List of 25 Best Types of Fruits We Eat (Names and Pics)

Fruits are one in all nature’s bountiful presents to mankind. They’re juicy, scrumptious and full of dietary goodness to assist us get pleasure from a wholesome and completely happy life. The fascinating half about this meals group? There are a lot of varieties of fruits that are available a wide range of shapes, sizes and flavours to tickle our style buds and enhance our bodily and psychological well-being.

On this article, we will delve deep into the topic of the completely different sorts of fruits, their properties and 25 most popularly consumed fruits internationally. Earlier than you get able to sink in your tooth into these scrumptious treats, it’s essential to learn these fascinating info to understand these humble fruits much more!

What’s a Fruit and Its Varieties?

A fruit is a product of the tree that bears seeds and is consumed as a meals for its candy, edible flesh. They are often eaten in a uncooked kind as an entire or cooked right into a stew, juiced, diced and even dried and frozen types. Technically, even avocadoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash and different sweet-tasting greens can be handled as fruits.

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What are All of the Completely different Sorts of Fruits?

Fruits are divided into teams relying on the variety of ovaries they’ve developed from. Listed here are a number of the main classifications of fruits to learn about:

Easy Fruits:

Easy fruits are these that are developed from the only ovary or one pistil of a flower. They’re additional divided into dry and fleshy, the place dry fruits could be dehiscent or indehiscent and fleshy ones could be semi pericarp or full.

  • Examples of straightforward fruits embody fleshy fruits like apples, cherries, plums or dry ones like hazelnuts, walnuts and so on.

Combination Fruits:

Most of these fruits are developed from a number of ovaries of a single flower. They’re categorized into follicles, achenes, drupelets, berries and likewise known as compound fruits.

  • Examples: Custard Apple, Raspberry, Blackberry and so on.

A number of Fruits:

These fruits are developed from a cluster of flowers, which merge to grow to be one giant fruit.

  • Examples: Pineapple, Breadfruit, Figs, Mulberry and so on.

Accent Fruits:

Accent fruits are additionally known as pseudo fruits or false fruits, because the edible flesh is just not solely developed from the ovary of the flower, but additionally from a non-ovarian tissue residing adjoining to the carpel.

  • Examples: Strawberry, Fig, Apple, Stone Fruit and so on.

What are the Numerous Classes Of Fruits?

Within the above part, you’ve gotten learnt in regards to the varieties of fruits divided primarily based on their formation, allow us to now perceive the categorization of fruits primarily based on the bodily construction and the seeds.


It’s a easy, dry indehiscent fruit that’s developed from a single ovary and has a skinny and closed wall across the single seed.

  • Examples: Strawberry, Sunflower Seeds (the precise edible half is technically a fruit), Buckwheat and so on.


It’s a fleshy fruit that incorporates many seeds inside and a comfortable or exhausting overlaying on the skin.

  • Examples: Kiwi, Watermelon, Cranberries, Ardour Fruit, Grapes, Papaya, Bananas and Tomatoes


It’s a sort of fruit that’s seen in cereals and grasses and is a dry, single fruit through which the ovary wall joins the outer seed coating.

  • Examples: Corn, Rice, Barley, Rye, Oats and different grassy crops


Additionally known as the stone fruit, this number of fruit belongs to the indehiscent sort. It has a tough pit containing a seed current on the within and surrounded by a comfortable, fleshy mass on the skin.

  • Examples: Peach, Cherry, Coconut, Mango, Plum, Olive and so on.


A legume is a dry, dehiscent fruit that’s often lengthy in dimension and incorporates many seeds inside. These seeds are launched when the fruit is cut up vertically alongside the 2 seams.

  • Examples: Peas, Beans, Tamarind and Peanuts


A nut is technically a dry fruit, that has a tough, wood-like outer overlaying and is mostly inedible. Inside this shell is an edible, single seed.

  • Examples: Chestnuts, Hazelnuts, Acorns and Beechnuts

25 Completely different Sorts of Fruits and their Names with Photos:

After that dose of botanical information, we needed to offer you an perception into the attribute properties of a number of the frequent sorts of fruits with photos and names:

1. Apple:

Among the many many fruit classes, apples prime the charts when it comes to recognition. An Apple is a juicy and edible fruit of the apple tree, scientifically known as the Malus Domestica. It has its roots in Central Asia and now unfold to many international locations that domesticate many sorts of apples. These are grown from flowers and have a number of seeds inside them, that are the one inedible components of the fruit.

