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Home Remedies For Sensitive Teeth By Dr. Rajeev Singh


Do you are feeling a pointy ache in your enamel while you eat your favorite ice cream, chilly drink, or scorching espresso? In the event you simply mentally ran via a variety of painful consuming recollections, it is a signal chances are you’ll be having actually delicate enamel in comparison with most different individuals. Tooth sensitivity is a painful dental situation recognised by persistent irritation affecting consuming, consuming and respiratory. It’s an amplified response to exterior sensory stimuli, which is mostly not seen in more healthy enamel.1 

Tooth sensitivity happens when the dentine (the layer beneath enamel) will get uncovered as a result of receding gum tissues (protecting of enamel root). The dentine includes small dentinal tubules or channels. These channels are accountable for transmitting sensations resembling chilly, scorching or candy that attain the nerve within the enamel, and trigger ache. The prevalence of delicate enamel is highest between the ages of twenty-five and thirty.2  

Listed below are a couple of pure dwelling cures for delicate enamel that you could be attempt within the consolation of your own home. Let’s learn alongside to seek out out extra.

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What Causes Delicate Tooth: 

A number of components could result in delicate enamel together with: 

  • Acidic meals: The surplus consumption of meals that comprise pure acids, resembling pickles, tea, tomatoes, citrus fruits, and many others., would possibly trigger enamel erosion and result in delicate enamel. 
  • Aggressive brushing motion: Brushing with an excessive amount of power or utilizing a hard-bristled toothbrush would possibly tear down tooth enamel (outer protecting) and result in receding gums, inflicting dentine publicity. 
  • Plaque buildup: The presence of plaque (sticky deposit) on the basis floor may be the rationale on your delicate enamel. 
  • Receding gums: Because of periodontal illnesses,  the gum tissues draw back from the enamel, exposing the basis floor of the tooth and trigger the tooth to turn into extraordinarily delicate. 
  • Routine dental procedures like cleansing of enamel, tooth restoration, root planing, and many others could occassionally result in tooth sensitivity. 
  • Extreme use of tooth whitening merchandise could trigger delicate enamel. 
  • Use of toothpaste containing baking soda and peroxide. 
  • Lengthy-term use of acidic mouth wash  
  • Gum illness: Irritation and swelling of gums would possibly trigger sensitivity of enamel. 
  • Cracked or damaged enamel would possibly get crammed with micro organism inflicting irritation and painful, delicate enamel.2 

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Signs of Delicate Tooth: 

Delicate enamel are a symptom of oral circumstances. You may also expertise the next signs together with tooth sensitivity: 

  • A speedy, sharp ache whereas brushing 
  • A sensation upon consuming one thing scorching, chilly, candy or acidic meals  
  • Publicity to chilly air1 

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House Cures for Delicate Tooth: 

Some dwelling cures for delicate enamel that you could be attempt at dwelling are described as observe. 

1. Aloe vera 

Aloe vera could present ache reduction in case of tooth sensitivity. It might have antimicrobial and anti inflammatory exercise as a consequence of an lively compound it accommodates referred to as anthraquinone. Aloe vera gel could also be used to make tooth gel. It might be used to cleanse the enamel and gums and would possibly present an excellent impact as toothpaste.  

Aloe vera gel doesn’t comprise  abrasives (sharpening materials) present in most toothpastes; therefore, it could be much less harsh and trigger much less injury to the enamel. Aloe vera could also be an excellent possibility for individuals having delicate enamel or gums.3 

It’s possible you’ll use aloe vera as a pure dwelling treatment for delicate enamel. All you want is a few contemporary aloe vera leaves. Totally rinse them with water and, utilizing a knife take away the peel. Subsequent, take a small spoon to scoop out the colourless gel, put it in a blender and blend it for a couple of seconds to organize a frothy liquid. Apply this to the delicate space of enamel or use it to gargle. 

2. Sesame oil 

Sesame oil could also be used for fast reduction in case of delicate enamel. Oil pulling remedy is another medical process as a standard Indian folks treatment for strengthening gums and enamel. It includes swishing (shifting round) edible oil within the mouth to keep up oral hygiene. Sesame oil could also be utilized in oil pulling remedy.4 

You’ll be able to take a tablespoon of sesame oil, sip it, and suck it between the enamel for a couple of minutes. The oil will look milky white and fairly skinny. Don’t swallow the oil as a result of it accommodates toxins and micro organism. This remedy needs to be completed on an empty abdomen within the morning and after that, brushing of enamel is important to eliminate extra oil.4 

3. Clove oil 

Clove accommodates bioactive elements resembling risky oil and tannins. These bioactive chemical compounds could have helpful properties like anti-inflammatory and antibacterial actions. The risky oil current in cloves may be used as an analgesic (ache killer) for delicate enamel (dentine).3 

You should use a complete clove. Place the clove straight onto the painful tooth. Then, by closingthe mouth, crush it between higher and decrease enamel. Alternatively, you may additionally make a paste of cloves by grinding some cloves collectively. Subsequent, add a couple of drops of olive oil or water, stir it effectively and apply this paste to the delicate tooth. It might present some momentary reduction for tooth sensitivity.  

4. Garlic 

Garlic could have antimicrobial exercise. It might additionally present a bacteriostatic impact (stops the expansion of micro organism) and act as a pure antibiotic. These helpful properties of garlic could also be contributed by the bioactive constituents resembling flavonoids, alkaloids, saponins, steroids and lipids. Therefore, garlic could also be used for managing dental plaque.3  

You may make a combination of garlic by crushing it with slightly little bit of salt. Then, apply it to the affected tooth; it’d assist minimise the ache. 

