Lauki Juice: Uses, Benefits, Side Effects and More!


Lauki or bottle gourd is taken into account a wholesome vegetable. You may add it to your food regimen for elevated diet . Lauki is scientifically referred to as Lagenaria siceraria and belongs to the household Curcurbitaceae. Lauki vegetable grows in tropical and subtropical nations comparable to India, Srilanka, South Africa, Malaysia and Indonesia.1,2 

Lauki can also be referred to as calabash, doodhi, ghia and kaddu in India. It’s a pale inexperienced vegetable and is a staple in Indian delicacies. Should you don’t like taking lauki straight , you may nonetheless eat the vegetable within the type of recent juice. Lauki juice has a fragile nutty style. It’s a nutrient-packed beverage with naturally accessible antioxidants and minerals. You can also make lauki juice by grinding the vegetable in a juicer after which filtering utilizing a muslin material. You can even protect lauki juice by including basil for as much as six months.1,2 

So, proceed studying to know extra makes use of, well being advantages and unwanted effects of this power-packed beverage. 

Dietary Worth of Lauki juice: 

Lauki can also be referred to as  as white-flowered or calabash gourd. Lauki juice is a densely-packed dietary drink. The juice is low in energy and incorporates round 96% water, making it extraordinarily hydrating.2 The dietary worth of lauki juice is as follows: 

Vitamins Parts  Worth/100 grams 
Vitality  14 kcal 
Carbohydrates  3.39 g 
Fat  0.02 g 
Protein  0.62 g 
Fibre  0.5 g 
Iron  0.2 mg 
Calcium  26 mg 
Sodium  2 mg 
Magnesium  11 mg 
Potassium  150 mg 
Selenium  0.2 µg 
Phosphorus  13 mg 
Zinc  0.7 mg 
Manganese  0.066 mg 
Copper  0.026 mg 
Vitamin C  10.1 mg 
Vitamin B1  0.029 mg 
Vitamin B3  0.32 mg 
Vitamin B2  0.022 mg 
Vitamin B9  6 µg 
Vitamin B6  0.04 mg 
Leucine  0.36 g 
Isoleucine  0.33 g 
Valine  0.27 g 
Lysine  0.021 g 
Arginine  0.014 g 
Desk 1: The dietary worth of lauki juice per 100 grams.3 

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Properties of Lauki juice: 

Lauki juice is a nutrient loaded drink. The important vitamins have many useful actions that may support human well being.2 The properties of lauki juice are as follows: 

  • It could have cooling property 
  • It could act as a laxative (assist digestion) 
  • It could have anti-inflammatory motion 
  • It could have diuretic motion (assist in urination) 
  • It could have analgesic motion (assist in ache) 
  • It could have lipid reducing exercise 
  • It could have blood glucose reducing exercise 
  • It may need anthelmintic properties (assist in parasitic an infection) 
  • It could have an antibacterial impact 
  • It could have anti-tumour exercise 
  • It could act as an antioxidant (assist free radical scavenging) 
  • It could have an immune response suppressing motion 
  • It could assist cut back hypertension.2 

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Potential Makes use of of Lauki juice: 

Lauki has a protracted historical past and was utilized in medicines. Lauki juice is perhaps beneficial for consumption within the common food regimen for all of the vitamins it incorporates.1,2 A few of the potential makes use of of lauki  are described as follows: 

1. Potential makes use of of lauki juice for weight administration 

Lauki juice for weight reduction is perhaps an amazing concept given it’s 96% water!. Lauki vegetable is taken into account a  good choice for weight administration owing its low calorie content material. It’s mentioned that lauki juice would possibly assist trim that further stomach fats. Lauki juice has a really low fats and ldl cholesterol content material and gives a very good quantity of dietary fibre, which can be useful in quickly dropping these further inches.2 

Sadly, the current  research are inadequate to assist this declare. Subsequently, extra research are wanted to assist the potential use of lauki juice for weight administration. Subsequently, it’s preferable to hunt medical recommendation from a physician earlier than consuming lauki juice to maintain a test in your weight. 

2. Potential makes use of of lauki juice for ldl cholesterol 

Lauki juice advantages embrace doubtlessly reducing levels of cholesterol. In keeping with a research by Aslam & Nijam (2013), consuming lauki juice would possibly lower excessive levels of cholesterol, fat and lipid proteins. It may additionally improve the degrees of excellent ldl cholesterol within the physique.. The dietary fibre current in lauki juice could also be useful in reducing ldl cholesterol. The phytochemical saponins present in lauki might improve lipoprotein exercise and will show helpful in eradicating dangerous fatty acids from the blood.1 

Nonetheless, these research aren’t ample. We require extra proof of the advantages of lauki juice in managing levels of cholesterol in people. Subsequently, earlier than utilizing lauki juice for  ldl cholesterol administration food regimen, it is suggested to talk with a physician. 

3. Potential makes use of of lauki juice for blood sugar 

The advantages of lauki juice embrace doubtlessly reducing blood sugar ranges. A research report carried out on animals was revealed in Meals and Performin 2011. It confirmed that consuming lauki juice would possibly decrease blood sugar. Researchers noticed that the antioxidant properties of lauki juice is perhaps useful in regulating blood sugar ranges after a meal. 2 

This data is inadequate as these research aren’t performed on people. Extra research on people are required to again this declare. Subsequently, it’s important to first converse to your physician and solely then have lauki juice as a anti-diabetes medication. 