The dimensions of apples varies from 2 to 4 inches in diameter and completely different colours like yellow, crimson and inexperienced can be found out there. Relying on the acidity degree of the fruit, apples have a candy to bitter style. They’re consumed as entire fruits, reduce fruits, juices, pies and different desserts.

2. Banana:

Banana is a tropical fruit, famend for its dietary goodness. It belongs to the Musaceae household and is botanically a berry, resulting from a number of seeds inside it. The fruit comes with an outer cowl, which when peeled reveals a mushy, white flesh. Each the ripe and unripe kinds of fruits are edible, with candy and starchy-tart tastes respectively.

Bananas can be found simply in most international locations and likewise one of many cheap fruits on the planet. They’re used for making chips, milkshakes, muffins and different culinary delights.

3. Mango:

Mango, the “King of the fruits” is a drupe fruit that grows in tropical areas. It has yellow-coloured tangy pulp, with a singular flavour and perfume. Mango belongs to the Anacardiaceae household and is offered solely in summers. Relying on the variety-the form, color, texture of pulp and the style varies drastically. The unripe mango could be very bitter and because the fruit ripens, the sugar ranges rise so as to add sweetness. Mangoes are wealthy in Vitamin C, antioxidants and different key vitamins, making it probably the most dietary sorts of fruits on the planet.

4. Orange:

Orange is a citrus fruit that’s loaded with vitamins like Vitamin C. They’re spherical in form, with a greenish to orange colour leathery, outer pores and skin. When this layer is peeled, the fruit reveals small bean-shaped segments which have skinny skins, juicy pulp and bitter seeds. It has a bitter to candy and tangy style, relying on the stage of ripening.

Orange juice is a broadly consumed well being drink throughout the globe and even the entire fruit is equally widespread. The peel is used as an fragrant agent in desserts and even in cosmetics for its skin-tightening properties.

5. Papaya:

Papaya is one other tropical fruit that’s native to Mexico and Central America. The scientific identify of Papaya is Carica Papaya and can also be known as Paw Paw. It’s a pretty large-sized fruit with orangish candy pulp and lots of tiny, black seeds inside. Papaya fruits are often cylindrical in form and the dimensions can transcend 20 inches. These so known as “unique” sort of fruits are actually generally seen in scorching international locations like India. Together with the mushy, ripe ones, Unripe papayas are additionally consumed within the type of salads and curries.

6. Watermelon:

Watermelon is a well-liked summer season fruit that may now loved all year long, because of hybridization. It belongs to the household of Cucurbitaceae and grows on a vine that often crawls on the bottom. The massive-sized fruit is often oval in form with a tough, greenish outer cowl, known as rind and a crimson, juicy flesh with tiny, black seeds inside. Watermelon consists of 92 % water and vital quantities of Nutritional vitamins and antioxidants. It may be had as a reduce fruit or within the type of refreshing juice.

7. Kiwi:

Kiwi, additionally known as the Chinese language Gooseberry is initially from the Newzealand. It belongs to the household of Actinidiaceae and has a fuzzy, brown outer cowl that resembles the brown feathers of a Kiwi fowl. The within consists of translucent inexperienced flesh that incorporates many black seeds. This pulp is nice and mildly acidic, relying on the ripening stage.

One other shocking reality about Kiwi is that there are roughly 50 kinds of this fruit rising internationally, which come in numerous colours, traits and flavours. The favored amongst them are seedless kiwi, {smooth} kiwi, brown, crimson pores and skin kiwi, golden yellow kiwi and so on.

8. Grapes:

Grapes are probably the most broadly grown varieties of fruits on the planet, mainly for the making of various wines. They belong to the Vitaceae and are recognized to be one of many oldest cultivated crops within the historical past of mankind. The fruits develop as clusters on vines and are often candy, bitter or tangy. They’ll both be spherical or oval in form and are available as each seeded and seedless varieties. The generally out there colours of grapes are inexperienced, crimson and purple, that are consumed as entire fruits, within the type of juices or as fermented variations (wines).

