How to Make Full Moon Water, Charged Moon Water Benefits

Astrologers, witches, and mystics alike can all agree on the facility of the Moon. It’s one of many two luminaries in our sky (alongside the Solar) and an extremely potent device for manifestation and magic.

The Moon guidelines over the refined, unconscious, and intuitive elements of the self, and its wax and wane replicate our personal. After we align ourselves with the Moon, we’re tapping into an historic power present. One easy method to do that is by making Moon water.

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What Is Moon Water?

You possibly can create Moon water by leaving water outside to cost beneath the moonlight. As a result of the Moon impacts the ocean’s tides, there’s already an brisk connection between the ingredient of water and the Moon. Whenever you add intention (and perhaps a crystal or two), you’ll be able to create a device that can be utilized for all the things from watering your vegetation to including to your ritual tub to cleaning your private home.

How you can Make Moon Water

To create Moon water, you’ll want:

  • A jar or container (I like to recommend a mason jar or different clear glass jar, however any container like a jar, cup, and even Tupperware will do).
  • Water (from the faucet, from a bottle, from a river…simply be sure it’s secure to drink in case you plan on doing so!).
  • A label so far your Moon water and notice which signal and section the Moon is in (like “Full Moon in Aquarius, August 11, 2022”).
  • Water-safe crystals, like rose quartz, clear quartz, or amethyst (elective).
  • Cleaning herbs, like mugwort (dominated by the Moon), lavender (for rest and therapeutic), rosemary (for cover), or sweetgrass (for constructive power) (elective).
  • A lighter and bowl to burn the herbs (elective).
  • An intention to concentrate on, resembling peace, love, or acceptance (elective).

    Moon water is historically charged at night time beneath the sunshine of the Full Moon, when lunar power is at its most potent and we’re simply in a position to hook up with our instinct. You may as well make Moon water throughout a Gibbous Moon, when the Moon is nearly full. One caveat: By no means make Moon water throughout an eclipse—eclipse power overpowers lunar power, so it’s not an excellent time to do this type of work.

    Whichever lunar section you select, test which zodiac signal the Moon is in, as a result of this can have an effect on the power of the water. For instance, Moon water charged beneath a Full Moon in Taurus, dominated by Venus, will encourage love and pleasure, whereas Moon water charged beneath a Full Moon in Gemini, dominated by Mercury, might help you declare your voice.

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    If you happen to’re utilizing any of the next, start by cleaning your jar or container with smoke out of your herbs, sticking in your label, and including crystals to your jar. Then add your water. Place the jar someplace exterior (0r in case you don’t have entry to the outside, then on a windowsill) so it might probably take up the Moon’s power—even in case you can’t see the Full Moon, the water will nonetheless cost.

    If you happen to’d like, you’ll be able to take a second to meditate: Maintain your palms over the water and movie the lunar power shifting by the crown of your head, down your backbone and arms, by your physique, and out of your palms into the water. As you accomplish that, concentrate on the intention you’re setting, then thank the universe for letting you join with the cosmos. Lastly, go away the water to cost in a single day. Within the morning, you’ll have Moon water!

    How Does Moon Water Work?

    Moon water works for a few causes—the primary is due to the character of the ingredient of water. Energetically, water is receptive. It holds the power or intention of no matter it’s imbued with. And within the case of Moon water, the water acts as a psychic sponge, holding on to the power the Moon is disseminating from the cosmos into our world. On this method, the water turns into a kind of talisman, holding on to the planetary power of the Moon to be used in future spells or rituals.

    The vibration or power of the Moon water you cost will probably be depending on the signal the Moon is in in addition to the section. As a result of the Moon is at its strongest, most vibrant and potent manifestation in the course of the Full Moon, that is the time that Moon water is normally created.


    Whereas it’s by no means a foul thought to make Moon water for a common objective (like for tapping into lunar power), it will also be used extra particularly to align with a particular intention. Earlier than you select your intention, lookup no matter signal the Moon is in in the course of the time while you need to cost it. Examine this power of this zodiac signal. So the Full Moon in Libra could be nice for an intention about love magick as a result of Libra is dominated by Venus, planet of affection. Then again, a Full Moon in Capricorn (dominated by Saturn, planet of construction and restrictions) could be higher for an intention round serving to you are saying your boundaries.

