Gul Panag’s push-up and suryanamaskar combo is just what you need to become strong

Gul Panag is thought for her health. Lately, she took to Instagram to share a exercise routine that’s all about ‘power and suppleness.

Actress, mannequin, former magnificence pageant queen, and health fanatic, Gul Panag is one proficient girl!

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She typically takes to Instagram to share exercise ideas and health movies. Lately, she posted a video by which she was seen doing push-ups and ‘Suryanamaskar’. She captioned her submit as, “power and suppleness. Actually and metaphorically.”

Try her submit right here:

Push ups

Gul began her submit with normal push-ups. This motion improves muscular endurance, and tones the torso, entrance shoulders and triceps.

That is how she carried out the push ups:

Step 1: Gul began the train along with her arms beneath the shoulders, and toes on the ground.

Step 2: She braced her core, and aligned the hips to kind a straight line along with her physique.

Step 3: Protecting her weight on the arms, she bent her elbows to decrease the torso in direction of the ground.

Step 4: She then pressed again up powerfully, to return to the beginning place.

It’s time to nail push-ups. Picture courtesy: Shutterstock
Suryanamskar (Solar salutations)

After the push-ups, Gul switched to performing Suryanamskar. This yoga pose helps strengthen the core, leg muscle tissue, torso, arms, and again muscle tissue. This motion is nice for power and suppleness!

That is how she carried out the Suryanamaskar:

Step1: She stood upright, with toes carefully aligned with one another. She then raised her arms, and folded the arms in prayer place.

Step 2: Lifting her arms up and barely leaning backwards, she stretched her total physique. She then bent ahead, and prolonged her arms downwards. With arms by her facet, she saved her again straight.

Step 3: Gul extends her leg behind, and folded her proper knee, inserting it shut in direction of the suitable a part of the torso. She then saved her arms on the ground, regarded up, and bent her neck barely backward.

Step 4: Gul brings her knees to the ground, resting her torso, after which raises her hips and stomach.

Step 5: Tucking the elbows to the facet of the physique, she pressed her palms into the bottom, and lifted her torso and head off the bottom. She then gazed in an upward course.

Step 6: Gul then transitions to downward canine place, elevating the hips, maintaining the heels on the bottom, and making an inverted-V with the physique.

Step 7: She brings the left foot ahead, and locations it between the arms, after which rests the left knee on the bottom. She then regarded upwards in direction of the sky.

Step 8: Gul brings the suitable foot subsequent to the left foot. She then lifts her physique upward.

Step 9: She then stretched her arms up overhead, barely arching her again.

Step 10: Lastly, she brings her arms down and stands upright in a relaxed method.

So girls, try her submit, and prepare to be impressed by Gul Panag’s health prowess!

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