Ginger Juice: Uses, Benefits, Side Effects By Dr. Siddharth Gupta


All of us get pleasure from a cup of piping sizzling ginger tea throughout a chilly, don’t we? Indian cooking typically makes use of ginger on a regular basis meals so as to add the attribute sharp flavour. However do you know that ginger is also called srngaveram in Sanskrit, which interprets to “horn root”? That is fairly attention-grabbing as a result of ginger is a horizontal stem (and never a root!) from which roots develop. Ginger belongs to the household Zingiberaceae and is said to different widespread spices cardamom and turmeric, all of which belong to the identical household. Ginger is likely one of the mostly consumed condiments on the planet.1  

Ginger was used as a tonic root for greater than 5000 years to deal with many circumstances In India and China. The precise origin of ginger is unsure as a result of it doesn’t develop within the wild. These days, it’s grown in humid tropical areas, India being its largest producer. Over 2000 years in the past, it was some of the vital articles of commerce that was exported to the Roman Empire from India. It has been some of the sought-after spices since ages. It was held in excessive regard due to its potential medicinal properties.1   

The scientific title of ginger is Zingiber officinale.  It may be utilised recent, preserved, crystallised, dried, pickled, candied or floor, including a unique flavour to the dish in every of those kinds. The juice of ginger can be used to make tea or in different well being juices. Ginger juice may need many well being advantages, a few of them are described within the following sections.1 

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Dietary Worth of Ginger Juice: 

The next vitamins are current in ginger: 

Nutrient  Share content material 
Water  78.9 
Complete lipids  0.75 
Proteins  1.82 
Carbohydrates  17.8 
Sugars  1.7 

Desk 1: Vitamins current in 100g of ginger and their share content material2 

The next nutritional vitamins and minerals are current in ginger:  

Nutritional vitamins  Minerals 
Thiamin (vitamin B1)  Iron 
Riboflavin (vitamin B2)  Phosphorous 
Niacin (vitamin B3)  Magnesium 
Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5)  Calcium 
Pyridoxine (vitamin B6)  Potassium 
Folate  Sodium 
Vitamin C  Selenium 
Tocopherol (vitamin E)  Manganese 
  Zinc vit 

Desk 2: Nutritional vitamins and minerals current in ginger2 

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Properties of Ginger Juice: 

Ginger juice may need the next properties: 

  • It is perhaps an antioxidant  
  • It’d assist relieve irritation (anti-inflammatory) 
  • It’d assist relieve nausea  
  • It may need an anti-cancer potential  
  • It’d assist shield towards coronary heart illnesses (cardio-protective)1  

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Potential Makes use of of Ginger Juice for Total Well being: 

Ginger is a spice that provides pungent flavour to the meals, due to this fact, it’s utilized in many areas. Furthermore, it’s a pure herb which could of use as a natural medication for varied illnesses with extra analysis on people.1 Ginger juice may need the next potential makes use of for human well being. 

1. Potential use of ginger juice for nausea and vomiting 

Numerous scientific trials had been performed to discover the anti-emetic (nausea and vomiting decreasing) potential of ginger. In one of many research performed by Sannati et al., it was noticed that ginger juice may need the potential to assist overcome the nausea and vomiting that’s skilled by sufferers throughout most cancers remedy. This potential impact of ginger juice was seen in each adults and youngsters. Moreover, in one other scientific trial evaluating the effectiveness of varied antiemetic brokers, it was noticed that ginger is perhaps extra useful than vitamin B6 (a recognized anti-emetic agent) in decreasing the severity of being pregnant induced nausea and vomiting.3 

2. Potential use of ginger juice for irritation 

A number of research have proven that ginger may need a possible to cut back irritation (exaggerated response of physique to harm) which is understood to be liable for many illnesses like osteoarthritis (OA). It was seen that ginger would possibly assist cut back sure inflammatory elements (cytokines) and may also encourage the expression of sure genes (FOXP3) which could end result within the discount of irritation. Subsequently, ginger juice may need the potential to cut back irritation.3 

3. Potential use of ginger juice for ache 

Ache brought about attributable to varied circumstances like migraine, decrease again ache, muscle ache, and so forth. and the potential impact of ginger in decreasing has been noticed in a wide range of research. One research reported that ginger would possibly doubtlessly be capable of cut back muscle ache. Research performed by Maghbooli et al. and Martin et al. confirmed that ginger may also assist alleviate the signs of migraine and complications. Moreover, it was additionally assessed for its potential in decreasing decrease again ache and chest ache. Subsequently, it is perhaps stated that ginger juice could have the potential to decrease ache. Nonetheless, its actual mechanism and mode of motion is but to be confirmed by additional analysis.3 

4. Potential use of ginger juice for abdomen 

Ginger juice may need the potential to assist improve the emptying of abdomen. It may also be useful in regulating the irregular frequency of abdomen emptying (dysrhythmia). Many research concluded that ginger may need this potential to assist with abdomen troubles. Nonetheless, extra research are required to show these results.3  

