Health Risks Of Hair Coloring

Hair coloring is a style assertion and often utilized by each genders. In recent times, many research on hair dye alleged it to trigger most cancers of bladder and improve the possibilities of different sorts of most cancers too. Right here we’ll focus on the origin and composition of hair dyes and dangers related to its common use.

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Utility of Hair Shade

Women and men of all ages use hair coloring for various functions corresponding to:

  • Improve attractiveness
  • To change the looks
  • Preserve hair in good situation
  • Optimize hair look
  • Restore hair injury
  • Cowl grey hair

Classification of hair dyes

Hair dyes are categorized on the premise of their origin ( and the assorted dyes are:

1. Pure hair dyes –

These dyes are extracted from the plant like henna, chamomile and cinchona. They’ll change coloration with out damaging the construction of hair, nourishes it and situation it nevertheless it lasts for few weeks solely.

2. Mineral or metallic hair dyes –

These dyes accommodates silver nitrate and lead salts. They’ll change your hair coloration by lightening or darkening it. They’re incompatible with hydrogen peroxide and doubtlessly poisonous in nature. They’ll final for weeks and months.

3. Artificial hair dyes –

These dyes are of various varieties on the premise of wash fastness and diploma of permanence. These are:

a) Non permanent hair dye –

This dye sticks to the floor of cuticle and lasts for few days.

b) Semi everlasting hair dye –

This dye achieves shallow penetration of the cortex and thus persists for weeks.

c) Everlasting hair dyes –

This dye deeply penetrates the cortex and thus doesn’t wash out.

d) Bleaches –

This chemical strip off the pure hair coloration and makes your hair white or yellowish and thus used as coloration lightening or eradicating agent.

Potential dangerous chemical compounds present in hair dye

1. PPD (Para-phenylenediamine) –

PPD and its derivatives o-nitro-p-phenylenediamine and para-toluenediamine are extremely sensitizing compounds. The derivatives are extra dangerous as a result of they type complexes with particular amino acids by binding to them and trigger sensitization. These compounds trigger allergic reactions corresponding to burning and headache. These are additionally thought of as a possible carcinogen.

2. Lead acetate –

it’s thought of as a carcinogen and banned by European nations. Research have discovered a direct connection between lead degree and polyneuropathy. It was discovered {that a} brief time period publicity to guide after misusing a hair dye elevated the lead blood degree 3 times greater than the conventional (

3. Persulfate salts (ammonium Persulfate or potassium Persulfate) –

these salts may cause instant reactions corresponding to rhinitis, bronchial asthma, contact urticaria, and even anaphylaxis.

4. Coal tar –

this compound is often present in hair colours and trigger allergic reactions.

5. DMDM hydantoin –

it may well trigger immune associated issues.

a) Ammonia –

it’s discovered to be poisonous and corrosive. It could trigger respiratory issues.

b) Resorcinol –

it’s an irritant and a possible carcinogen.

Frequent uncomfortable side effects of hair coloring

Results on Fertility

Dermatologists suggest not utilizing hair dyes whereas pregnant or making an attempt to conceive, whereas some particularly suggest avoiding the hair dyes within the first trimester. The explanation for this recommendation is the dye, a chemical element, can cross by the small pores on the scalp and enter the bloodstream. As they attain the bloodstream, they have an effect on the hormones producing ovum and sperm. This situation is known as EDCs (Endocrine Disrupting Chemical compounds).


Coloring hair requires excessive upkeep. Usually, hair coloration wants a re-dyeing after 6 to eight weeks. Everlasting hair dyes depart a residue on the hair, making them lighter in coloration. To maintenance the allure and glow of the dye, you need to redo the method after it begins to fade. Most individuals coloration their roots after a brief interval.


Pink eye or Conjunctivitis will be brought on by a number of elements. Hair coloring may be a kind of. Hair coloration accommodates chemical compounds that irritate the eyes. If you’re making an attempt to paint your lashes or eyelids, it’s a giant no. A bit hair dye getting involved with the attention may cause everlasting injury to the attention, even resulting in blindness.

Bronchial asthma

Research have proved that those that are inclined to lung irritation have extra probabilities to develop asthmatic drawback by utilizing industrial hair dye. Hair dyes include Persulfate which might trigger persistent cough, wheezing, throat discomfort, lung irritation and in some case it may well trigger full blown bronchial asthma assault. Ammonia can be discovered to have bronchial asthma inflicting property which might worsen pre-existing respiration issues if excessive focus is utilized in hair dye.

Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

This can be a most cancers of lymph tissue which happens in spleen, lymph nodes and bone marrow and impacts the immune system. Based on nationwide most cancers institute, industrial dye contributes to 30 p.c of the Non – Hodgkin’s Lymphoma circumstances. A compound 4 – ABP which is a hair coloring byproduct and generally present in blonde, crimson and black coloration has discovered to have carcinogen results. That is current within the dye however might not be listed on the listing of components.

Breast most cancers

Research have demonstrated that ladies working at salon for minimal 5 years or extra have greater incidence fee of breast most cancers. Resorcinol which is an endocrine disrupting chemical will increase the danger of breast most cancers by interfering within the regular hormonal steadiness. PPD can be discovered to trigger breast most cancers.

A number of Myeloma

That is the most cancers of bone marrow and it’s proven by the analysis research that common use of hair dye can improve the danger of this situation in Caucasian males.

Allergic response

This can be a frequent drawback brought on by the hair coloring as many individuals are delicate to the compounds present in hair dye corresponding to PPD, ammonia and many others. it may well trigger blistering, burning, rash, eczema and different pores and skin associated issues. Some parts may cause respiratory issues like lung irritation, coughing, wheezing and many others.

Tips on how to keep away from well being dangers of hair dye

You possibly can go for pure options of hair dye like henna, chamomile tea, Indian gooseberry, cinchona and many others. that are simple to make use of and available in your nearest grocery retailer. You possibly can obtain totally different shades like blonde, brown, crimson and black with these components with none well being dangers.

Precautions To Take Whereas Dyeing Your Hair

If you wish to coloration your hair by your self with any type of boxed hair coloration merchandise, comply with these precautions:

  • Firstly conduct a patch check in your hand’s pores and skin or underneath the ear areas to verify for any allergic reactions.
  • Don’t combine two several types of hair colours or manufacturers.
  • At all times use gloves to dye your hair.
  • By no means try to dye your eyebrows or eyelids.
  • Get some assist to finish the merchandise as an alternative of spilling them throughout your physique.
  • Retailer the dyes away from pets and kids.
  • Wash your hair, leaving no residue.
  • Don’t preserve the dye greater than the talked about time. Wash as quickly as it’s fully dried.

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