5. Peppermint oil 

Peppermint accommodates a bioactive risky oil referred to as menthol. This important oil could have antibacterial in addition to an antifungal exercise which could assist restrict the expansion of micro organism forming within the dental plaque. 

You may make peppermint decoction (resolution) utilizing dried leaves of peppermint. Add them to a scorching cup of water and permit them to steep for a couple of minutes. Let it cool and use it to swish (transfer) round within the mouth. Then spit it out and do that a few occasions to see the outcomes. You can even use a barely hotter peppermint tea bag. Maintain it towards the tooth for longer till the ache subsides. 

6. Turmeric 

Turmeric accommodates tarmins which may be accountable for antibacterial and antiseptic properties. As well as, it may be helpful to handle dental plaque that causes delicate enamel issues. 

You’ll be able to simply make a turmeric paste by including a teaspoon of turmeric powder right into a small dish and sufficient water to make a thick paste. Then use this paste straight on the delicate tooth; anticipate a couple of minutes after which rinse. Follow this routine for a couple of days and see the outcomes. 

7. Neem 

The neem tree accommodates a bioactive chemical, terpenoids. It might have anti-inflammatory and antipyretic (pain-relieving) results. Therefore, it may be helpful for managing swollen gums and different issues ensuing from gum illness.3  

You may make neem powder by grinding dried neem leaves. Then, add one teaspoon of this combination with baking soda into the water to make a paste. Use this paste as a toothpaste and brush your enamel with it. It might assist relieve the ache. 

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8. Mustard twigs 

Mustard tree can also be referred to as miswaak or toothbrush tree. It accommodates important risky oils, alkaloids, tannins, terpenoids and flavonoids. It might have antimicrobial properties and has been used as a standard oral hygiene assist. It’d assist restrict microbial progress, managing delicate enamel issues.3  

Miswaak is a chewing stick produced from the roots and stems of a mustard tree. It’s possible you’ll use miswaak as one of many dwelling cures for delicate enamel. 

9. Bloodwort tea 

Bloodwort is also called bloodroot. It might have antiplaque and antibacterial properties. The helpful properties of bloodwort roots could also be owing to its bioactive compound referred to as sanguinarine alkaloid.3 Therefore, it may be helpful for decreasing dental plaque formation that causes delicate enamel. Bloodwort tea could also be used for delicate enamel. Boil one teaspoon of roots in a single cup of water and permit it to steep for a couple of minutes. Drink this tea thrice a day. Bloodwort tea may be one of many helpful delicate enamel cures. 

10. Way of life modifications 

A way of life change may be an usually missed out pure treatment for managing delicate enamel in the long term. It contains sustaining oral hygiene every day, following correct brushing and flossing strategies, light brushing motion, utilizing soft-bristled toothbrushes, desensitising toothpaste, avoiding acidic meals and goind for normal dentist appointments.1 

Although there are research that present the advantages of those herbs and residential cures for the administration of delicate enamel, these are inadequate. Due to this fact, there’s a want for human research to determine the true extent of the advantages of those dwelling cures on our dental well being. Thus, these ought to solely be taken with warning and by no means as an alternative to medical therapy. 

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When to Search Medical Assist:  

You want fast medical consideration if you happen to see the next: 

  • Receding gum line 
  • Swollen gums 
  • Bleeding gums 
  • Dental plaque 
  • Cracked tooth. 

You should not depend on dwelling cures alone for the administration of delicate enamel and may seek the advice of a professional physician for any recommendation for delicate enamel if the signs don’t enhance with dwelling cures. 


Delicate enamel is a painful sensation to dwell with, and could be extraordinarily limiting. It doesn’t happen within the regular wholesome tooth. It’s skilled as a pointy ache whereas brushing enamel and consuming chilly, scorching or candy meals. Few cures which you can attempt at your own home to alleviate the ache, resembling utilizing aloe vera, clove oil, sesame oil, garlic, turmeric, neem, peppermint, miswaak, and many others. If the situation persists for longer, don’t depend on dwelling cures; as an alternative, contact a health care provider and get correct therapy on your delicate enamel. 

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Incessantly Requested Questions: 

What are delicate enamel? 

Tooth sensitivity happens when your dentine (layer underneath tooth enamel) will get uncovered as a consequence of receding gums. Therefore, your dentine experiences a pointy ache that causes delicate enamel everytime you eat or drink one thing.2 

What precautions to take with delicate enamel? 

Folks ought to observe sure precautions resembling sustaining oral hygiene, utilizing a soft-bristled toothbrush, desensitising toothpaste and avoiding extra acidic meals. Common checkups together with your physician will assist you to handle your delicate enamel situation.2 

What are the dental procedures which may scale back the sensitivity of enamel? 

If the situation worsens, contact your involved dentist and ask for therapy which will assist scale back sensitivity. They embrace fluoride varnishes, which can be utilized to the uncovered root, dentine sealers and white fillings for protecting uncovered root surfaces.2 

Can we use bloodwort for delicate enamel? 

Bloodwort or bloodroot is a flowering plant and primarily accommodates an alkaloid referred to as sanguinarine. It’s an FDA-approved antibacterial and antiplaque agent.3 It may be helpful for managing dental plaque inflicting delicate enamel. Nonetheless, individuals ought to seek the advice of a health care provider earlier than utilizing it as a house treatment for delicate enamel and never use it to self-medicate themselves. 


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Disclaimer: The knowledge included at this website is for instructional functions solely and isn’t supposed to be an alternative to medical therapy by a healthcare skilled. Due to distinctive particular person wants, the reader ought to seek the advice of their doctor to find out the appropriateness of the data for the reader’s state of affairs.

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