Is Grey Vaginal Discharge Bad? What are the Causes, Complications and Treatment Options?

Metronidazole: In response to CDC (Centres for Ailments Management and Preventions), metronidazole is the simplest drug of selection in treating bacterial vaginosis.

One can take metronidazole oral pill 500 mg twice a day for 7 days or can use metronidazole intravaginal gel

0.75% for five days. Don’t devour alcohol throughout and for 2-3 days after stopping the treatment for security issues.

Clindamycin: It’s obtainable in numerous preparations reminiscent of oral, ovule, and vaginal cream. Clindamycin intravaginal cream is generally most well-liked in treating bacterial vaginosis. 

Tinidazole: It’s an antiprotozoal agent used to deal with BV. Within the US, tinidazole received current approval for the therapy of BV. It could produce a nasty style within the mouth throughout use.

Secnidazole :Secnidazole is a broad-spectrum nitroimidazole antibiotic. The FDA has lately accredited the one dose of two g secnidazole in granule formation to deal with BV.

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