5. Potential use of ginger juice for most cancers 

Ginger may need a possible to exhibit anti-cancer properties. It was seen in just a few research and scientific trials that ginger juice may need the potential to assist towards colorectal most cancers and will assist in decreasing the degrees of most cancers markers. Nonetheless, extra analysis is required to determine these doable results.  Furthermore, a severe situation comparable to most cancers should be identified and handled by a health care provider. Subsequently, kindly be sure that you seek the advice of a health care provider.3  

6. Potential makes use of of ginger juice for blood stress 

In a research, it was seen that the extracts of ginger may need the potential to decrease elevated blood stress. Subsequently, ginger juice would possibly assist in hypertension. These results, nonetheless, must be confirmed by extra analysis. Subsequently, kindly seek the advice of a health care provider and don’t self-medicate.1 

Although there are research that present the advantages of ginger juice in varied circumstances, however these are inadequate and there’s a want of additional research to ascertain the true extent of advantages of ginger juice on human well being.  

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Learn how to Use Ginger Juice? 

You Ayurvedic doctor would possibly advocate that you simply drink ginger juice for sure circumstances. The precise dosage and finest approach of use can be suggested by your physician and it’s essential to comply with their recommendation as they’re tailor-made to your well being wants. Nonetheless, you may make ginger juice by following these steps 

  • Take just a few inches of ginger stem and wash it totally to eliminate the mud normally hooked up. 
  • Peel the ginger and reduce it into smaller items. 
  • Mix the ginger or crush it to acquire its juice. 
  • Then combine it with some water 
  • You’ll be able to add a bit of little bit of sugar or honey to style 
  • You too can squeeze in a little bit of lime or add just a few crushed mint leaves to it. 

You have to seek the advice of a professional physician earlier than taking any natural dietary supplements. Don’t discontinue or exchange an ongoing remedy of contemporary medication with an ayurvedic/natural preparation with out consulting a professional physician.   

Aspect Results of Ginger Juice: 

Many of the uncomfortable side effects that had been reported appeared to reverse the constructive results that ginger juice may need on the abdomen. Ginger juice may need the next uncomfortable side effects: 

  • Heartburn 
  • Fuel  
  • Epigastric misery (ache or discomfort within the higher stomach or ribs space) 
  • Bloating 
  • Abdomen ache  
  • Nausea 
  • Diarrhoea 3 

Precautions to Take with Ginger Juice:  

Precaution must be taken, and it’s best to focus on along with your physician whether or not if it protected to drink ginger juice in case you are taking any anti-coagulant medicines prescribed by your physician. Furthermore, common precaution must be taken by breastfeeding moms, pregnant ladies, aged people and youngsters.1 

Interactions with Different Medication: 

Ginger would possibly work together with the next medication and would possibly have an effect on their properties, the best way that they act, and so forth. which could have an effect on the human well being in a unfavorable approach. Ginger would possibly react with the next medication: 

  • Metronidazole4 
  • Warfarin1    

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Ceaselessly Requested Questions: 

1) What are the varied ginger juice advantages? 

Ginger juice may need potential makes use of in relieving abdomen disturbances, nausea, vomiting, ache, complications, most cancers, inflammatory circumstances like osteoarthritis, decrease again ache, and so forth. Nonetheless, its potential use for the above-stated circumstances nonetheless must be proved by additional analysis. Kindly seek the advice of a health care provider and don’t self-medicate.1,3  

2) Is there any facet impact of utilizing ginger juice for hair? 

The uncomfortable side effects of ginger juice for hair must be additional explored. Kindly seek the advice of your physician for recommendation relating to the topic. 

3) Can I drink ginger juice for weight reduction day by day? 

No. You shouldn’t drink ginger juice day by day by yourself. Kindly seek the advice of your physician and focus on with them the doable results that ginger juice may need in your well being. You need to comply with your physician’s recommendation which is in your finest curiosity. 

4) Can ginger juice be used for vomiting? 

As seen in a number of research, ginger juice may need the potential to cut back the severity of vomiting in lots of circumstances. Subsequently, ginger is perhaps useful for vomiting. Nonetheless, it’s best to seek the advice of your physician for recommendation.3  

5) What are the uncomfortable side effects of ginger juice? 

The doable uncomfortable side effects of ginger juice are, diarrhoea, abdomen ache, heartburn, fuel, bloating, nausea and epigastric misery (ache and discomfort close to the ribs).3 

6) Can I exploit ginger juice for headache? 

A number of research have proven that ginger juice may need the potential to cut back complications. Nonetheless, it’s best to seek the advice of your physician earlier than utilizing it to your complications.3  


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Disclaimer: The knowledge included at this web site is for instructional functions solely and isn’t meant to be an alternative to medical remedy by a healthcare skilled. Due to distinctive particular person wants, the reader ought to seek the advice of their doctor to find out the appropriateness of the knowledge for the reader’s scenario.

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