on good, dangerous and ugly carbs

Carbohydrates all the time obtain dangerous press.

I usually hear individuals say they’re ‘reducing out carbs’, as if it will likely be the magic cure-all for his or her weight issues.

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For some individuals carbs could also be the issue, however it’s much more probably that they aren’t dropping pounds for a plethora of different causes.

Carbs aren’t solely present in meals equivalent to bread and pasta – they’re additionally present in wholegrain, vegatables and fruits

Are they consuming too many energy usually? Or, too little – as that too will stop weight reduction. Are they exercising successfully? Are their hormones in stability? Are they confused? Are they sleeping sufficient?

All these items will impact totally different individuals in numerous methods. Carbs and the way the physique makes use of them is extra difficult than most individuals assume however it doesn’t imply they’ll’t perceive precisely the way it all works.

Carbs aren’t solely present in meals equivalent to bread and pasta like many individuals imagine. They’re additionally present in wholegrains, greens and fruits, that are extraordinarily wholesome meals that our physique wants to be able to perform and be wholesome.

The truth is, these meals are important for good well being as they’re stuffed with vital vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes, polyphenols and fibre – which is all of the extra purpose to ensure we aren’t reducing these meals out of our diets simply because they encompass ‘carbs’.

Sure, it’s true that consuming the fallacious sort of carbs, within the fallacious quantities, on the fallacious time of day can contribute to fats achieve, however so can consuming the fallacious sort of protein and fats.

Understanding how carbs really work and the way vital they’re is a big assist in studying how you can lose or preserve weight sensibly.

How does the physique use carbohydrates?

Once we eat a meal or snack, the carbohydrates from that meals are damaged down into glucose which then circulates the physique by way of our blood. This glucose that’s transported round our physique gives us with an instantaneous supply of vitality, which we use for exercise or train.

If we’re sedentary, or have a job that includes loads of sitting at a desk, then the glucose is pushed into our muscle tissues and liver and saved as glycogen for later use.

As soon as these muscle and liver shops are stuffed with glycogen, any extra glucose from the carbohydrates we have now eaten that’s nonetheless travelling by way of our bloodstream, will likely be saved as fats.

So mainly, in case your glycogen shops are already full after you may have eaten carbs, and also you go on to eat extra carbs otherwise you ate too many to start with, you usually tend to retailer these additional carbs as fats.

The subsequent consideration is how massive your glycogen shops are and the way rapidly you employ them up, and that is totally different for everybody relying on their physique sort.

There are three totally different physique varieties, endomorphs, mesomorphs and ectomorphs. One of the simplest ways to inform what physique sort you might be is kind of just by wanting within the mirror, however it’s vital to be goal when evaluating your self. Take an in depth have a look at your physique and at your physique’s body.

Are you lengthy and lean and shed pounds simply? Perhaps you’re an ectomorph. Broad and stocky and have a tendency to place weight on simply? You may be an endomorph. Do you may have proportional shoulders and hips and look naturally athletic? Maybe you’re a mesomorph.

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Endomorph physique varieties are inclined to have larger glycogen shops, as they’ve what is called quick twitch muscle fibres.

These with quick twitch muscle fibres are greatest suited to fast, explosive actions and train. For this they require fast launch carbs for vitality equivalent to white pasta, bread and rice to be able to have sufficient vitality to finish these quick explosive workout routines.

Endomorphs additionally are inclined to have a slower metabolism, so you probably have a extra sedentary life-style as an endomorph, your glycogen shops will take longer for use up. If so then your want for carbohydrates will likely be decrease than different peoples.

Conversely, ectomorph physique varieties have smaller glycogen shops and use them up far faster as they’ve predominantly sluggish twitch muscle fibres.

Those that have sluggish twitch muscle fibres, are greatest suited to endurance sort train equivalent to operating or biking. This utilises the saved glucose in our our bodies and can even burn a excessive proportion of fats additionally.

