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The mere point out of the phrase citrus brings to thoughts pictures of oranges and lemons! Lemon, in reality, is scientifically often known as Citrus limon! It belongs to the household Rutaceae andis an evergreen shrub with yellow citrus fruits that style and scent refreshing. Lemons are native to the Northern areas of India and are largely produced by the USA, China, Argentina, Spain, Italy and Brazil.1 

Lemon fruits have been generally utilized in Indian conventional drugs for his or her helpful dietary and pharmaceutical properties. Because the title suggests, lemon water is heat or chilly water containing lemon juice or slices of lemons. Lemon fruit is usually referred to as lemon in English, Le citron in French, Zitrone in German, Ningmeng in Chinese language, and Limon in Spanish.1,2 

Add it to your morning tea or make chilly lemonade for these sizzling summer season afternoons; both means, a lemon would possibly aid you construct immunity. Let’s learn alongside to know extra about the advantages of lemon water and the way it can assist you keep more healthy. 

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Dietary Worth of Lemon: 

The dietary worth of 1 slice of lemon is given as follows. Add lemon slices to water and you’ve got lemon water that has all the identical vitamins: 

Dietary parts  Worth 
Carbohydrates  0.746 g 
Proteins   0.088 g 
Sugars  0.2 g 
Fat  0.024 g 
Fibres   0.224 g 
Vitality  2.32 kcal 
Calcium  2.08 mg 
Magnesium   0.64 mg 
Sodium  0.16 mg 
Potassium  11 mg 
Iron  0.048 mg 
Phosphorus   1.28 mg 
Zinc   0.005 mg 
Selenium   0.032 µg  
Copper   0.03 mg 
Vitamin C   4.24 mg 
Vitamin B1  0.003 mg 
Vitamin B2  0.002 mg 
Vitamin B3  0.008 mg 
Vitamin B9  0.88 µg  
Vitamin A  0.08 µg 
Choline  0.408 mg 
β carotene  0.24 µg 
Vitamin E  0.012 mg 
α carotene  0.08 µg 
Desk 1: The dietary worth of 1 slice of lemon.3 

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Properties of Lemon water: 

The organic actions of lemon are due to its excessive content material of phenolic compounds.1 The properties of lemon water are: 

  • It could work as an antioxidant 
  • It may need an anti-inflammatory impact  
  • It could assist in decreasing microbial an infection 
  • It could be useful in parasitic infections 
  • It could assist to combat allergic reactions 
  • It would assist decrease blood sugar ranges 
  • It could assist in weight administration1 

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Potential Makes use of of Lemon water: 

Lemon has been used for ages for the administration of varied ailments.4 The potential makes use of of lemon water are as follows: 

1. Potential Makes use of of lemon water for weight problems 

Lemon water may be a  refreshing antioxidant drink that will profit  weight reduction as a consequence of citric acid, an important fats burner. Consuming heat lemon water may be an efficient methodology of decreasing physique weight. Consuming lemon water within the morning could assist  in pure weight reduction; it could additionally improve  the physique temperature, thus boosting the metabolic fee.4,5 

A latest examine by Samundy et al. 2016 involving chubby ladies as contributors discovered that ingesting heat lemon water diminished weight together with the waist circumference. It additionally confirmed a discount in physique mass index.5 

Nevertheless, extra research are required to know the consequences of lemon water on weight administration in folks. 

2. Potential Makes use of of lemon water for the digestive system 

Lemons could help  within the digestion course of.  Lemon water would possibly stimulate the digestive system to make digestive juices, bile and acids that may be useful to  break down giant meals molecules. It additionally could improve  the sequence of wave-like muscular contractions within the gut which may assist enhance digestion.4 

Extra research on people are required to ascertain the constructive impact of lemon water on digestive system to make sure. 

3. Potential Makes use of of lemon water for pores and skin 

Lemon water could have important antioxidant and antibiotic properties. Lemon water could also be useful in rejuvenating the pores and skin by protecting it shiny and away from infections and odours. Lemon slices or juice could also be scrubbed on the pores and skin to take away useless cells or utilized to rashes and bruises.4 

Lemon merchandise may need a constructive impact on acne-prone pores and skin that’s broken as a consequence of sunburn. The antioxidant properties of lemon water may be helpful in beauty preparations. It would assist handle oxidative stress, and the exterior software may also improve collagen (protein) manufacturing, making the pores and skin smoother and extra agency.1 

Extra scientific proof is required to substantiate the impact of lemon water on human pores and skin. 

