Orange Juice: Uses, Benefits, Side Effects, and More!


After your morning train, a fast run, or to beat the summer time warmth, a glass of orange juice may help you’re feeling refreshed and energised. Orange juice is obtained from the fruit pulp of the plant Citrus sinensis, also referred to as candy orange. The orange fruit tree could also be native to Asia, however it’s now grown worldwide. Orange juice is both candy or bitter in style.1 It is without doubt one of the mostly consumed juices internationally.2 It’s the chief supply of vitamin C and different bioactive and dietary elements. It’s usually consumed as a wholesome supply of energy and is advisable by many healthcare professionals.3  

Behind that shiny orange, candy, refreshing drink, orange juice is greater than that meets the attention. If you wish to know extra about orange juice’s well being advantages, maintain studying!  

Dietary Worth of Orange Juice: 

Orange juice is full of vitamins, nutritional vitamins, and minerals. The dietary worth of 100 grams of orange juice is given under. 

Dietary element   Worth  
Carbohydrates   10.4 g  
Proteins   0.7 g  
Fats   0.2 g  
Fibres   0.2 g  
Sugar   8.4 g  
Iron   0.2 mg  
Calcium   11 mg  
Magnesium   11 mg  
Phosphorus   17 mg  
Sodium   1 mg  
Zinc   0.05 mg  
Potassium   200 mg  
Manganese   0.014 mg  
Copper   0.044 mg 
Vitamin C  50 mg  
Vitamin B1 (Thiamin)  0.09 mg  
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)  0.03 mg  
Vitamin B3 (Niacin)  0.4 mg  
Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid)  0.19 mg  
Vitamin B6   0.04 mg  
Vitamin A  10 μg  
Folate   30 μg 
Power   45 kcal 
Table1: Dietary worth of 100 grams of orange juice4 

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Properties of Orange Juice: 

Orange juice is a wealthy supply of a number of energetic compounds, for instance, flavonoids. The bioactive and dietary compounds have varied potential advantages, that are talked about under.  

  • Could also be a possible antioxidant 
  • Might have anti-inflammatory potential 
  • Might have blood pressure-lowering potential 
  • Might have lipids reducing potential 
  • Might assist in weight administration3  

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Potential Makes use of of Orange Juice for Total Well being: 

A number of potential advantages of orange juice are given under.  

1. Potential Makes use of of Orange Juice for the mind: 

Many individuals discover a decline of their cognitive talents as they age. Cognitive capabilities are the capabilities related to reminiscence, reasoning, and pondering. Individuals who devour orange juice every day would possibly present enchancment of their cognitive capabilities. As per a trial carried out on older, wholesome people, consumption of orange juice might enhance general cognitive efficiency. The mentioned profit could be attributed to a excessive content material of flavones current in orange juice.2   

2. Potential Makes use of of Orange Juice for the guts:  

Orange juice could profit the guts and cut back the chance of creating coronary heart illnesses. Orange juice consumption could be useful to decrease ldl cholesterol and blood stress, that are the chance elements for coronary heart illnesses. These advantages have been noticed in human trials however appear to be inadequate to validate the extent to which it may profit human well being.3  

3. Potential Makes use of of Orange Juice for weight problems:  

Consumption of orange juice is related to potential of lowering the chance of creating weight problems. Orange juice is taken into account a greater eating regimen alternative due to the presence of many vitamins. Orange juice additionally confirmed doable results on physique mass index, lipid, and levels of cholesterol, that are markers of chubby or weight problems, as per the Nationwide Well being and Diet Examination Survey, 2003.3 Seek the advice of you physician or nutritionist earlier than including something in your eating regimen for weight reduction advantages. 

4. Potential Makes use of of Orange Juice for most cancers:  

Orange juice extract might need a possible destructive impact on  the expansion of human prostate most cancers and lung most cancers cell traces as per an animal trial. Orange juice may be useful for human blood most cancers cell traces. Equally, orange juice can also have helpful properties in lowering the expansion of breast most cancers cells. These actions have been noticed in lab trials.1 Nevertheless, the precise advantages of orange juice for most cancers in people wants additional research to ascertain. 

5. Potential Makes use of of Orange Juice for microbial infections:  

The antimicrobial exercise of orange juice in opposition to a number of disease-causing micro organism has been noticed in lots of lab research. Orange juice could have the potential to cease the expansion of a number of micro organism like Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus subtilis, Escherichia coli, and Shigella.1  

6. Potential Makes use of of Orange Juice for metabolic illnesses:  

The irritation technique of our physique is linked with many long-term illnesses, for instance, metabolic syndrome, weight problems, and coronary heart illnesses. Consumption of orange juice could trigger beneficial adjustments in inflammatory elements, which could assist cut back the chance of metabolic illnesses. Taking orange juice in average quantities could assist preserve a nutritious diet and forestall metabolic illnesses.3  

Although there are research that present the advantages of orange juice in varied circumstances, however these are inadequate and there’s a want of additional research to ascertain the true extent of advantages of orange juice on human well being.  

