Kubera Mudra for Wealth: Steps, Duration, and Benefits

Have you ever heard about Yoga Mudras? Yoga hand mudras create superior non secular consciousness by channeling constructive power. They make a proper pranic stability with the assistance of the pre-established hyperlink between the thoughts and totally different components of the physique. Kubera Mudra is a hand mudra that helps you obtain your wishes by harnessing the facility of Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars. The main focus of this Mudra is especially on bodily and non secular prosperity and abundance.

The Hindu demi-god of riches Kubera is the inspiration for the time period Kubera, whereas Mudra means gesture. On this article, now we have mentioned the process to carry out Kubera Mudra intimately. Learn on!

Easy methods to Do Kubera Mudra:

Listed here are the easy steps you want to observe to apply Kubera Mudra on the consolation of your property:


  • Place a yoga mat and sit in sukhasana, padmasana, or vajrasana as per your comfort.
  • Stare upon one level if you happen to hold your eyes open, or you can even shut your eyes.
  • Focus in your breath whereas respiration deeply.
  • If you end up centered with closed eyes, the effectiveness of this Mudra will increase considerably.
  • Now, place your palms in your thighs, palms dealing with the sky.
  • Carry carry the information of the index and center finger to the tip of your Thumb.
  • Ensure that all of the three-fingers are in contact with one another and press ever so flippantly.
  • Your ring finger and little finger ought to curl in direction of the middle of the palm.
  • Keep in mind to carry this finger association in your palms whilst you place them in your thighs.
  • There can be power circulate upwards with the upward-pointing joint of fingertips.
  • All through the entire apply, this course of helps hold your focus by bringing a relaxing sensation.
  • Stay on this place so long as you may or for about 10 to fifteen minutes.
  • Then launch the Mudra slowly, bringing your fingers to a traditional place.

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Finger Association That means:

Using the Thumb, index finger, and center finger kind the Kubera Mudra. It helps channelize the surge of power into the practitioner with the assistance of the planetary qualities talked about beneath.

  • Thumb: This finger has the traits of planet mars, a spot of the hearth aspect. It offers you bodily power, management talents, self-confidence, and braveness with the assistance of this finger.
  • Index finger: This finger has the traits of planet Jupiter which is taken into account auspicious and is the air aspect. Schooling, knowledge, command, spirituality is its helpful traits.
  • Center finger: This finger has the traits of planet Saturn and is the place of ether aspect. It encourages an individual to do Karma and encourages humbleness.

How Lengthy Do You Maintain Kubera Mudra?

If you wish to apply Kubera mudra for manifestation, maintain the pose for about ten to fifteen minutes. Sustaining it for the talked about period of time will hold focus and produce a relaxing sensation.

Greatest Time to Apply Kubera Mudra?

Practising Kubera mudra throughout meditation could be a wonderful strategy to reap the advantages of this Mudra. You possibly can apply this Mudra everytime you need and improve your focus by chanting any mantra.

Though there isn’t a time restriction to apply this Mudra, 4 to six AM is efficient. Subsequently, be certain to apply this Mudra frequently for 2 months for one of the best and environment friendly outcomes.

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Advantages of Kubera Mudra:

The Kubera Mudra is helpful to your well being and promotes prosperity and wealth. Subsequently, now we have offered you with the advantages of performing Kubera Mudra frequently.

1. Balances the Vata in Your Physique:

Kubera Mudra is helpful for individuals who have a deficiency of air aspect or Vata om their physique. It helps enhance mobile capabilities, respiration, controls coronary heart charge. It additionally helps obtain your targets shortly by boosting your focus and creativity.

2. Helps Enhance Circulation of Blood:

Kubera Mudra helps improve the provision of oxygen to your coronary heart, thereby bettering blood circulation. This, in flip, helps present totally different components of the physique with extremely oxygenated blood.

3. Promotes Brainpower:

You possibly can enhance your reminiscence and capitalize on it by practising Kubera Mudra. It additionally helps concentrate on higher productiveness by rising focus.

4. Helps Battle Infections:

Kubera Mudra helps stability the water and earth parts in your physique. This can enable you take care of infections like congestion, intense complications, heaviness, facial ache, blocked nostril, and ear.

5. It Helps with Vitality Movement:

Kubera Mudra improves the trail of power circulate by opening up obstacles. You may also obtain your targets sooner by revitalizing the physique by serving to you entry common power.

Aspect Results of Kubera Mudra:

Kubera Mudra doesn’t have any recognized uncomfortable side effects. Nevertheless, if you happen to nonetheless really feel uncomfortable practising the Kubera Mudra, cease it without delay.

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Together with the Kubera Mudra into your every day routine can carry prosperity and wealth into our lives. It additionally reinstates a way of calm and peace by awakening new power from inside. The perfect factor concerning the Kubera Mudra is you could carry out it anytime. Don’t overlook to tell us if you happen to discovered this text useful!

Disclaimer: The data now we have offered on this article relies on pure analysis and never a alternative for skilled recommendation. In case you are not sure, seek the advice of knowledgeable for steering. The web site is just not chargeable for the authenticity or accuracy of the data.


1. Are there any precautions to take whereas performing Kubera Mudra?

Ans: There aren’t any bodily limitations to practising Kubera Mudra as a result of all you want is a relaxed thoughts.

2. Can anybody apply Kubera Mudra?

Ans: Kubera Mudra could be helpful to your well being in a number of methods. Except you might be restricted, anybody can apply Kubera Mudra.

3. When can we anticipate outcomes whereas practising Kubera Mudra?

Ans: When you put in your finest efforts, the Kubera Mura offers you the facility to attain your targets. Nevertheless, do not forget that this Mudra is just not a miracle and doesn’t offer you instantaneous outcomes.

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