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Many ladies may really feel vaginal dryness sooner or later of their lifetime. Vaginal dryness is a typical drawback that ladies could really feel shy about speaking with their medical doctors. Nonetheless, if it impacts their day by day lives, medical assist is important.1 A gland current within the womb (cervical gland) is liable for producing pure lubrication within the vagina. It helps hold the vagina moist and clear.2 Elements like some drugs, a lower in hormone ranges, or breastfeeding can result in the signs of vaginal dryness. It will possibly trigger ache, burning sensation, and irritation when girls have interaction in intercourse.1 Vaginal dryness can have an effect on all girls, however it’s extra frequent in menopausal girls of their 50s.2  

In case you are somebody experiencing vaginal dryness, you aren’t alone. So don’t draw back from getting medical assist. It’ll enable you to lead a snug life. 

What Causes Vaginal Dryness? 

More often than not, vaginal dryness outcomes from decreased ranges of the feminine hormone known as estrogen. Vaginal dryness also can develop in individuals present process therapy for another situation. Some frequent causes of vaginal dryness are: 

  • Breastfeeding  
  • Childbirth  
  • For those who’re on contraception tablets 
  • Menopause  
  • Having your ovaries eliminated  
  • In case you are receiving remedy for most cancers, together with chemotherapy or receiving hormonal therapy 
  • In case you are on anti-estrogen treatment (used to deal with endometriosis or uterine fibroids) 
  • Medicines like antihistamines (anti-allergic used for itchy eyes or runny nostril therapy) or antidepressants  
  • An autoimmune dysfunction is named Sjogren’s syndrome. This dysfunction could cause dryness in the entire physique.1   

Different components that may trigger vaginal dryness are:  

  • For those who use scented soaps, douches, or washes round your vagina 
  • In case you are not aroused throughout intercourse3 

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Signs of Vaginal Dryness: 

In case you are experiencing vaginal dryness, it may be accompanied by different signs like:  

  • Soreness or itchiness across the vagina 
  • Feeling the urge to pee extra usually 
  • Frequent urinary tract infections 
  • Discomfort or ache throughout intercourse3 

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House Cures for Vaginal Dryness: 

Under are cures you should utilize at dwelling to assist with vaginal dryness. These cures may enable you to handle the signs and forestall the situation from worsening. Earlier than utilizing these natural cures, seek the advice of together with your healthcare skilled and get the required analysis.  

1. Coconut Oil 

You should use a pure oil reminiscent of coconut oil to assist relieve vaginal dryness.1 Virgin coconut oil is the pure oil obtained from mature coconuts. It has many well being advantages, and it could be used to alleviate dry pores and skin. Coconut oil is a pure emollient (pores and skin soothing) and may assist moisturise the pores and skin.4 You’ll be able to apply coconut oil evenly to the vagina by massaging slowly. Make certain to wash your palms first earlier than you contact your personal elements.  

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2. Almond Oil 

Candy almond oil has been used to take care of dry pores and skin circumstances traditionally. Almond oil may impart many useful results to the pores and skin. It additionally has pure emollient property.5 You might use this pure natural oil to assist do away with vaginal dryness.1 First, clear your palms. Almond oil will be utilized across the vagina to do away with vaginal dryness. Make certain your vagina is clear and dry earlier than you apply oil.  

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3. Olive Oil 

Olive accommodates vitamin E, which is sweet for sustaining and bettering pores and skin hydration and rising its water holding capability. Lack of water from the pores and skin floor is related to the pores and skin layer known as the stratum corneum.6 Lack of water could make the pores and skin dry. Olive oil could be useful in getting reduction from dry pores and skin.1 Take some olive oil and therapeutic massage it in and across the vagina. You could wash your palms first earlier than you apply the oil.  

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4. Soy 

Soy accommodates chemical compounds which have many well being advantages. Dietary supplementation with soy could be useful in bettering menopausal signs reminiscent of sizzling flashes and vaginal dryness, however extra research are wanted to assist its use.7 You’ll be able to add soy and soy merchandise to your meals and dishes to get the advantages. 