4. Potential Makes use of of lemon water for urinary issues 

Lemon water incorporates important vitamins equivalent to vitamin C, potassium and flavonoids. These vitamins would possibly assist detoxify, take away the poisonous substances from the physique, and cease the buildup of uric acid within the urinary  system. The disinfectant properties of lemon water would possibly assist to clear infections from the urinary tract and likewise would possibly assist to cease the deposition of calcium within the urinary tract.4 

Extra scientific analysis is required to know the constructive results of lemon water on our well being. It is best to all the time seek the advice of a certified physician earlier than taking any ayurvedic dietary supplements. Please don’t substitute or discontinue any ongoing drugs with any ayurvedic preparation with out consulting a health care provider first. 

5. Different Potential Makes use of of lemon water 

  • Lemon water would possibly assist heal wounds and ulcers of the digestive and excretory system as a consequence of its vitamin C content material. It additionally would possibly assist clear up signs associated to piles.4 
  • Lemon water incorporates vitamin C which may be useful with bleeding gum associated to scurvy, a vitamin C deficiency.  
  • As well as, its antioxidant mechanism fights the free radicals and should assist  in eye care.4 
  • Consuming lemon water may be useful to beat the uneasy feeling of nausea.4 
  • Lemon water helpsmanage cholera, tiredness, and excessive fever.4 
  • Sipping on lemon water could also be helpful in cough, widespread chilly, sore throat.1 

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The right way to Use Lemon Water? 

Lemons are zero calorie and tremendous wholesome.1 Lemon water can be utilized within the following methods to make your days extra vibrant and meals extra enjoyable: 

  • Lemon water is a uncooked ingredient that can be utilized in making lemonades and different mushy drinks. Additionally it is utilized in salad dressing, and sauces.1 
  • Lemon water may be consumed as it’s or combined with some honey or ginger for an additional zing.1 

Aspect Results of Lemon water: 

Analysis has confirmed some well being advantages of lemon water, but hardly ever folks would possibly expertise unwanted effects. Lemon water incorporates acids which can be dangerous to the tooth enamel. Aside from this, no main examine reviews unwanted effects of lemon water in people .2,4 

Nevertheless, if any unfavourable reactions are noticed, instantly contact an Ayurvedic doctor who will present the right steering and deal with you appropriately. 

Precautions to Take With Lemon water: 

Lemon water is taken into account to be secure when taken in average dosages. Nevertheless, common precautions need to be adopted. 

  • There’s inadequate details about the  secure use of lemon water throughout being pregnant. Nevertheless, if uncommon signs seem, instantly seek the advice of an Ayurvedic doctor. 
  • Concentrated lemon juice could trigger tooth enamel decay, so precautions have to be taken to keep away from such issues. Additionally it is advisable to dilute the lemon juice with water first after which use it.2 

Interactions With Different Medicine: 

In line with the American Meals and Drug Administration (FDA),   extracts of lemon are labeled as secure merchandise. 

There’s not sufficient details about the interplay of lemon water with any drug. Nevertheless, this doesn’t imply no interactions can happen. We advocate you all the time seek the advice of your Ayurvedic physician to remain secure. 

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Regularly Requested Questions: 

What are the disadvantages of lemon water? 

Lemon water is secure when consumed in diluted kind. In any other case, concentrated citric acids in lemon could harm the tooth enamel.2 

What’s scurvy, and the way does lemon water assist? 

Scurvy is a illness brought on due to the deficiency of vitamin C. It’s related to infections like chilly and cough, cracked lips,  ulcers within the mouth and swollen and bleeding gums. Lemons are supply of vitamin C and should present the important vitamins wanted by the physique.4 

Does lemon water assist in constipation? 

Sure. Lemon water with salt would possibly act as an laxative and should assist  relieve constipation. Nevertheless, these research are inadequate to substantiate the helpful results of lemon water on people.4 

Does lemon water assist in dehydration? 

Sure. Consuming lemon water every day within the morning would possibly assist  enhance the physique system and maintain you hydrated with all of the important nutritional vitamins wanted by the physique. Nevertheless, this data is inadequate to substantiate the impact of lemon on dehydration.2 

What nutritional vitamins are current in lemon water 

Lemon water incorporates vitamin B1, B3, B2, B9, C, A, and vitamin E.3 


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Disclaimer: The knowledge included at this website is for academic functions solely and isn’t meant to be an alternative choice to medical remedy by a healthcare skilled. Due to distinctive particular person wants, the reader ought to seek the advice of their doctor to find out the appropriateness of the data for the reader’s state of affairs.

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