    When you’ve found out what kind of intention aligns with the lunar section you’re working with, get clear on mentioned intention, writing it down within the current tense (since this tells the universe this intention is already yours and never one thing that’s going to occur sooner or later). I all the time add, “This or one thing higher, for the best good of all concerned,” on the finish of my intentions, simply to ensure I’m nonetheless open to the probabilities of the universe.

    When you’ve made your Moon water, learn your intention out loud after which maintain your palms over the water as soon as once more. Cost your Moon water by visualizing silver lunar power shifting by the crown of your head, down your backbone, by your physique, down your arms, out your palms into the water. Proceed to visualise this power pouring into the water, till you’re feeling the water is charged and glowing silver along with your intention. Then voilà, you’ve gotten charged Moon water!

    Moon Water By means of the Zodiac Indicators

    One of many stunning issues about creating Moon Water is your means to customise this as you see match. You possibly can work along with your beginning chart to create Moon Water that’s additional supportive for no matter spellwork you’re doing, and you should use the checklist beneath to get you began for inspiration. You might need to learn the next in your Solar or Moon signal, and even your Venus signal, relying on what kind of magick you’ll be utilizing your Moon water for.


    As a fireplace signal, you may make Moon water to stability out your flare. Make Moon water beneath a water signal moon if you wish to work magick round therapeutic, your coronary heart, or your feelings. Use this water to anoint your coronary heart, to pour over your self within the bathe, or add important oils to it and use it as a room spray.


    You’re a cussed mounted signal, beloved Taurus, so make Moon water beneath a fireplace signal Moon to get into the fervour and energy of your physique, or make it beneath a water Moon to actually channel the comfort you so love and deserve. Use this Moon water for a face masks, to wash your altar, to make fireplace cider, or no matter else feels invigorating.


    Make Moon water beneath a Gemini or Sagittarius Moon to channel your creativity, your imaginative and prescient, and your expression. It’s all the time a celebration for you, pricey Gemini, so use this device to make life even extra of a celebration. Use Moon water in creating choices of artwork and self-expression, whether or not you’re portray with watercolors or planting a backyard.

    Most cancers

    As the one zodiac signal dominated by the Moon, you might as nicely dive deep into this and make Moon water throughout a Most cancers Moon or different water signal Moon. Use this Moon water to faucet extra deeply in your coronary heart and in rituals of self-love, whether or not within the tub, for a face masks, or to drink the lunar power you’re so linked to.


    As the one zodiac signal dominated by the Solar, you’ll be able to work with the Moon to stability out that legendary photo voltaic flare of yours. Use water made beneath a Most cancers Moon to actually faucet into that lunar power and use it in rituals of instinct—in a candlelit tub, in water to scry with, or to make ink for automated writing.


    Make Moon water beneath the Pisces Moon to faucet into the alternative finish of your zodiac axis, beloved Virgo. Use your Moon water to create artwork within the identify of your mystic expression—whether or not by water coloring, tie dying, or the like—and use it as a apply to be messy, to benefit from the experience, to create for the sake of it. Permit the Pisces Moon to bless you with extra cosmic give up and chaos, regardless of how awkward it might appear.


    If you happen to’ve been having hassle specializing in the massive image or making massive selections, make Moon water beneath a fireplace signal Moon. Use this to empower your self to maneuver by the tides of life with out getting misplaced within the sauce. Drink the Moon water while you’re engaged on a giant mission that wants focus and wash your face with this to bless your self with this power.


    Why not declare the potent powers of your intuitive magick and make Moon water beneath a Scorpio Moon? Cost your Moon water with the power of intercourse, dying, and rebirth, and use it in a shower to cleanse your self earlier than intercourse magick rituals. Maintain a glass of Scorpio Moon water by your mattress to drink mid-coitus to maintain up your power, or place it as an providing in your altar.


