Hospital Study Shows This Can Prevent COVID-19 Infection

Most well being specialists agree that early and aggressive therapy for COVID-19 helps to cut back the potential for lengthy COVID signs and reduces the danger of extreme illness. From the start, the pharmaceutical trade has sought to develop new and costly antiviral medication to deal with the coronavirus chargeable for COVID-19 with an purpose at income. The most recent drug — monoclonal antibody therapy bebtelovimab from Eli Lilly1 — is not any exception.

For instance, Dr. Anthony Fauci’s favourite drug used early within the pandemic on hospitalized sufferers — remdesivir — price the taxpayers over $70.5 million to develop.2 A five-day course of therapy prices personal insurance coverage firms $3,120 and the federal government $2,340,3 which is doubled at $6,240 for personal firms and $4,680 for the federal government for a 10-day course.

That is effectively above the drug maker’s estimated price for manufacturing, which is between $10 and $600 for a 10-day course.4 Fauci, who’s the director of the Nationwide Institute of Allergy and Infectious Illness (NIAID), has been the face of the general public well being initiatives in opposition to COVID for the reason that pandemic was introduced by the World Well being Group in March 2020.

Within the first yr or extra of the pandemic, sufferers had been instructed to undergo at house till they had been close to loss of life after which go to the hospital the place they had been positioned on lethal ventilator therapy.5,6

In my interview with Dr. Pierre Kory,7 one of many leaders within the motion to offer early therapy for COVID an infection, he recalled how he refused to stay in management on the College of Wisconsin Medical Heart the place the hospital insisted on offering supportive care solely to their sufferers.8

Nonetheless, because the pharmaceutical trade has launched a wide range of medication or remedies, together with monoclonal antibodies, Paxlovid and remdesivir, the angle has modified.

Hospitals and physicians now supply pharmaceutical remedies accepted below emergency use authorization (EUA) with unknown long-term unintended effects however proceed to refuse to make use of well-established medication with identified aspect impact profiles which have confirmed to be efficient. Hydrogen peroxide is a type of preventive measures and coverings.

Hospital Examine Exhibits H2O2 Prevents COVID-19

In August 2022, a examine9,10 of over 4,000 sufferers and 89 well being care workers in a hospital in Ghana revealed the outcomes of those that used hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) mouthwash, gargle and nasal rinse every day as a preventive in opposition to COVID-19.11

The researchers in contrast the info between two hospitals in Ghana the place people who had been vaccinated or not vaccinated both used H2O2 prophylactically or didn’t. The impact on inpatients was additionally recorded. They discovered that within the 89 well being care workers members who used the H2O2 preventively, just one contracted COVID-19 and that particular person had discontinued utilizing the rinses.

Not one of the larger than 4,000 sufferers who had been handled with H2O2 received COVID-19. In one other hospital, 424 workers members had been totally vaccinated; 34 of these used hydrogen peroxide and none developed COVID-19. Of the remaining 390 well being care workers, 53 developed COVID-19.

In one other group of 78 unvaccinated workers, 23 used hydrogen peroxide and none of them contracted COVID-19. Within the remaining group, 35 received COVID-19. The outcomes from this examine instructed that H2O2 was more practical at stopping COVID-19 than the jab.

The members used 1% hydrogen peroxide mouthwash and diluted hydrogen peroxide to 0.5% for the nasal cavity rinse. The therapy was performed solely as soon as every day.

The researchers concluded, “Common, every day HPA [hydrogen peroxide antisepsis] protects HCWs [health care workers] from COVID-19 and curtails nosocomial unfold of SARS-CoV-2.”12 That is essential since infections within the hospital are extra simply transmitted when workers have larger face-to-face publicity with sufferers and one another.

The info from the August 22 examine confirmed an earlier observational report13 by the identical workforce on two teams of well being care staff. Within the earlier outcomes, the researchers discovered that 89 of 944 well being care staff who didn’t use hydrogen peroxide examined optimistic for COVID-19 within the examine interval. Throughout the identical time, 154 well being care staff used the hydrogen peroxide therapy and 100% of these examined unfavourable.

A Nebulizer Drives the Hydrogen Peroxide Even Deeper

In April 2021, I interviewed Dr. Thomas Levy,14 board-certified heart specialist who’s finest identified for his work with vitamin C. We mentioned using nebulized hydrogen peroxide, which has turn out to be my favourite intervention for the therapy and prevention of viral sicknesses.

