Intermittent fasting plus exercise: Helpful or harmful?

Intermittent Fasting (IF) has change into probably the most standard weight reduction methods. However does it actually work? Can it enhance your efforts to shed some pounds and construct lean physique mass? Let’s dive in to see what the analysis says about intermittent fasting and train.

How intermittent fasting works

There are numerous methods to observe intermittent fasting, similar to:

  • 5 days of normal consuming adopted by two days of extreme calorie restriction
  • Alternate-day fasting
  • 24-hour fasting a few times per week
  • Time-restricted consuming, which entails consuming inside a sure window of time and fasting the rest of the day

A preferred time-restricted consuming window is 16/8: fasting happens 16 hours a day with 8 hours to devour meals and snacks. For instance, meals is allowed from 10 AM to six PM and solely water and/or non-caloric drinks are allowed exterior of this window.

The concept is that fewer energy are consumed if there’s much less time to devour them.

The recognition of IF stems from claims of “easy” weight reduction by periodic fasting and different advantages. Analysis has proven help of IF for sustaining weight and enhancing metabolic well being (decreasing blood stress and enhancing blood sugar).

However there are additionally some considerations. Specifically, the necessity to ignore the physique’s starvation cues and the chance of overcompensating meals through the allowed consuming window. Each elements would possibly make intermittent fasting impractical and unsustainable for some. Nonetheless, others might thrive on the construction and discover success with intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting mixed with train

Typically, it isn’t beneficial to start out strenuous exercise whereas actively feeling starvation. Doing so dangers impaired efficiency as a consequence of lowered stamina; dizziness or fainting as a consequence of low blood sugar; and the potential use of the physique’s lean muscle protein as an vitality supply. Analysis helps having a meal or snack earlier than train in order that the physique has vitality to carry out optimally and safely.

Usually, the objective of train is to extend or keep lean physique mass whereas lowering physique fats mass. A evaluate of a number of research exhibits that observe of IF with train did consequence within the basic upkeep of lean physique mass, however notes these had been brief to medium-length research. So, it’s tough to know what the long-term outcomes are.

Of the eight research reviewed, one examine confirmed a slight lower in lean physique mass of its IF individuals whereas the others confirmed basic upkeep (none describe a big improve in lean physique mass).

Due to this fact, the query arises: is the physique able to growing lean physique mass whereas fasting? Maybe not. Give it some thought—the objective of intermittent fasting is to scale back calorie consumption to drive the physique right into a calorie deficit, leading to weight reduction. It turns into tough for the physique to construct lean mass on the identical time it’s breaking down vitality reserves for gas.

Relating to bodily efficiency, analysis exhibits conflicting outcomes. Some research confirmed a unfavourable impact, some confirmed a constructive impact, most confirmed insignificant results indicating impartial or no impact on efficiency.

The decision on intermittent fasting

The underside line is that extra analysis is required to find out the results of IF mixed with train on physique composition, bodily efficiency and as a way of life over an extended time period.

Nonetheless, in case your objective is to scale back physique fats mass and never essentially improve lean physique mass or enhance bodily efficiency, combining IF and train could also be a protected observe for you. It’s merely a matter of private desire—some folks take pleasure in it and others determine it’s not a great match.

For extra assist in deciding on an consuming plan that’s best for you, speak to a registered dietitian.

This text was contributed by dietetic intern Mia Vargas.

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