5. Vaginal Moisturisers 

You’ll be able to strive a vaginal moisturiser to assist with vaginal dryness.1 Utilizing a vaginal moisturiser will help you lock in moisture in and across the vagina and support in coping with vaginal dryness. These moisturisers are normally of two sorts, inside and exterior. Inside moisturisers are inserted inside a vagina. Exterior vaginal moisturisers are used for the vulva (the outer a part of the feminine genitals).8  

6. Water-Primarily based Lubricants  

You might use any water-based lubricant earlier than intercourse to do away with vaginal dryness. These lubricants may present short-term moisturisation.1,3 Lubricants could be utilized in and across the vagina or in your companion’s penis to keep away from any discomfort throughout intercourse and assist do away with vaginal dryness.3  

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7. Attempt Foreplay Earlier than Intercourse  

Vaginal moisture throughout intercourse will depend on arousal. Earlier than indulging in sexual activity, strive extra prolonged foreplay. Having fun with extra foreplay might enable you to get extra aroused throughout intercourse and assist stop vaginal dryness. Bartholin’s gland current on the entrance of the vagina produce moisture throughout sexual arousal.2,3  

8. Keep away from Scented Merchandise  

Keep away from utilizing closely perfumed cleaning soap, cleanser or lotion in and round your vagina. These chemical compounds could cause irritation and result in dryness of your vagina. At all times use perfumes-free soaps and lotions in your vagina. Utilizing perfumed soaps, douches, or cleansers in your vagina is without doubt one of the components liable for inflicting vaginal dryness.3 

Although there are research that present the advantages of the given dwelling cures in coping with vaginal dryness, these are inadequate. There’s a want for large-scale human research to ascertain the true extent of the advantages of those dwelling cures on human well being. Thus, these ought to solely be taken with warning and by no means as an alternative to medical therapy.  

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When to Search Medical Assist? 

Some girls may really feel embarrassed to speak to their medical doctors about vaginal dryness. Nonetheless, vaginal dryness is a reasonably frequent situation, and plenty of therapy choices can be found.1. You’ll be able to contact your healthcare supplier if:  

  • You discover bleeding or any uncommon discharge out of your vagina 
  • You expertise vaginal dryness for weeks, and the house cures aren’t figuring out 
  • The vaginal dryness is affecting your day by day actions 
  • You discover vaginal bleeding in between your durations or after you will have had intercourse3 

 You have to not depend on dwelling cures alone for the administration of vaginal dryness and may seek the advice of a health care provider for any recommendation if the signs don’t enhance with dwelling cures.   


Vaginal dryness can have an effect on any girl, however menopausal girls of their 50s are extra liable to it. This symptom is sort of frequent, and many ladies face it sooner or later of their lives, so don’t hesitate to obtain medical assist if it impacts your day by day actions. As well as, there are some issues you are able to do at dwelling to take care of dryness in personal elements. For instance, utilizing pure natural oils reminiscent of coconut, olive, or almond oil may enable you to do away with vaginal dryness. Nonetheless, these must be used after consulting with a healthcare skilled. Additionally, for those who really feel any irritation after utilizing dwelling cures, cease its utilization and attain out to a healthcare skilled.  

Don’t let embarrassment get in your way of life a happier and extra snug life.  

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Often Requested Questions:  

What are pure cures for feminine dryness? 

You should use natural oils as pure cures for vaginal dryness. Examples of natural oils that you should utilize are coconut oil, almond oil, and olive oil.4–6 Make certain to seek the advice of your healthcare supplier earlier than utilizing any dwelling cures for dryness in personal elements. Additionally, for those who really feel any itchiness or irritation, discontinue its use and call your healthcare supplier.  

What are some dwelling cures for feminine lubrication? 

You should use water-based lubricants. These can be utilized inside and across the vagina to supply short-term lubrication. Earlier than participating in sexual activity, you possibly can strive extra foreplay. Feeling extra aroused throughout intercourse may assist lubricate the vagina.13  

Can vaginal dryness trigger different problems? 

In case you are experiencing vaginal dryness, you may develop problems like bacterial or yeast infections within the vagina, ache throughout sexual activity, urinary tract infections, and cracks and sores within the vaginal wall.9  

I’m affected by vaginal dryness. Ought to I contact a healthcare supplier? 

In case your dry vagina is inflicting you any discomfort or irritation in your day by day actions, you need to attain out to your healthcare supplier. Additionally, if the dry vagina is inflicting ache and discomfort throughout sexual activity, talk together with your companion and get medical assist.1  


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Disclaimer: The data included at this web site is for academic functions solely and isn’t supposed to be an alternative to medical therapy by a healthcare skilled. Due to distinctive particular person wants, the reader ought to seek the advice of their doctor to find out the appropriateness of the knowledge for the reader’s state of affairs.

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