H2O2 is a part of your physique’s pure protection system, so utilizing nebulized H2O2 simply augments your physique’s pure protection system. Nonetheless, as I focus on within the video above, it is important that you simply combine the answer appropriately, use regular saline to guard your lung tissue and use the therapy till all of the fluid within the chamber has evaporated, usually taking roughly half-hour.

Nebulized hydrogen peroxide additionally requires using a food-grade product that doesn’t have the stabilizers and chemical preservatives discovered within the H2O2 bottle on drugstore cabinets. It’s also essential to make use of distilled water or saline, since faucet water can include a lethal amoeba.15 Your gastrointestinal tract can adequately handle this pathogen however inhaling it into your lungs may cause vital injury.

One of many advantages of nebulizing hydrogen peroxide is that it disperses the H2O2 all through your mouth, nasal cavity, sinuses, throat and lungs. That is particularly highly effective when you have been uncovered to a viral sickness or are sick.

Nebulized H2O2 will help kill viral particles in your respiratory tract however doesn’t attain any viral particles in the remainder of your physique. Subsequently, utilizing nebulized H2O2 after publicity or within the early hours of a respiratory an infection might assist cease an an infection in its tracks.

When you miss the early window to forestall an an infection, utilizing the therapy additionally helps to guard your lungs from growing pneumonia, which may be lethal in these with COVID-1916,17 or flu.18

Taxpayers Spend $1,833 per Dose on Monoclonal Antibody Drug

In February 2022, the FDA19 accepted an EUA for a brand new monoclonal antibody therapy for the COVID-19 omicron variant. The drug — bebtelovimab — was developed by Eli Lilly. The federal government instantly ordered 600,000 doses, spending $1.08 billion or $1,800 per dose.20 In response to Endpoint Information,21 one other order for 150,000 doses was accepted for $275 million, the equal of $1,833 per dose.

The $33 per dose improve in worth occurred in simply 4 months. Whereas this may occasionally not sound like some huge cash for a single dose, unfold over 150,000 doses it means the U.S. taxpayers shelled out an additional $4.9 million for a similar drug simply 4 months later.

In response to the announcement by the FDA,22 the EUA was accepted for the therapy of delicate to average an infection in adults and youngsters 12 years of age and older who’re not less than 88 kilos. The people should have a optimistic COVID-19 check and have indications that they’re:

“… at excessive threat for development to extreme COVID-19, together with hospitalization or loss of life, and for whom various COVID-19 therapy choices accepted or licensed by the FDA should not accessible or clinically acceptable.”

In different phrases, for an sickness that has a observe report of 99% restoration,23 the U.S. authorities has so far spent $1.35 billion on 750,000 doses of a drug that by the FDA’s personal analysis ought to solely be used for people who’re at excessive threat of extreme COVID-19.

In response to CDC knowledge24 there have been a complete of barely over 1 million deaths from COVID-19 over a 2.5-year interval. Nonetheless, as even the CDC has admitted, lots of the deaths attributed to COVID-19 have truly been individuals died WITH COVID-19, not FROM it.

One of many extra notorious circumstances of loss of life certificates recording a COVID loss of life was from a motorbike accident,25 which can have been following the CDC’s personal guideline for reporting deaths:26

“In circumstances the place a particular prognosis of COVID can’t be made however is suspected or probably (e.g. the circumstances are compelling with an inexpensive diploma of certainty) it’s acceptable to report COVID-19 on a loss of life certificates as ‘possible’ or ‘presumed.'”

As has been broadly reported, whereas the omicron virus is extra transmissible, it is usually much less virulent and doesn’t trigger the extreme sickness that the variants earlier than it.27 Moreover, if the federal government drinks their very own Kool-Help, those that are vaccinated are protected against extreme illness.28

Thus, there needs to be no want for 750,000 doses of a monoclonal antibody that ought to solely be prescribed to these at “excessive threat”29 of extreme sickness. Added to this, experiences, “Not many individuals have acquired bebtelovimab. Severe and sudden unintended effects might occur. The entire dangers should not identified right now.”30

Rebound Sickness After Antiviral Paxlovid

Fierce Pharma31 reported that Pfizer additionally scored an enormous deal when the U.S. doubled their order for the antiviral Paxlovid from 10 million to twenty million programs of therapy. The primary 10 million price the U.S. taxpayers $5.29 billion and contributed to Pfizer’s anticipated income of $101.3 billion in 2022.

