How to Pit Cherries: Can You Pit Cherries Without a Cherry Pitter?

Nothing will cease me from baking with cherries. Nothing! However that tiny pit inside, seems, stops a lot of individuals, together with the editor of this story who revealed to me that he’d by no means pitted a cherry, ever. An excessive amount of trouble, he mentioned.

And you already know what? Whether or not you’re pitting with a paperclip, a chopstick, a patented cherry pitter, or your individual naked arms, it IS a trouble. It’s as annoying a process as: peeling apples, chopping onions, trimming inexperienced beans. And but we do all of these with rather a lot much less whining. Cherry pitting is a ache—till you have a look at it as meditative. Part of the method. Let the world decelerate a bit. Pit!

You’ve got a couple of pitting choices, however for those who’re baking a recipe that requires greater than six cherries, simply purchase a pitter. You pew-pew-pew the pits right into a bowl and toss your nonetheless intact, hollowed-out cherries in one other. They trigger cherry juice splatter, however it washes off simply. (Additionally, that is what aprons are for.) My favourite single-pit pitter is OXO’s. I take advantage of it for olives, too. It’s not excellent—generally the pit is off-center and you want to take a couple of stabs at it. However it’s quick and environment friendly and shops away all winter, awaiting its second.

It takes some individuals a variety of convincing to commit to purchasing a cherry pitter, although. So at this time I pitted a bag of candy cherries three alternative ways to match the variations. Pitting by hand was absolutely the worst. I additionally tried a hack I had heard about by which you place a cherry at one finish of a reusable plastic straw and use a chopstick to push the pit by it, and that methodology took a full minute longer than after I used the pitter. The cherries pitted with the straw/stick all the time meant I used to be continuously stabbing myself within the hand, and I ended up tearing or ripping or in any other case mangling all these cherries. PITTER ALL THE WAY.

Do you like cherries as a lot as me and bake with them so long as the solar’s stretched into the late night hours? OXO launched a MEGA pitter this 12 months. It does six cherries directly. By the point you fastidiously place each cherry in it earlier than clamping it shut, it took about the identical period of time to pit as the only pitter. Once more, I actually timed it. (36.5 seconds for six cherries.) Nevertheless, this design creates NO SPLATTER WHATSOEVER. And it captures the pits in a bit of lure. These particulars are good, however I discovered it was extra more likely to miss a couple of pits, so I needed to examine each cherry or rely the pits within the lure to verify I acquired ‘em all.

For that purpose, the only pitter continues to be my favourite. You get your cherry meeting line going, you possibly can see each pit because it shoots out, and it shops simply within the drawer of kitchen instruments not used fairly often, subsequent to the crab crackers.

Not baking with cherries and questioning for those who want a pitter? Nah, you don’t. Spit the pits into the yard and get on together with your summer season.

As soon as you’ve got pitted a bunch, make this:

This text initially appeared on Bon Appétit.


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