Deal with your physique like a machine

The extra energetic we’re, the extra carbohydrates we are going to want.  We must always have a look at our our bodies like a machine – the extra it’s used the extra gasoline or vitality it’s going to require – which we predominantly get from carbohydrates.

Like totally different fuels (coal, petrol and diesel), there are various kinds of carbohydrates, and the way these are used must also be totally different.

Totally different carbs have totally different gycaemic values. It is a measure of the velocity at which the glucose from the carb enters your blood stream.

That is vital as a result of glucose from quick releasing carbs equivalent to white bread, pasta, rice and sweets enter the blood steam rapidly.


This sudden improve in blood sugar creates an over response by the physique, as an excessive amount of glucose within the blood is poisonous and might be damaging. Within the panic, insulin is launched by the pancreas to push the surplus glucose into muscle, liver and adipose (fats) cells.

Whether or not your physique makes use of the carbohydrates you eat for vitality or whether or not it shops them as glycogen, relies on your exercise degree and the depth of that exercise.

Additionally, the place your physique shops these carbohydrates (in muscle or in fats) relies on your glycogen (saved carbohydrate) standing.

Your blood sugar ranges drop after two hours with out meals or 25-Half-hour right into a exercise. That is when glycogen will likely be launched for gasoline. Solely a finite quantity of glycogen might be saved within the physique and this varies from physique sort to physique sort.

An ectomorph physique sort, with a smaller glycogen storage capability and a sooner metabolism can be suggested to unfold carbohydrates all through their meals all through the day, moderately than consuming an excessive amount of in a single sitting.

Consuming extra carbohydrates than your physique wants at any level will inevitably result in it being transformed to fats.

Can we eat carbs after 6pm?

I’ve just lately seen Instagram posts exhibiting a potato being the identical earlier than and after 6pm, whereas that is true, how we use our physique earlier than and after 6pm is mostly not the identical.

Nearly all of us are much more mentally and bodily energetic throughout the day than we’re within the night. The meals we eat is digested and enters the blood stream, we then use this to energy no matter it’s we’re doing throughout the day.

If we’re sitting at residence after a protracted day at work we merely don’t want as a lot vitality as we would have liked throughout the day, so any additional gasoline that isn’t getting used or saved as glycogen in muscle will inevitably be saved as fats.

Too most of the fallacious carbs without delay might be dangerous information

All through the day blood glucose ranges fluctuate outdoors the physique’s desired blood glucose vary. Blood sugar ranges rise after a meal, stimulant or stress.

If you’re feeling confused, have eaten excessive glycemic carbohydrates or drank an excessive amount of caffeine you’ll expertise an preliminary rise in blood sugar, adopted by a crash to beneath the specified ranges, which then causes us to crave candy meals to deliver that degree again to regular.

Insulin is the hormone accountable for protecting blood sugar ranges throughout the regular and desired vary. Insulin works by opening channels of cell membranes to facilitate glucose uptake from the blood into the cell.


A surge of sugar into the blood stream, by consuming too most of the fallacious carbs without delay is harmful to the physique, as it’s going to over react by releasing insulin and inflicting your blood sugar to drop too low. Do not forget that a few of this sugar might doubtlessly be saved as fats.

Retaining your blood sugar (glucose) balanced all through the day will not be solely important to stop fats achieve, it additionally prevents many different signs equivalent to low vitality, temper swings, despair, low immunity, irritation, complications, dizziness, cravings for candy meals and palpitations.

Below-eating isn’t the reply both

Once we are consuming lower than our physique wants, also referred to as a catabolic state, we produce extra of the stress hormone cortisol. Power launch of cortisol causes the physique to up-regulate fats receptors round cells to try to improve its shops.

Cortisol additionally interferes with correct thyroid regulation, and diminished thyroid output, additional slowing metabolism. The long-term results of meaning after we return to consuming usually the metabolism is so sluggish that we achieve all of the fats again and extra.

So what’s the carbohydrate verdict?

To begin with, avoiding carbs will not be the reply, utilizing them correctly is.

