List of 70 Best Lord Perumal Names

Newborns are similar to new beginnings in our household. We see them as blessings from the almighty and need proper for them. Few dad and mom even want naming their child, which symbolizes God. In case you are pondering in these strains, these Lord Vishnu child names for girls and boys might help. We’ve got labored our leg and compiled one of the best of trending, common, significant Lord Vishnu child names, only for you!

From conventional ones to trendy and distinctive identify selections, we’ve all of them. Let’s examine the distinctive names of Lord Vishnu.

Lord Vishnu Impressed Youngster Names for Boys and Ladies:

These Lord Vishnu child names are perfect for the infants born on this era and wish to have a standard which means to their identify. Our solutions for essentially the most well-known and beautiful child names associated to Lord Vishnu are for each girls and boys.

Lord Vishnu Child Boy Names:

We’ve got ample selections for child boys coming to the names record impressed by our favourite Lord Vishnu. They’re a mix of each conventional and historical identify selections and trendy and complicated pretty identify concepts. Relying in your selection, you possibly can see one of the best match to your little star. Let’s get going and examine the infant names of Lord Vishnu with which means out.

1. Aashrit:

Aashrit means ruler. Lord Vishnu is taken into account among the many major important gods in Hindu mythology, and he’s thought of a ruler and protector. So the identify Aashrit could be each supreme, distinctive, and in addition stunning for the infant boy.

2. Achyut:

Achyut means indestructible or imperishable. The truth is, the identify once more echoes Lord Vishnu very effectively and is a stunning brief and trendy child boy identify concept.

3. Adeep:

Adeep is a really new and barely discovered identify for child boys. It means Gentle of the Lord Vishnu. This is a perfect choose for new child infants and trendy dad and mom who desire a significant and fully new identify concept.

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4. Adhrit:

Adhrit identify means somebody who helps and all the time protects others. Lord Vishnu is taken into account the protector of the universe and has taken many varieties a number of instances for the general good and beat evil. The identify Adhrit completely echoes Vishnu’s blessing.

5. Ajan:

Ajan within the Sanskrit language means Love from Lord Vishnu. It’s a four-letter cute and brief, candy child boy identify with such intense which means. That is our favourite amongst Lord Vishnu’s names for child boy.

6. Akshar:

Akshar means somebody who’s immortal or eternal. The identify not directly symbolizes Lord Vishnu and is a stunning trendy but significant identify selection.

7. Amitash:

Amitash is a well-liked modern-day identify for child boys, largely noticed in North India. The identify Amitash within the Hindi language means omnipresent. It is also one other identify for our God Vishnu. That is common amongst Lord Vishnu names for child boy, beginning with A.

8. Anant:

Anant means limitless. It additionally means infinite. The identify could be seen as a symbolism for our God, Vishnu. It’s trending one proper now amongst Vishnu sahasranamam names record for child boy.

9. Anish:

Anish is once more getting as a classy and well-known identify today within the twenty first century. The identify Anish means supreme being. One can affiliate the identify which means to our Lord Vishnu simply.

10. Bhavesh:

Bhavesh means somebody who guidelines all the world. The identify is already well-known and effectively discovered generally and in addition related to our Lord’s identify.

11. Chakradhar:

Chakradhar means an individual who carries chakra. That is none aside from God Vishnu. It’s a very conventional, outdated, and but timeless identify selection for child boys. The names are a preferred selection for child boys within the Telugu language for Lord Vishnu.

12. Devesh:

Devesh means Lord of all of the lords. Lord Vishnu himself took a number of avatars and varieties to defeat the evil in our mythologies.

13. Dharesh:

Dharesh means God of all the Earth, and the identify is used to represent God Vishnu. It’s considered one of our favourite child boy names.

14. Durjay:

Durjay means the one that can’t be defeated or conquered. Lord Vishnu all the time emerged victoriously and is the one who can by no means be defeated in what he goals at.

15. Hari:

Hari identify is once more a prevalent selection, which suggests almighty. One can affiliate the symbolism and identify which means to God Vishnu rapidly.

16. Hemang:

Hemang means somebody who has a golden or shimmery physique. The identify associates and not directly means Lord Vishnu.

17. Inesh:

Inesh means robust or highly effective chief or ruler.

18. Jagadish:

Jagadish once more is a widespread identify for child boys, particularly in south Indian states. The identify means ruler of the world, which is derived from two phrases, Jagat and Ish. This may be related to God Vishnu.

19. Janardhan:

Janardhan is once more a well-known and traditional identify selection for child boys, which suggests our personal Lord.

