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Amazonite is sort of potassium feldspar, and is definitely a mineral, characterised by its luster and inexperienced to bluish-green colour. As crystal knowledgeable Heather Askinosie tells mbg, it may be present in Brazil, Canada, India, Madagascar, Mozambique, the U.S., and extra.

It is most notably referred to as the “Stone of Hope,” she says, and has lengthy been revered for attracting hope and religion to those that put on it. 

Despite the fact that amazonite is called after the Amazon River as a consequence of its wealthy, watery hues, it’s truly not discovered close to the Amazon,” Askinosie explains, including, “The closest amazonite might be discovered to its namesake is in Minas Gerais, Brazil.”

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The stone additionally has sturdy (and long-standing) connections with the indigenous individuals of the Amazon area. “Amazonite is claimed to have adorned the shields of Amazonian tribal ladies warriors hailing from roughly the tenth century B.C.,” Askinosie says. “It was additionally a favourite among the many historic Egyptians; The gold demise masks present in King Tutankhamen’s tomb was adorned with amazonite inlays,” she provides.

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