How you can Use Orange Juice? 

You’ll be able to drink uncooked orange juice. Processed orange juice can also be used for flavouring ice lotions and jellies.5  

It’s essential to seek the advice of a professional physician earlier than taking any natural dietary supplements. Don’t discontinue or change an ongoing remedy of recent medication with an Ayurvedic/natural preparation with out consulting a professional physician.   

Aspect Results of Orange Juice: 

Orange juice is without doubt one of the mostly consumed juices worldwide. Nevertheless, few instances of allergic reactions in delicate folks have been reported. Allergic reactions concerned yellowing of the pores and skin and sleeplessness.6  You should be aware whereas consuming orange juice and drink it sparsely.

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Precautions to Take With Orange Juice: 

There are specific normal precautions it is advisable to take whereas consuming orange juice 

  • Pregnant and breastfeeding girls: Ingesting orange juice is protected throughout being pregnant and breastfeeding.7 Nevertheless, it must be taken sparsely. Over utilization of something could cause uncomfortable side effects on human well being. As well as, pregnant girls could seek the advice of their physician concerning the consumption of orange juice.  
  • Whereas consuming orange juice, it’s suggested that you just use a straw. The acid content material of the juice would possibly erode the tooth enamel (outer floor of the tooth).6  

Furthermore, you could comply with normal precautions and directions given by your physician whereas consuming orange juice recurrently. Don’t self-medicate and seek the advice of a physician for recommendation on utilizing any herb for well being advantages. 

Interactions With Different Medication: 

Orange juice can work together with different medicine within the physique. The medicine interacting with orange juice are given under. 

  • Ferrous fumarate: Orange juice can considerably enhance iron absorption and improve the effectiveness of ferrous fumarate within the case of aneamia.  
  • Aluminum-containing antacids:  Orange juice consumption can improve aluminum absorption resulting in elevated aluminium toxicity. So, you must keep away from orange juice with any aluminium-containing antacids.  
  • Blood pressure-lowering medicine: Orange juice can lower the absorption of blood [pressure lowering drugs like atenolol, aliskiren, and celiprolol.  
  • Orange juice can decrease the absorption and efficacy of drugs such as montelukast (a drug for asthma), alendronate (a drug for osteoporosis), fluoroquinolones (drugs used for bacterial infections), and clofazimine (a drug for leprosy).8  

So, you need to discuss your daily orange juice intake and details of different medicines prescribed to you for use with your Ayurvedic physician. They will tailor their prescription to suit your health needs.    

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

What are the benefits of orange juice for weight loss? 

Orange juice is good for weight loss. Consumption of orange juice may help you reduce the risks of obesity. It also helps with weight loss, lowering cholesterol and lipids. You can make orange juice a part of your diet as a healthier source of calories.3   

What are orange juice benefits for the skin? 

Orange juice is a chief source of vitamin C. vitamin C is a potent antioxidant with many skin benefits. Vitamin C is responsible for the repair and healing of tissues and scars. It helps to promote the synthesis of collagen (a protein essential for the structure and function of skin) in the skin. It also may help protect from the sun-induced skin damage.9,10 You must consult your skin doctor for advice on the benefits of any herb for the skin. 

What are the benefits of drinking orange juice? 

Orange juice is packed with many nutritional benefits like carbohydrates, proteins, fibres, and minerals like iron, calcium, zinc, and sodium. Vitamins such as vitamins A, C, and B are also present in orange juice. Drinking orange juice might also help with conditions such as heart diseases, obesity, and cancer.1–4 You must consult a doctor for serious medical conditions before consuming herbs for its benefits. 

What are the uses of orange juice for the heart? 

Drinking orange juice may help you reduce the risk of heart disease. Orange juice is valuable to help lower cholesterol and blood pressure, which are major risk factor for heart diseases. However, you are advised to talk to a doctor and follow their advice if you are suffering from any heart condition.3           

Does drinking orange juice cause side effects?  

Some cases of allergies have been reported in sensitive people after drinking orange juice. The symptoms of allergic reactions include sleeplessness and yellowing of the skin.6   


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Disclaimer: The knowledge included at this website is for instructional functions solely and isn’t supposed to be an alternative to medical remedy by a healthcare skilled. Due to distinctive particular person wants, the reader ought to seek the advice of their doctor to find out the appropriateness of the data for the reader’s scenario.

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