How to Obtain a Good Oxygen Level for Your Body

Good oxygen ranges in your blood imply every little thing is working effectively in your system. It is best to preserve between 95–100% saturation of oxygen in your blood, however, many individuals are on the decrease finish of that scale and even decrease. Following the Hallelujah weight-reduction plan, you’re already consuming an incredible quantity of oxygen-rich meals. On this publish, you possibly can learn some alternative ways of accelerating your blood oxygen degree, plus find out about oxygen-rich meals, which frequently overlap with antioxidant-rich meals.

What you don’t want is dear supplementation. Lots of the dietary supplements we advocate for well being work systematically in your physique. They assist enhance your blood oxygen degree and assist your coronary heart, digestive system, and thoughts. We concentrate on issues which can be going to assist your complete physique, not only one little patch. Attempt a few of these thrilling concepts:

  1. Sing and snigger.

Frankly, I can’t carry a tune in a bucket, however I sing usually. This additionally makes me snigger usually. Some research present that the act of singing and laughing helps open up your lungs, permitting extra air to achieve the deep components. This helps expose extra air and oxygen to your blood, creating good oxygen ranges in your blood. It additionally helps cut back sickness, clears out stagnant mucus, and offers you extra power.

  1. Play usually.

Doing actions you like and taking part in round frequently could be disguised as workout routines. Transferring round, elevating your coronary heart fee, and respiratory heavier than standard assist to get extra oxygen to your blood. Additionally they provide help to to drop pounds, lower illness, and luxuriate in life. Select actions the place train isn’t a exercise, however one thing you take pleasure in. That method, it creates a greater routine—one thing you really wish to do and which creates the laughter that’s so necessary to our lives.

  1. Select the appropriate complement.

These dietary supplements are particularly for good blood oxygen ranges, and ones that assist your physique be wholesome.


This enzyme primarily helps the guts. It helps regular the rhythm, creates good robust muscle contractions, lowers blood strain, stabilizes ldl cholesterol, and makes your blood environment friendly. In the event you come to the Hallelujah weight-reduction plan since you wish to overcome well being issues, it’s possible you’ll be poor in CoQ10. Most life-style illnesses, together with diabetes, coronary heart illness, most cancers, and autoimmune points, deplete the physique of CoQ10. When you’ve got a wholesome coronary heart, your blood oxygen will enhance.


Iron is sure by the hemoglobin portion of our blood, and hemoglobin carries oxygen round our physique. Some of the widespread causes of low oxygen ranges in our blood is a low iron degree. Individuals who have anemia, or low blood iron, are usually drained. A top quality iron complement will help in case your blood iron ranges are low. Girls, greater than males, are likely to have low iron ranges of their blood due to menstruation. Simply watch out with iron supplementation as a result of it may well trigger constipation and different digestive points. Folks battling most cancers also needs to keep away from iron dietary supplements and cope with anemia with meals as a lot as doable.


For essentially the most half, folks following a vegetable-based weight-reduction plan, just like the Hallelujah weight-reduction plan, not often want supplementation from the B vitamin class, aside from B12. Almost all sources of pure B12, aside from some unheated purple Nori seaweed, come from animal merchandise. Nonetheless, high quality dietary supplements can use synthetically derived B12 to complement ranges.

Why is that this necessary? B12 helps create hemoglobin and promotes the utilization of iron. Folate, B9, is one other one of many B-complex nutritional vitamins that helps create hemoglobin and crimson blood cells. Taking a B12-B6-folate complement will assist provide you with each of those nutritional vitamins and assist fill in any gaps in these necessary B nutritional vitamins.

  1. Meditation and Prayer

Multi Generation Family Praying

Each meditation and prayer comply with the identical precept of quieting the thoughts and focusing your consideration. Historically, each prayers and mantras have been spoken aloud as chants. Some research on older prayers present that this particular kind of chanting opened the lungs, created deep breaths, and enriched the blood with oxygen and vitamins. So, say your prayers. Many individuals have began silently praying, however you’ll get higher well being advantages by saying your prayers aloud.


As you start following the Hallelujah weight-reduction plan, you’re already placing into place many methods that can enhance your blood oxygen ranges. You’ll be able to take a look at different suggestions on this article. Consuming a superb, nutritious diet will enhance your vitamins to construct good, wholesome blood; you’ll start exercising, which will increase your lung capability and improves your well being; and also you’ll begin to really feel at peace with your self, via prayer and life-style habits that carry you nearer to God. Not unhealthy for a weight-reduction plan, huh?

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