Consuming the right sort of carbohydrate and the correct amount on the proper time in your physique sort, life-style and objective is the important thing. Which will sound complicated however it needn’t be and, when you become familiar with it, your carbohydrate want and consumption will change into second nature to you.

I’ve seen individuals get ‘brief time period’ outcomes when reducing out carbohydrates. The rationale for this isn’t all the time fats loss although.

For each molecule of carbohydrate there are two to 3 molecules of water hooked up, so weight (not fats) is misplaced from the eliminated carb shops and the water it was hooked up to.


Secondly, by eradicating our our bodies most well-liked vitality retailer – carbohydrates – it has to depend on the remaining choices, fats and protein.

Sure, we are going to improve fats burning, however we may even break down protein from muscle which is biologically energetic, and keep in mind the extra muscle you may have the extra energy you burn, so you actually don’t wish to be dropping muscle the place you possibly can assist it.

Over an extended time period the lack of protein will sluggish your metabolism, making it more durable to lose fats. The physique sees fats as its life preserving gasoline. If we immediately and dramatically alter our weight loss plan, the physique will go into panic mode and do what it will probably to carry on to the fats.

Though we don’t advocate consuming low carbohydrate diets on Your Physique Programme, sure physique varieties (endomorphs and meso-endomorphs) who are usually much less tolerant to massive quantities of carbohydrates, ought to eat a smaller proportion, with out consuming too few.

The underside line is, the extra sedentary an individual is, the less carbohydrates they may want.

So, right here’s what you ought to be consuming

To assist hold your blood sugar inside a wholesome vary attempt to keep away from refined meals (white bread, white pasta, white rice), sugary meals (confectionary, sugary drinks), comfort meals (they usually include hidden sugars and might be excessive in saturated fat) and stimulants (tea, espresso, alcohol, chocolate).

As a substitute, eat meals that stability blood sugar equivalent to entire grains that are complicated carbohydrates that  launch sugars slowly into the blood and supply sustained vitality, serving to stability blood sugar.

These embody brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat, candy potato, entire grain pasta and wholegrain bread. Oats are significantly good, making them a wonderful selection, significantly for breakfast.


Goal for 2 to 3 items of recent fruit and 4 to 6 parts of greens per day (a single portion is round 80g).

Recent vegatables and fruits are supply of fibre and include important nutritional vitamins and minerals which are wanted for blood sugar stability and common well being. Attempt to embody all kinds of colors together with darkish inexperienced leafy greens equivalent to broccoli, spinach and kale.

Fibre present in fruit, greens, entire grains, beans and lentils additionally assist sluggish the absorption of sugars into the bloodstream.

Important fat, present in oily fish, nuts, seeds and their oils, enhance insulin’s capacity to move glucose out of the blood into cells.

You must embody a protein supply at every meal and snack, ideally a supply that doesn’t include excessive ranges of saturated fat. Protein slows digestion which creates a slower launch of sugar into the bloodstream and subsequently a gradual, even launch of insulin.

Drink loads of water (mineral/filtered if potential), natural and fruit teas.

For me it’s all about consuming a wholesome balanced weight loss plan. All of us want all kinds of meals and macronutrients, nevertheless the ratio will differ relying in your physique sort, objective (muscle achieve, fats loss, sculpting) and each day exercise degree.

In my view any weight loss plan or train plan that’s excessive, will likely be unhealthy and won’t work in the long run. Your physique will all the time insurgent.

So the underside line is that this: in case you are energetic and also you exercise, hold a gradual move of small parts of complicated carbohydrates in your meals all through the day. When you’ve got sedentary, workplace job don’t eat carbs after 6pm, have them two hours earlier than your exercise to assist present vitality.

Terry Fairclough

Terry Fairclough is without doubt one of the Your Physique Programme’s founders, in addition to a Private Coach and Dietary Therapist.

When he’s not busy writing notes on the again of his hand (moderately than into Google Docs), then he likes to pump iron.

Terry is an Ectomorph who trains laborious for his massive weapons.

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