20. Jayant:

Jayant or Jayanth all the time means victorious individual. That is once more a contemporary and trendy child boy identify for new-gen infants.

21. Jishnu:

Jishnu is one other identify immediately for Lord Vishnu, which suggests victorious one. This can be a common but modern-day child boy identify selection for Hindus.

22. Keshava:

Keshava means somebody who has lengthy, shiny, stunning hair. This may be related to Lord Vishnu, Brahma, and Siva, who’re Lord of creation and substance. This can be a common and really conventional child identify selection.

23. Loknath:

Loknath means Lord Vishnu, who’s above everybody else in the entire world. That is once more a really stunning but typical and historical identify, which is timeless. It may be the precise selection for folks who need an intense and conventional identify for his or her child boys.

24. Madhusudan:

Madhusudan is the destroyer of the demon Madhu. The identify symbolizes Lord Krishna and Lord Vishnu in it.

25. Murthy:

Murthy merely means an idol or statue of God. The identify could be understood as any God’s idol and largely can symbolize and affiliate with our God Vishnu Ji.

26. Narsimha:

Narsimha identify itself means God Narsimha, the lion God. Nevertheless, he’s the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu.

27. Narayan:

Narayan is once more one other well-known identify, particularly in Telugu and Tamil languages for child boys. The identify not directly symbolizes Lord Vishnu. This Lord Vishnu and Narayana names for child boy beginning with N is a ravishing conventional child boy names concept.

28. Nikesh:

Nikesh is a modern-day pretty cute child boy identify, which suggests the infinite individual. This names of Vishnu for child boy which means is none aside from our God.

29. Pramod:

Pramod is widespread amongst names in Telugu and in addition Hindi languages; it means delight or smile. The identify is impressed by Lord Vishnu and Krishna Ji.

30. Rakshan:

Rakshan is somebody who’s a protector or guard. This identify is impressed by Lord Vishnu, who is understood to be the protector of the universe.

31. Reyaansh:

Reyaansh means a part of lord Vishnu’s soul. The identify additionally implies solar rays or a part of the daylight. This can be a very trendy, trendy, and delightful identify for child boys on this era.

32. Rishik:

Rishik means rays of the solar. The identify is not directly associates with our Lord. It’s a distinctive one amongst Lord Vishnu names for child boy, beginning with R.

33. Rohin:

Rohin is solely one other identify for God Vishnu Ji. The identify is principally seen within the North Indian states. Nevertheless, it’s unusual and barely discovered. The time period additionally means rising or climbing.

34. Samarjit:

Samarjit means the winner of all of the battles. The identify additionally means victorious individual. The identify is impressed by our very personal Lord.

35. Shatrughan:

Shatrugan or Shatrughan means destroyer of all of the enemies. This identify is one other common identify given to Lord Vishnu himself.

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36. Shreeman:

Shreeman is a really conventional identify meaning respectable or auspicious. The identify echoes and symbolises Lord Vishnu. That is additionally a classy one amongst Lord Perumal names for child boy in Tamil.

37. Srinivas:

Srinivas is the abode of Goddess Lakshmi, which is none aside from Lord Vishnu. The identify additionally could be spelt as Shrinivas.

38. Taran:

Taran is a brief and cute trendy child boy identify selection for Hindu infants. It means heaven, thunder, and lightweight. All of them could be simply related to Lord Vishnu.

39. Trilokesh:

Trilokesh means God of all three worlds. This can be a very typical identify selection symbolizing our personal favourite God.

40. Trivikram:

Trivikram is one other identify for God Vishnu. It means the individual whose strides coated all the universe and earth. It’s a very conventional and traditional but significant child boy identify concept.

41. Upendra:

Upendra means the brother of Lord Indra, who’s Lord Vishnu.

42. Varun:

Varun means solar. The identify additionally means shining one. It’s an already well-known and common identify however can be related to our God Vishnu.

43. Vasu:

Vasu is a brief and but very well-known and identified child boy identify. It means wealth, invaluable, and a gem. The identify is related to God Vishnu.

44. Venkat:

Venkat means divine and current. This identify is symbolic of Lord Vishnu as effectively.

45. Viresh:

Viresh means a courageous lord. The identify is symbolic of our favourite God and is a standard and well-known child boy identify selection.

46. Vishruth:

Vishruth means somebody who’s daring and well-known. The identify sounds trendy and chic and could be a super child boy identify.

47. Visvakarma:

Viswakarma or Vishvakama means the creator of all the universe. The identify is symbolic of Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu. This can be a very historical and conventional child boy identify selection once more.

