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Indoor Sunlight, Water, Soil and Growing Tips

Native to South Africa, the jade plant is in style for its tree-like look. Its clean, oval-shaped leaves and robust, woody stems are an emblem of friendship, luck and prosperity — making the jade plant among the finest Feng Shui houseplants for good power.

In case you’re questioning the place to position the jade plant in your house, they do finest in vibrant indoor areas — like a south- or west-facing window. Relying on its measurement, go for a raised planter in a vibrant nook or a small pot within the windowsill. Jade vegetation additionally develop effectively outdoors, so long as you are taking them inside throughout chilly fall and winter months. With correct care, this resilient houseplant can reside for greater than 50 years.

Jade vegetation, also called crassula ovata, are present in many types with barely totally different traits: crassula ovata “Gollum” has red-tinted and tubular leaves, crassula ovata “Hummel’s Sundown” has leaves with purple and yellow edges, crassula ovata “Pink Magnificence” has clusters of star-shaped pink flowers. However, don’t fear: you’ll be able to take care of all jade vegetation in the identical means. Hold scrolling to discover ways to hold this sun-loving succulent wholesome — plus, find out how to develop much more jade vegetation.

⚠️ Warning: The jade plant is mildly poisonous to people when consumed, and very toxic to canine and cats.

Jade Plant Care Ideas


Hold your jade plant in vibrant mild for not less than six hours per day, in response to Almanac. Whereas mature vegetation can deal with direct daylight, youthful vegetation require a vibrant house that’s freed from direct rays. With out correct daylight, your jade plant will cease rising, or it’ll develop tall and leggy.


Jade vegetation do finest at room temperature, between 65 and 75 levels Fahrenheit, throughout the day. They like a cooler temperature at night time, between 50 and 55 levels Fahrenheit. Throughout the winter months, it’s essential to maintain your plant away from cool drafts or icy home windows. Be aware, in case you hold your jade plant outdoors, it needs to be stored inside when outdoors temperatures drop.


It’s best to solely water your jade plant as soon as the soil is totally dry, in response to Gardener Report. Test the soil across the roots to make certain. Your jade plant will want a beneficiant soak about each 14 days, though the frequency through which it’s a must to water your plant will rely on the season. Jade vegetation want extra water in the summertime and far much less within the winter.

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Take notice: Most of the time, jade vegetation die due to improper watering.


Use a commonplace liquid fertilizer at half energy each a number of weeks throughout the rising season (trace: which means spring or summer season). The most effective fertilizers for jade vegetation have a 10-20-10 ratio. The soil needs to be moist earlier than making use of fertilizer to keep away from damaging the roots.


Your jade plant wants well-draining soil. In line with Petal Republic, the perfect mixture is a 2:2:1 mix of cactus potting combine, coarse sand and perlite or pumice. To avoid wasting your self time, you could find a soil that’s been particularly blended for jade vegetation.


Younger jade vegetation needs to be repotted each two or three years, whereas grownup vegetation needs to be repotted each 4 to 5 years within the early spring. Consider: In case you like the scale of your plant, jade vegetation don’t thoughts being root certain.

Frequent Issues With Jade Crops to Keep away from

  • Yellow Leaves: The first reason behind yellow leaves is overwatering or poor drainage. Take into account that jade vegetation don’t like being too moist. Be certain your planter has drainage holes, and also you’re emptying extra water from the saucer.
  • Root rot: Watch out to not overwater your jade plant, as they’re vulnerable to root rot. In case you discover soggy soil or comfortable, squishy leaves (a telltale signal of overwatering), it’s best to repot your jade plant instantly.
  • Shriveled Leaves: This could possibly be an indication of each overwatering and under-watering, however wrinkly and shriveled leaves are doubtless the results of too little water. If the soil is dried out utterly, give your plant a very good watering and the leaves ought to bounce again to well being.
  • Leaf drop: Overwatering or poor drainage can lead to a lack of leaves. Any type of stress to your plant, together with a scarcity of daylight or a sudden drop in temperature, may also be the trigger.
  • Pests: It’s possible you’ll be coping with mealybugs (the probably wrongdoer), root mealybugs, spider mites, scale or aphids. Relying on the insect, you’ll be able to deal with your plant with insecticidal soaps or Neem oil; you may additionally need to take away the little pests by hand, in response to Petal Republic.
    crassula ovata or known as money plant, jade plant or lucky plant

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    Methods to Propagate Your Jade Plant

    In case you’ve by no means propagated a plant earlier than, the jade plant is a good place to start out. There are two easy methods to develop a brand new plant: both from a reducing or a single leaf. To use a reducing, begin with a lower that’s not less than three inches lengthy and permit the reducing to dry out for a couple of days in a heat, dry place. Place the reducing right into a potting combination and water sparingly (the soil ought to solely be damp).

    In case you’d somewhat use a single leaf, or there isn’t a wholesome reducing out there, you can begin by laying wholesome leaves onto your potting combination. As you water the leaves sparingly, they are going to begin to develop roots and, quickly sufficient, tiny vegetation. As soon as there are seen plantlets, you’re able to pot your new plant.

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