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Many males in India have infertility. It may be due to many causes, and one trigger is azoospermia. However have you learnt what azoospermia is? This text will focus on azoospermia, its causes, and procedures. Therefore, allow us to begin with what azoospermia is.

What Causes Azoospermia? Can It Be Treated?

What Is Azoospermia?

Males who don’t get sperm of their semen have a situation generally known as azoospermia. It occurs in about one per cent of all males and fifteen per cent of infertile males. There are not any indicators that you could be recognise. Nonetheless, if you’re attempting to make your companion pregnant and located no success, the explanation could also be this situation.

Now that you recognize what azoospermia is allow us to perceive its causes.

What Causes Azoospermia?

You may need a situation that stops your testicles from creating sperms or one that doesn’t permit the sperms to come back out of your physique.

There are three major azoospermia varieties:

(1) Pretesticular azoospermia: Your testicles are functioning correctly, but your physique can not use them to create sperm. It will probably happen after you could have had chemotherapy or due to low hormone ranges. It is a uncommon kind.

(2) Testicular azoospermia: Your testicles get injured, which prevents them from creating sperm naturally. It will probably occur due to:

• Reproductive tract having an an infection, like urethritis and epididymitis
• An sickness in childhood like viral orchitis. It progresses to at least one or each testicles swelling
• Groin damage
• Most cancers or most cancers procedures, like radiation
• Genetic, like Klinefelter’s syndrome

(3) Publish-testicular azoospermia: Your testicles make sperm usually, but one thing prevents them from going out, equivalent to:

• Tubes would possibly get blocked, which carry the sperms from the testicles to the penis. That is known as obstructive azoospermia.
• Vasectomy
• Retrograde ejaculation happens when semen goes to your bladder fairly than out of your penis.
Round forty per cent of males with azoospermia get the post-testicular kind.

What Causes Azoospermia? Can It Be Treated?

Now that you simply perceive what causes azoospermia allow us to focus on the remedy selections.

How are you going to Deal with Azoospermia?

Fertility procedures are based mostly on the actual azoospermia’s form and its causes. Your feminine companion’s fertility situation determines the remedy choices as properly.

Essentially the most tailored process selections for azoospermia are the next:

Surgical restore

In some obstructive azoospermia instances, blockages can get fastened utilizing microsurgical remedies. For instance, you could go for surgical procedures for blocked vas or varicocele.

When surgical procedure can restore obstructive azoospermia, you’ll be able to attempt pure conception. Sadly, surgical procedures can not restore the difficulty in a single day. But, your physician will do semen evaluation three to 6 months post-surgery.

In case your sperm ranges are correct and no fertility issues exist in your feminine companion, you’ll be able to conceive naturally. But, in case your sperm ranges are irregular even after surgical procedure, you’ll be able to go for different procedures.

Sperm extraction from post-ejaculate urine

In case you have retrograde ejaculation and can’t deal with it, your specialist can take sperms from post-ejaculate urine. After that, as per the variety of sperm obtainable and any feminine fertility points, you’ll be able to attempt IVF or IUI.


(1) Testicular sperm extraction with IVF and ICSI:

TESE, or Testicular sperm extraction, could also be utilised to have sperm cells immediately out of your testes. Once more, you’ll get basic anaesthesia earlier than the remedy. The physician will create a small incision contained in the scrotum and extract tissue from the testes. Your specialist will analyse the tissue for sperm cells. If you don’t want to use them instantly, you’ll be able to cryopreserve them.

You’ll be able to go for TESE you probably have obstructive azoospermia, which blocks your sperm cells from ejaculating.

Sperm cells extracted by way of TESE may be utilised with ICSI and IVF. Therefore, you’ll be able to go to an IVF centre in India to get this remedy. Your physician will insert the sperm cells immediately inside an egg. After fertilisation, the embryo is positioned into the lady’s uterus.

What Causes Azoospermia? Can It Be Treated?


Azoospermia can have a excessive danger of different widespread well being points. So it’s not nearly your fertility.

Few males might really feel embarrassed or ashamed relating to their situation and therefore not inform their specialist relating to their male infertility analysis. But, as there’s a excessive danger of total well being points, you should seek the advice of your specialist and allow them to know.

With the applied sciences and coverings current immediately, azoospermia is a situation that may be handled. So, you needn’t fear about it. As a substitute, seek the advice of your fertility physician if you happen to assume that you’ve got azoospermia. They’ll help you in understanding your situation and attaining a wholesome being pregnant.

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