Lip Moisturizer vs. Lip Balm: What’s The Difference?

Some lip balms additionally include shimmery or plumping brokers for aesthetic functions solely, whereas a lip moisturizer will usually skip these substances (once more, their important goal is to deal with, nicely, moisture). Lastly, different lip-enhancing formulation embrace energetic substances like salicylic acid or peptides; these would fall extra below the “lip therapy” umbrella, since they’re meant to deal with numerous lip considerations (like, say, lip strains). 

All that to say, there’s a ton of vocab on the subject of lip merchandise, and it does not actually matter what you name a particular formulation, as long as it’s one that you just love. However in the event you’re on the hunt for a brand new lippie, you would possibly wish to maintain these distinctions in thoughts: In case your lips are begging for extra moisture, be certain the balm really has a mix of high quality hydrators—different (doubtlessly irritating) substances could solely worsen the chap. 

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