Dreaming of flexible hips and hamstrings? Make Skandasana your BFF!

Yoga has the reply to all issues, and this time round too, the pose skandasana will come to your rescue, in the event you endure from stiff hips. Learn on to know all about it.

Aren’t all of us on the lookout for methods to attain a shapely physique? Effectively, if that’s you, then be sure you make yoga an integral a part of your life. As a result of there are specific poses that may actually work their magic! There are a number of drawback areas the place fats resides in our our bodies; considered one of them being the hips. If you wish to open up your hips, don’t look additional than the facet lunge or skandasana. This pose doesn’t simply construct your core energy, but additionally stretches your hips and hamstrings. 

What are the advantages of this pose?

There are a number of advantages of this pose. For one, it enhances your stability and core energy. It stretches the hamstrings and hips, which frequently get stiff from main a sedentary life-style. In sure conditions, the stiffness might additionally come up from sports activities akin to working. Stretching the hip flexors additionally helps to alleviate again ache and prevents sciatica. 

What’s the proper approach to do that pose?

Right here’s what you must do: 

1. Begin in a wide-legged ahead bend place (prasarita padottanasana).

2. Bend your left knee right into a half-squat. Preserve your proper leg straight and flex your foot, in order that your toes root into the precise heel.

Skandasana (Half Squat Pose) is a variation of Malasana (Squat Pose). Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Press hips again, whereas ensuring that your backbone is lifted. Root into your toes in order that your physique is lifted.

4. Preserve your fingers on the ground in the event you want them for stability (on a block if that’s useful). In any other case, attempt bending your elbows and bringing your fingers into anjali mudra ​(palms collectively) with the left elbow contained in the left knee.

5. Drop your fingers to the ground for help and shift to the opposite facet.

Are there any frequent errors that folks make?

Twisting of the knees occurs very often, so be sure to keep away from it. Attempt to hinge ahead on the hip joints, and align them with the ankles, as an alternative of twisting. Ensure that your abs are engaged and your backbone is straight. 

Preserve your abs engaged and backbone straight.

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