48. Visva:

Visva or Vishvam is once more one other identify meaning world or universe. It’s a well-known and but traditional identify selection for child boys.

49. Vithal:

Vithal is one other identify for God Vishnu. The identify additionally means somebody who brings prosperity and auspiciousness.

50. Yajnesh:

Yajnesh means Lord of worship. The identify could be related to a number of gods and goddesses.

Lord Vishnu Child Lady Names:

We even have a set of solutions for ladies impressed by God’s symbolic names. These Lord Vishnu names for child woman are thought of auspicious and in addition intense and conventional in meanings. Here’s a few set of identify concepts and selections for the infant woman names.

51. Dyuti:

Dyuti means daylight and sunshine. The identify additionally means rays of solar and splendour. The identify is trendy and in addition candy and barely discovered.

52. Nivriti:

Nivriti means bliss and blessing from God. It’s a conventional but not often discovered child woman identify. Lately, this identify is among the many common ones in child woman names associated to Lord Vishnu.

53. Harika:

Harika is a well-liked identify in Telugu and Kannada languages for child women. This identify means Lord Vishnu itself.

54. Indira:

Indira is the spouse of God Vishnu and in addition is one other identify for Goddess Lakshmi. It’s a conventional selection in God Vishnu names for child woman.

55. Lalima:

Lalima is once more a really conventional identify and is one other identify of the Spouse of Lord Vishnu.

56. Savya:

Savya means Lord Vishnu. The identify additionally means a ravishing and ideal individual. The identify is common within the Malayalam language for child women with Lord Vishnu names.

57. Shree:

Shree is usually a prefix to the identify, or generally even the identify itself. It means the spouse of God. That is well-known Vishnu God names in Sanskrit.

58. Srigna:

Srigna is a singular and really not often discovered identify. The identify Srigna means order from the Lord Vishnu.

59. Vaishnavi:

Vaishnavi is a well-liked family identify in India in a number of states and languages. The child woman identify of, Vaishnavi, means worshipper of Lord Vishnu.

60. Vishnuja:

Vishnuja itself is a child woman’s identify, which symbolises the daughter of Lord Vishnu himself.

Unisex Child Title Concepts Associated to Lord Vishnu:

These set of unisex child identify concepts could be appropriate for naming each child girls and boys. These names are conventional in addition to trendy inventive names echoing the symbolism of Vishnu.

61. Eha:

Eha is one other identify for God Vishnu. This can be a distinctive and unknown brief and candy identify, supreme for each girls and boys.

62. Jyeshta:

Jyeshta is a star or nakshatra identify. Nevertheless, additionally it is a preferred unisex identify for each child girls and boys, which symbolizes Lord Vishnu.

63. Mahatru:

Mahatru is a really historical and outdated identify, but it’s a traditional selection. It means Lord Vishnu, the best of all.

64. Shauri:

Shauri means somebody who’s all the time courageous. The identify is taken after Lord Vishnu and is good for each child women and boys.

65. Vithala:

Vithala is one other identify for God Vishnu. This can be a very conventional child identify in India.

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Twin Child Title Concepts for Lord Vishnu:

We actually have a set of solutions for child boy and woman names within the case of twins. All of them affiliate with our favourite God too.

66. Adinath – Adisesh:

Each the names immediately relate to and symbolize Lord Vishnu. These are different names for God and are common conventional selections for child boys.

67. Badri – Bali:

Each are brief and cute twin child boy names starting with B. these are different names for Lord Vishnu.

68. Hariom – Hiranya:

These are twin child boy and woman identify concepts regarding Lord Vishnu. Hiranya means wealth and Gold, symbolizing God, and Hariom immediately means God himself.

69. Kamal Kant – Kumud:

These are twin child boy and woman identify concepts. Each names imply Lord Vishnu himself.

70. Satindra – Satveer:

These Lord Vishnu names for child boy beginning with S are each symbolizing God himself immediately. They’re conventional but not often discovered identify concepts.

We hope you discovered the precise choose from this record of Lord Vishnu child names for girls and boys. These are excellent mix selections of conventional in addition to trendy phrases. They’re additionally significant, distinctive, and really mesmerising. Inform us which is your favourite one too. We love to listen to from you!


All of the names given above have their meanings as per the context associated to the nation India. These meanings and symbols might alter in keeping with totally different cultures, international locations, areas, and languages. We advise conducting your intensive analysis earlier than understanding the a number of interpretations hooked up to the identify. Additional, please observe that that is solely an informatory information on the infant identify concepts and selections; the writer is just not chargeable for any error or discrepancy.

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