How Do You Get Rid of Jet Lag Fast? 8 Tips

Jet lag signs may be disagreeable, however you can also make them go away sooner. Learn to recover from jet lag with these 9 ideas

Jet lag can occur to anybody, irrespective of how usually you fly. Whenever you journey throughout a number of time zones so rapidly, it’s laborious in your physique’s pure organic rhythms to regulate.

Whereas it may be annoying to cope with, there are some things you are able to do to scale back signs and get again on observe extra rapidly.

What are signs of jet lag?

Jet lag could cause signs reminiscent of: 

Usually, signs are worse once you fly east as a substitute of west. And the extra time zones you cross, the extra extreme your signs will in all probability be.

Whereas disagreeable, jet lag signs are innocent and usually goes away in 3-4 days. Listed here are 8 ideas for eliminating signs sooner.

8 ideas for getting over jet lag

  1. Modify to your new time quickly as quickly as you’ll be able to. Adjusting your sleep schedule to your new time zone will help your physique adapt extra rapidly. Set your watches and clocks to your new time zone, and keep away from consuming, sleeping, or waking up at occasions based mostly in your previous time zone.
  2. Keep hydrated. Touring lengthy distances could cause you to change into dehydrated, which can solely make you’re feeling extra fatigued. Drink loads of water throughout your flight and after your arrival.
  3. Get some daylight. Whenever you journey between time zones, your publicity to daylight modifications. Going outdoors and spending a while outdoor will help your physique produce melatonin, that are hormones that assist regulate your sleep-wake cycle, additionally known as circadian rhythms. You should utilize synthetic (blue) lights to assist with this if you cannot go outdoor.
  4. Drink some caffeine. Carefully, caffeine will help keep alert through the daytime and battle sleepiness. Nevertheless, since caffeine may be dehydrating, compensate for this by consuming sufficient water. Keep away from caffeine within the night.
  5. Keep away from new meals. Eat small, frequent meals and keep away from new meals or heavy meals that may trigger digestive points like diarrhea or constipation.
  6. Keep away from alcohol. Alcohol can worsen signs like fatigue and drowsiness, so it’s greatest to keep away from it altogether once you’re touring.
  7. Strive melatonin dietary supplements. You’ll be able to attempt taking melatonin dietary supplements or different sleep aids, though you must all the time seek the advice of your physician beforehand. 
  8. Hold naps quick. In the event you’re extraordinarily sleepy through the day, it’s high-quality to take naps however maintain them quick (15 to twenty minutes) so that you just don’t have bother falling asleep later within the night.

Learn how to forestall jet lag

Making ready your self a number of days earlier than you journey also can assist with jet lag. If you’re going west, go to mattress 1-2 hours later than regular. If you’re going east, go to mattress 1-2 hours sooner than regular. 

If you’re touring for an vital or official occasion, attempt arriving at your vacation spot no less than 2 days earlier than. This may increasingly assist give your physique extra time to regulate earlier than the large day.


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Medically Reviewed on 7/22/2021


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