4. Different potential makes use of of lauki juice 

  • Lauki juice is perhaps useful in acidity and digestion.1 
  • The anti-inflammatory and analgesic  (pain-relieving) properties of lauki juice would possibly make it a very good choice for ache, fever and cough.1 
  • Ingesting one glass of lauki juice every day would possibly assist preserve wholesome hair.1 
  • Contemporary lauki juice has antioxidants that is perhaps useful totally free radicle scavenging.1 
  • Lauki juice has an anthelmintic exercise which will profit in opposition to tapeworm infestation .1 
  • Freshly ready lauki juice might have a cooling impact on the physique.2 
  • Lauki juice would possibly assist produce collagen, a protein vital for tissue energy.2 

Though there are research that present the advantages of lauki juice in several well being situations, this data is inadequate. And therefore, there’s a want for furtherstudies to determine the true extent of the advantages of lauki juice on human well being. Moreover, each particular person might reply in a different way to those herbs. Subsequently, it is very important seek the advice of a physician earlier than utilizing lauki juice for any medical situation. 

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Easy methods to Use Lauki juice? 

The makes use of of lauki juice are as follows: 

  • Lauki juice makes a nutty flavoured refreshing drink. 
  • Lauki juice pulp can be utilized in canned preparations. 
  • Additionally it is used to make jams, jellies and sweets (kheer, pedha).1 

It’s essential to seek the advice of a common doctor earlier than taking any natural dietary supplements. We advise you to not substitute or stop your present drugs with any ayurvedic or natural preparations with out speaking to a doctor or an Ayurvedic physician. They may suggest you essentially the most fascinating technique for its consumption. 

Facet Results of Lauki juice: 

In keeping with the Indian Journal of Gastroenterology and the Indian Journal of Medical Analysis, consuming bitter lauki juice would possibly pose severe unwanted effects.2 

Bitter lauki juice incorporates toxins (cucurbitacins) that may hurt the higher digestive system.4 The commonest unwanted effects of lauki juice are as follows: 

  • Diarrhoea 
  • Belly ache 
  • Bleeding 
  • Extreme vomiting (typically embrace blood) 
  • Irritation 
  • Drop in blood stress 
  • Ulceration all through the digestive tract.2,4 

Nonetheless, should you expertise any of such unwanted effects, search instant medical consideration out of your doctor. They would be the finest information to give you correct therapy. 

Precautions to Take with Lauki juice: 

Ingesting lauki juice in small portions is secure. Nonetheless, common precautions must be adopted. 

  • There’s not ample scientific data at present accessible to think about the secure use of lauki juice for pregnant and breastfeeding ladies. Thus, it is important to seek the advice of a doctor earlier than having it as a herb because it incorporates sure toxins which could have an effect on well being.  
  • One should take further precautions whereas giving it to babies and older folks as a consequence of their low immunity and would possibly develop dangerous reactions. 
  • With out consulting a physician, folks shouldn’t use lauki juice to self-medicate themselves. 

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Interactions With Different Medication: 

There isn’t any scientific proof of the interplay between lauki juice and medicines. Nonetheless, folks shouldn’t presume that there are not any interactions.  

Thus, we suggest you seek the advice of an Ayurvedic doctor. They may advise you  the higher option to have lauki juice as a herb. 

Continuously Requested Questions: 

What are the advantages of lauki juice in being pregnant? 

There’s not sufficient data to verify that lauki juice advantages being pregnant. Subsequently, as a consequence of a scarcity of scientific proof, it’s higher to keep away from lauki juice throughout being pregnant. You can even contact your physician to study extra about this. 

What are the advantages of lauki juice for hair? 

Ingesting lauki juice would possibly assist to keep up wholesome hair.1 Nonetheless, extra research are required to assist this declare. Subsequently, it’s best to take the recommendation of a physician. They may information you together with your hair issues. 

Does lauki juice advantages in sustaining blood sugar? 

Lauki juice would possibly display profit in managing blood sugar ranges. It is because it incorporates antioxidants comparable to vitamin C, which can be useful in regulating the degrees of sugar within the blood.2 Nonetheless, this data will not be sufficient; extra research are required to assist the advantages of lauki juice on human well being. 

Which nutritional vitamins are current in lauki juice?  

Lauki juice incorporates nutritional vitamins comparable to vitamin C, vitamin B2, vitamin B1, vitamin B3, vitamin B9 and vitamin B6. Nutritional vitamins play a necessary position as a possible antioxidant which is perhaps useful in free radical scavenging.2,3 

Which is the potential toxin reported in lauki juice? 

Lauki juice incorporates a possible toxin which is tetracyclic triterpenoid compound referred to as cucurbitacins, which can be chargeable for the bitter style and toxicity.4 Thus, taking precautions earlier than having lauki juice is essential, or it’d result in unwanted effects on well being. 


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Disclaimer: The knowledge included at this web site is for instructional functions solely and isn’t supposed to be an alternative choice to medical therapy by a healthcare skilled. Due to distinctive particular person wants, the reader ought to seek the advice of their doctor to find out the appropriateness of the knowledge for the reader’s scenario.


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