    Make Moon Water beneath the Aquarius Moon or one other air signal Moon to channel the visionary journey of this signal. Aquarius power might help you retain in alignment along with your targets. You possibly can drink the Moon Water, water a plant with it, or use it as an ingredient in ground wash to wash your area.


    You’re the sea-goat, in any case, so use Moon water made beneath a water signal moon that can assist you loosen up, give up, and revel in. Make some Moon water after which load up a shower with Epsom salt and lunar herbs like jasmine and mugwort and revel in a soak that brings you again to peace, presence, and tranquility. Permit it to clean away any stress, so you’ll be able to ebb and movement because the Moon does.


    You might be the water-bearer, beloved Aquarius, however you’re nonetheless an air signal. Use Moon water to really feel extra and assume much less. Get inventive—use it to color with watercolors, or to wash the paint of your acrylic brushes, or combine a small bit with some India ink to make sigils or apply automated writing. Use Moon water in your magnificence rituals to faucet into the tender a part of your psyche by self-love, and to really feel into the facility of your coronary heart.


    Use Moon water made beneath a fireplace moon to amp up your creativity and imaginative and prescient. Use it in rituals to stability out your watery nature by utilizing it as an providing alongside candle magick. You possibly can even place a jar candle in a bowl of Moon water to stability out the photo voltaic and lunar influences inside you. Use this water to clean your physique, your face, or clear your area with some inventive power.

    How you can Use Moon Water

    Okay, so that you made your Moon water. Now what do you do with it? Fortunate you, there are lots of choices:

    • Use it to wash your altar, sacred area, crystals, or any ritual instruments.
    • Add it to a ritual tub.
    • Use it to cleanse your ground (yep, you’ll be able to simply add it to your PineSol!).
    • Dip your brushes in it while you paint.
    • Use it to water your vegetation.
    • Create a aromatic room spray by including important oils and alcohol.
    • Use it in your important oil diffuser.
    • Drink it so you’ll be able to take up it into your physique.
    • Use it to anoint your physique, as a method of energetically cleaning your self.
    • Use your Moon water to make tea. Add herbs or natural tea that corresponds along with your intentions—like lavender for therapeutic, mugwort for psychic messages, or rose for love, then benefit from the ritual of sipping this! BTW: Be sure you use consuming water for this!
    • Sprinkle Moon water within the corners of your area and invite the Moon’s power to cleanse and clear your private home of any negativity or stagnancy.
    • Use your Moon water as an providing to any deities related to the Moon or water, like Isis, Diana, or Venus.
    • Use Moon water as an providing to your ancestors, as a portal for them to hook up with you.

      How you can Use Moon Water for Manifestation

      You should use Moon water for manifestation by charging it along with your intention and consuming it or by utilizing it in a spell like a honey jar spell or in a ritual tub. Observe the identical steps as above to set your intention with the Moon water, writing it down within the current tense.

      After you create your Moon water, you’ll be able to drink it to soak up the power again into your self, or you’ll be able to pour it in a shower and add herbs that correspond to what you’re manifesting (like roses for love, mint for cash, or eucalyptus for cleaning and therapeutic). You may as well use intercourse magick to work along with your orgasms to learn from the facility of the Full Moon. Do that by conserving your intention in your thoughts’s eye as you climax after which ship out this power by the highest of your head into the cosmos to manifest. Whenever you’re carried out, drink a few of the charged Moon water, and if you need, you may also anoint your self in your sexual heart (beneath your stomach button), in your coronary heart, and in your third eye (between your brows).


      The most effective half about Moon water is that you could get inventive with how you employ it. Use it to clean your face, and ask for the blessings of the Moon as you accomplish that. (Once more, in case you’re going to make use of Moon water in your skincare routine, ensure you’re utilizing potable water and never river or ocean water!) Magnificence is cyclical and ever-evolving, and so is the Moon. If in case you have any water-activated magnificence merchandise, you should use a few of the Moon water to work with them. BTW, you may also make a face spray along with your Moon water, however you might want to use distilled water for this—you should use natural rose petals and your (distilled!) Moon water for a facial toner, blessed by the Moon herself.

      And in case you consider one other use, go for it. Get inventive and let the magick of the Moon and your coronary heart information you. As witches say, and so it’s!

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