Fierce Pharma32 additionally reported that one analyst, writing to shoppers, reported that Paxlovid had a “leg up” on molnupiravir due to its “superior efficacy and security profile.”

Paxlovid joins a protracted listing of medication developed particularly for COVID-19 that haven’t confirmed to be efficient. Reviews are rising33 that sufferers handled with a five-day course will generally expertise extreme rebound when the course is accomplished. Authorities officers are planning to review the speed of rebound, the extent to which the drug causes rebound and whether or not an extended routine will cut back the impact.

Virologist David Ho described the post-Paxlovid rebound he skilled in April to Bloomberg.34 After getting sick, his physician prescribed Paxlovid. Days later his signs dissipated, and the assessments had been unfavourable. Nonetheless, 10 days after getting sick, the signs returned and the assessments had been optimistic once more.

He sequenced the virus in his physique and located that the an infection earlier than and after taking Paxlovid had been from the identical pressure, confirming that the virus did not mutate or turn out to be proof against the drug. Pfizer, in the meantime, insists the rise in viral load post-treatment “is unlikely to be associated to Paxlovid” as a result of viral rebound was present in “a small quantity” of each the therapy and placebo teams in Pfizer’s final-stage examine.35

Subsequently, quadruple-vaccinated Fauci reported that he examined optimistic for COVID-19 and skilled delicate signs.36 Reportedly his age positioned him at excessive threat for issues and he was then prescribed Paxlovid.37 CNN reported he described the “attention-grabbing course” of his COVID-19 an infection throughout an look at International Coverage’s International Well being Discussion board.

Fauci instructed the group that after 5 days he was unfavourable for 3 consecutive days on an antigen check. Apparently, three unfavourable assessments weren’t sufficient, so he examined himself once more on the fourth day “simply to be completely sure.” By that point, he had reverted to a optimistic check. “It was type of what persons are referring to as a Paxlovid rebound,” he stated.38

Low Price, Low Facet Impact, Efficient Therapy Obtainable

Fauci reported that his signs had been worse once they returned the second time after therapy. He was prescribed one other course of Paxlovid and on the time of the interview, he was on day 4 of a 5-day course. He reportedly felt “moderately good” though “not fully with out signs.”39

The price of Paxlovid may be as a lot as $53040 for a five-day course, however shoppers get it for “free” because it was bought with their tax {dollars}. Throughout these previous two years, the federal government has spent billions of {dollars} shopping for treatment for an infectious sickness that has been confirmed to be efficiently handled at house utilizing far cheaper medicines and dietary supplements.

For instance, the general survival charge throughout all age teams and all threat strata is 99%, however the Zelenko Protocol41 has demonstrated a 99% survival charge in high-risk sufferers. His revealed therapy protocol contains over-the-counter dietary supplements nutritional vitamins C and D3, elemental zinc and quercetin for low-risk sufferers.

Sufferers who’ve a average or excessive threat of extreme illness are handled with vitamin C and D3, elemental zinc, azithromycin, doxycycline, hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.

The Entrance Line COVID-19 Crucial Care Alliance42 has developed a number of protocols43 aimed toward prevention, early therapy, long-haul COVID therapy, post-vaccine restoration and hospital therapy. First-line therapies in early therapy embody over-the-counter zinc, vitamin C, melatonin, quercetin, probiotics, curcumin, aspirin, mouthwash and nasal spray. Prescription medicines embody ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

Each protocols are extremely profitable with identified aspect impact profiles for the reason that medicines and dietary supplements have been used for a few years. Each protocols are based mostly on the premise that early therapy can cut back the danger of long-haul COVID signs and the potential to develop extreme illness. Many of the therapies are cheap and simply bought over-the-counter.

The Entrance Line COVID-19 Crucial Care Alliance44 additionally maintains an inventory of physicians who observe the protocols and supply in-office and telehealth providers. I imagine one of the highly effective methods you need to use preventively and in early therapy is nebulized hydrogen peroxide.

Because the featured examine demonstrated, even with store-bought hydrogen peroxide diluted for nasal wash, mouthwash and gargling as soon as every day, you may successfully forestall an infection. Though well being authorities want to restrict your therapy decisions and maintain you chained to new and never completely examined medication the place “all of the dangers should not identified right now,”45 you could have decisions and might take management of your well being.

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