9. Guava:

Guava is a tropical number of fruit that’s native to Mexico, Central America and different heat international locations. The frequent guava grows on a small tree that belongs to the Myrtaceae household and has both pink or white-coloured flesh. The outer pores and skin is bitter tasting and thick, darkish inexperienced for uncooked fruits and because the fruit ripens, the bitterness subsides. Inside, there’s a candy or sour-tasting pulp that incorporates tiny, edible seeds. Guava is consumed within the type of juice, reduce fruit, entire fruit and likewise to mix it together with spirits in cocktails.

10. Pineapple:

Pineapple is one other widespread sort of fruit grown is many tropical international locations and is initially from South America. Every pineapple is grown from many unpollinated flowers of the plant, making it a a number of fruit. Though the plant is perennial, it produces solely fruit per season and after it’s reduce, the facet shoots across the base are cultivated for future produce. The sharp, spiky outer pores and skin and the “Crown” are inedible. As soon as chopped, the internal flesh could be consumed within the type of juice or reduce fruit.

11. Strawberry:

Strawberry is a luscious, crimson fruit grown on crops belonging to the Rose or Rosaceae household. Technically, strawberry is just not a berry, because the seeds are grown on the skin and don’t come from a single ovary. A median-sized strawberry has about 200 seeds on its outer floor and are fairly edible. The height cultivating season is spring, throughout which strawberries are handpicked and saved in packing containers. They’re extremely perishable sorts of fruits and require delicate dealing with. The style of the fruit will depend on the climate situations and the stage of ripening.

12. Plum:

Plums are drupe or stone fruits that belong to the Prunus genus. There are nearly 40 sorts of fruits on this selection, however the widespread ones are – the crimson and the deep purple plums, which have candy and juicy flesh inside. They develop on small timber or shrubs and a few of them require one other plum tree to be planted subsequent to them to supply fruits. Aside from Antarctica, nearly each nation cultivates a neighborhood number of plums and ideally develop in temperate zones.

13. Pear:

A pear is one other sweet-tasting fruit that comes from the household of Rosaceae. Additionally it is one of many oldest cultivated varieties of fruits on the planet and is taken into account to be the “reward from the Gods” by the traditional Greeks. Pear timber are medium-sized and sometimes develop in gentle temperate international locations like Europe, Asia and North Africa. The internal flesh of those fruits include edible seeds known as the stone cells and the outer pores and skin is barely coarse in texture. There are about 3000 kinds of pears, which come in numerous sizes, shapes, colours and tastes.

14. Melon:

The phrase Melon refers to many sorts of fruits that belong to the Cucurbitaceae household. There are greater than 30 various kinds of melons cultivated in numerous components of the world and fluctuate in dimension, texture, colour, form and flavour profile. The favored amongst them are watermelon, casaba, cantaloupe, honeydew melon and so on. Yubari King melon, that grows solely in a small Japanese city is the costliest melons of the world. Melons have excessive water content material with juicy, candy or neutral-tasting pulp and loads of seeds inside, making them berries in botanical phrases.

15. Lychee:

Lychee or Litchi belongs to the soapberry household and is the one member within the Litchi genus. It’s an fragrant fruit selection that grows in clusters of two to 30 numbers in every. Lychee has a tough, red-coloured outer pores and skin that resembles strawberry pores and skin and is straightforward to peel off. Inside the quilt is a white, jelly-like flesh that’s full of candy juice. The core has a black seed that’s not edible and with hybridization, the dimensions has shrunk drastically. Litchi is consumed as an entire fruit or within the type of juice.

16. Jackfruit:

Jackfruit is among the largest kinds of fruits on the planet and is grown in tropical international locations like India. A median jackfruit can attain upto 2 ft in size and 15-18kgs in weight. The outer pores and skin is spiky and hard to take away. As soon as it’s slit open, the within of the fruit has stringy core with a number of bulbs of seeds. Together with the bulbs, the seeds and even the outer pores and skin (when tender) could be consumed after cooking. In latest occasions, uncooked jackfruit is used as a meat substitute ingredient due to its similarity to the feel and style of pulled pork.

