Mahamudra (Great Gesture) Yoga Asana

The Maha Mudra, additionally written as Mahamudra, applies three bandhas, Jalandhara, Uddiyana, and Mula and is a complicated follow of the Hatha Yoga. To have kundalini awakening of their physique, historical yogis used to carry out the Mahamudra by making a surge of pranic power. Like the opposite Yoga hand mudras, the Mahamudra is a kind of Bandha Mudra the place the trunk’s prime and backside opening are sealed by making use of Bandhas. This makes positive your physique doesn’t launch pranic power.


The Mahamudra fees the entire physique with pranic power by enabling the journey of pranic power between the basis and throat chakras. The throat will get contracted as you maintain your breath on this gesture, and the prana power is pushed to the decrease physique components. Then the prana power meets on the navel centre, awakening the prana power.

Maha means Nice; Mudra means gesture, and the Mahamudra affords quite a few advantages. Allow us to get to know them intimately.

The way to Do Mahamudra:

Listed here are the straightforward steps you’ll be able to comply with to carry out Mahamudra effectively:

  • Sit comfortably on the ground in dandasana or workers pose whereas stretching your legs.
  • Place your arms by your facet on the ground whereas maintaining your backbone straight.
  • Now step by step fold the left foot near your left thigh by taking a deep breath. Slowly breath out whereas bringing down your knees. Use your left heel to press the perineum.
  • Guarantee your proper leg is within the entrance and stretched all through the follow.
  • Now maintain your huge toe of the suitable leg together with your arms whereas bending ahead. Barely increase your head upwards whereas gazing on the eyebrow’s centre, maintaining your head tilted and inhaling slowly.
  • Maintain your breath inside to carry out Mula Bandha whereas contracting your throat in order that air doesn’t escape your lungs.
  • Whereas holding your breath inside, stay on this place known as AntarKumbhaka. You’ll be able to keep on this place so long as you’ll be able to.
  • This follow is for one spherical, and you’ll follow 3 to 12 rounds equally.

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Tricks to Carry out Mahamudra:

Listed here are a few of the ideas that can provide help to carry out Mahamudra effectively:

  • Use a cushion or a folded blanket for sitting on and carry out this mudra to keep away from inflicting any pressure to your again.
  • To stretch your ft, you’ll be able to safe a yoga strap to the ball that helps you straighten your backbone.
  • You may also stop your knee from aching by inserting a block, cushion, or blanket underneath the folded knee whereas performing Maha Mudra.
  • It’s best for pregnant ladies to keep away from performing this gesture.
  • It’s contraindicated you probably have continual again irritation, belly irritation, coronary heart ailments, eye issues, hypertension, or glaucoma.

How Lengthy Do You Maintain Mahamudra?

Performing Mahamudra could be tough at first. However with follow, finally, you’ll be able to carry out this mudra effectively. You’ll be able to maintain your self on this mudra for so long as you’re feeling comfy.

Finest Time To Observe Mahamudra?

To reap the optimum advantages of performing Mahamudra, you need to follow it within the early hours of the morning and on an empty abdomen. Be sure to begin with meditation earlier than you carry out Mahamudra.

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Advantages of Mahamudra:

Mahamudra asana advantages usually are not solely attributed to 1’s thoughts but in addition your physique. Listed here are a few of the advantages you’ll be able to reap by including it to your regime:

  • Performing Mahamudra effectively helps the muscle teams within the hips, higher again, shoulders, thighs, and legs. Because of this, it makes your day by day actions simpler and improves your exercise efficiency.
  • The Mahamudra advantages embody enchancment in digestion and activation of the belly organs.
  • Mahamudra yoga asana additionally prevents thyroid issues by stimulating your endocrine system by regulating the secretion of hormones.
  • Performing Mahamudra yoga saves you from infections and ailments by enhancing your immune system.
  • Mahamudra kundalini yoga relieves menstrual or menopausal issues by activating your reproductive organs.
  • This asana helps enhance your respiratory system by stopping bronchial asthma and COPD and increasing your lung effectivity and capability.
  • Mahamudra helps clear your thoughts relieving anxiousness and stress by enhancing circulation to your mind.
  • Mahamudra additionally helps you achieve spirituality and raises your consciousness in direction of the upper energy, thereby letting you achieve management over the sexual power.

Suppose you want to strengthen and activate your thoughts and physique. In that case, the Mahamudra yoga pose may be an especially efficient resolution. It’s needed to take care of a wholesome way of life and be according to the follow of the Mahamudra to get religious and bodily advantages. Don’t neglect to tell us for those who discovered this text useful!

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1. What are the precautions and contraindications of performing Mahamudra?

Ans: Listed here are a few of the precautions you’ll want to take whereas performing Maha Mudra effectively:

  • It’s best to follow Maha Mudra in case you are an knowledgeable in Khechari, Moola Bandha, Kumbhaka and Shambhavi mudras.
  • Since this mudra generates warmth in your physique, keep away from practising Maha Mudra in sizzling summers.
  • Practising Maha Mudra earlier than meditation or after pranayama and asana session is suggested.
  • Observe Maha Mudra on each side, left and proper.
  • It’s best to keep away from performing Maha mudra throughout menstruation or being pregnant.
  • Keep away from performing this mudra you probably have glaucoma, coronary heart illness, and irritation within the again or belly muscular tissues.

2. What are the preparatory poses for performing Maha Mudra?

Ans: Listed here are a few of the preparatory poses earlier than you carry out Maha Mudra:

  • Padangusthasana.
  • Suptapadangusthasana.
  • Warrior I pose.
  • UtthitaParsvakonasana.
  • Reclining twist pose.

3. What are the follow-up poses after performing Maha Mudra?

Ans: Listed here are a few of the follow-up poses you’ll be able to embody after performing Maha Mudra:

  • Mahabheda mudra.
  • Tadan kriya.
  • Dvipadapitham.
  • Paschimottanasana.

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