17. Grapefruit:

A Grapefruit is a tropical fruit that belongs to the citrus kinds of fruits like orange and lime. It’s a spherical, medium-sized fruit that incorporates reddish-pink pulp, which may style anyplace between bitter, bitter or mildly candy. The phrase ‘Grapefruit’ is derived from the way in which they develop like clusters of grapes. This scrumptious fruit is loaded with vitamins like Vitamin C and is often had for breakfast in lots of international locations. It’s consumed both within the type of juice or as deseeded segments.

18. Cherry:

Cherry is a drupe fruit that belongs to the household of prunus fruit varieties. There are two main varieties of Cherries cultivated commercially – The bitter cherries and the candy cherries. The Bitter cherries are used for cooking and have tarty style resulting from excessive acidic content material. The Candy cherries are fairly widespread in lots of international locations, the place they’re had as an entire or within the type of juice. Cherries develop solely in colder climates and can’t survive in tropical areas.

19. Blueberry:

Blueberries are small, spherical berries that get their identify from the bluish, purple pores and skin. They belong to the genus of Vaccinium which has members like cranberry, huckleberry and so on. Blueberries are native to Northern America and develop on small shrubs. Every berry has a dimension of 5-16 mm, with a crown on prime and a flat base. When ripened, the berries style very candy with gentle acidity. The harvest time is between Could to August and Peru is the biggest exporter of those fruits worldwide.

20. Blackberry:

Blackberry is among the edible fruits that belong to the household of Rosaceae. They develop in temperate areas of nations like Asia, America and Europe. Every fruit is fabricated from a cluster of tiny drupe fruits that include a small edible seed inside. In comparison with the opposite varieties of fruits within the household, Blackberries have low fructose degree and provide many key vitamins to the physique. They’ll consumed as entire fruits or as juice.

21. Apricot:

Apricot is among the members of the Prunus household or the household of drupe fruits. These candy, edible fruits have a yellow or reddish-orange shade on the inside and outside is a yellow-coloured flesh. The stone or the seed current inside is very poisonous and have to be discarded. Every fruit sometimes grows to a 3 cm to eight cm in size, relying on the range. Dried Apricots, known as Prunes are extremely nutritious and glorious sources of iron.

22. Dragon Fruit:

Dragon fruit, additionally known as Pitaya belongs to the cactus household and is native to America. It has a vibrant pink colored pores and skin with a leathery texture and scaly spikes on the floor. Inside this elliptical fruit is a white-coloured flesh that has gentle candy or bitter style and tiny black seeds that appear to be dots. The bodily look resembles that of a Kiwi, however the flavour profile is completely different. This fruit is consumed in uncooked kind, as reduce fruit, juice or within the type of sorbets.

23. Avocado:

Avocadoes are often categorized as greens, however in technical phrases, they’re fruits. They belong to the household of Lauraceae and are native to Mexico. Every fruit sometimes has a inexperienced to black colored, tough outer pores and skin, relying on the stage of ripening. Inside, the flesh is gentle greenish or gentle yellow with a buttery consistency. Guacamole is a well-liked dish made with Avocado and the opposite types of consuming this fruit embody salads and smoothies.

24. Peach:

One other widespread sort of fruit within the Prunus household is the Peach. It’s grown in temperate areas and requires hotter climate to outlive. Peach grows from a single ovary and has a reddish, yellow outer cowl. The within flesh could be very fragrant and has a white or yellow colour. The middle stone is inedible and has the pulp firmly connected to it. Whereas peaches have fuzzy pores and skin, the smooth-skinned varieties are known as Nectrines. These fruits are sometimes consumed as an entire or within the type of juice.

25. Ardour Fruit:

Ardour fruit is a aromatic, tropical fruit that’s loaded with Vitamin A and Vitamin C. There are greater than 100 varieties of fruits on this species grown in numerous components of the world. Of those, the yellow and purple varieties are cultivated for business functions. Ardour fruit is spherical to oval in form and has a diameter of about 4 to eight inches. When the robust outer shell is slit, the within has a light-weight yellow or orange colour pulp with many dark-coloured edible seeds.

So, that’s about a number of the many varieties of fruits recognized to us! There are a lot of such fascinating fruits that are available distinctive shapes, sizes and tastes, together with providing a cartload of well being advantages to us. Make sure you get pleasure from them of their peak harvest season and admire the wonders of nature!

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