Raw Banana: Uses, Benefits, Side Effects and More!


Persons are turning into more and more conscious of the significance of a nutritious diet. Fruits play a key function in a nutritious diet due to the presence of fibre, and a bunch of nutritional vitamins and minerals. Uncooked bananas are additionally referred to as inexperienced bananas; they’re unripe, have a agency flesh and are much less candy than a ripe banana. Scientifically generally known as Musa, bananas are some of the broadly grown fruits internationally.1,2 Due to the presence of phytochemicals and vitamins, bananas are thought-about an vital fruit when it comes to dietary worth and properties.3  

To seek out out extra about this wondrous fruit, proceed studying! 

Dietary Worth of Uncooked Banana: 

Uncooked bananas are full of many vitamins which make this humble and intensely frequent fruit filled with potential well being advantages. They comprise many nutritional vitamins and minerals, are an excellent supply of fibre, carbohydrates and sugar. The dietary worth of uncooked bananas per 100grams of serving is given beneath.     

Dietary element   Dietary worth  
Vitality   89kcal  
Carbohydrates  22.8g   
Fibres   2.6g  
Proteins   1.09g  
Fat   0.33g  
Sugar   12.2g 
Calcium   5mg  
Potassium   358mg  
Iron   0.26mg  
Sodium   1mg 
Magnesium   27mg  
Phosphorous   22mg  
Zinc   0.15mg  
Selenium   1 μg  
Copper   0.078mg  
Manganese   0.27mg  
Vitamin C  8.7mg  
Vitamin B1  0.031mg  
VitaminB2  0.073mg  
Vitamin B3  0.665mg  
Vitamin B5  0.334mg  
Vitamin B6  0.367mg  
Vitamin A  3μg  
Folate   20 μg  
Water   79.4g 

Desk 1: Dietary worth of Uncooked Banana per 100grams of serving4 

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Properties of Uncooked Banana: 

The underrated uncooked banana has potential well being advantages as given beneath:  

  • It might assist handle weight 
  • It might assist decrease blood sugar 
  • It might assist handle hypertension 
  • It might assist with digestion2 
  • It might assist with ulcers 
  • It might present antimicrobial exercise 
  • It might present antioxidant property3 

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Potential Makes use of of Uncooked Banana for Total Well being: 

Potential makes use of of uncooked bananas towards varied illness circumstances are given beneath. 

1. Potential makes use of of uncooked banana for coronary heart illnesses 

Bananas are a vital a part of the Dietary Approaches to Cease Hypertension (DASH) food plan. Bananas comprise loads of potassium, an vital electrolyte for sustaining coronary heart well being. Much less potassium and extra sodium can result in hypertension. An extreme quantity of sodium within the blood can retain extra water, which places strain on the partitions of blood vessels. Including extra potassium to the food plan could assist get rid of further sodium within the blood, thereby easing hypertension. 2 If you’re affected by any coronary heart illnesses or hypertension, it is best to attain out to your healthcare supplier earlier than utilizing any fruit or herb alone to handle your signs. Bigger human trials are wanted to ascertain the function of uncooked bananas in managing coronary heart well being.  

2. Potential makes use of of uncooked banana for digestive circumstances 

Uncooked bananas comprise a selected sort of carbohydrate that resists digestion within the small gut. This carbohydrate will get absorbed slowly into the blood circulation. The starch helps with the expansion of excellent micro organism that support in digestion. The micro organism break down the starch and kind short-chain fatty acids. These short-chain fatty acids could assist keep away from persistent illnesses like ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s illness, diarrhoea (related to antibiotic use) and different digestive problems.2 

Additionally, the excessive potassium content material of uncooked bananas could assist folks with diarrhoea or vomiting replete their misplaced electrolytes.2 No surprise everybody recommends consuming a banana when you’ve got an upset abdomen. In case of any digestive concern, all the time seek the advice of a health care provider earlier than utilizing any fruit or vegetable alone to handle your signs. Making well-informed selections will assist you forestall the situation from worsening. 

3. Potential makes use of of uncooked banana for weight administration   

Bananas additionally comprise resistant starch, which can act like dietary fibre and should contribute to a sense of satiety as it’s digested slowly. 2 If you wish to lose or handle weight, you will need to make diet-related selections after consulting your dietician or nutritionist. Keep away from utilizing any fruit or herb with out consulting them first.  

4. Potential makes use of of uncooked banana for diabetes 

Uncooked bananas have a low glycaemic index of 42. A low glycaemic index of lower than 55 means the meals is not going to increase blood sugar ranges considerably. Resistant starches present in bananas produce a low glucose spike within the bloodstream as they’re damaged down slowly, contributing to the decrease glycaemic index. Uncooked bananas have proven antidiabetic potential throughout a number of human and animal trials carried out. Uncooked bananas additionally confirmed improved insulin sensitivity and diminished kidney and liver problems related to diabetes throughout a research carried out on people.1 Nevertheless, when you’ve got diabetes, it is very important follow the physician’s recommendation and therapy. Keep away from utilizing fruits or greens to handle signs with out consulting a health care provider first. 

Although some research present the advantages of uncooked bananas in varied circumstances, these are inadequate and there’s a want for additional research to ascertain the true extent of the advantages of uncooked bananas on human well being.  

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Learn how to Use Uncooked Banana: 

Right here is how you should use uncooked bananas in your food plan.  

  • Uncooked bananas are sometimes cooked into quite a lot of dishes.  
  • Uncooked bananas will also be fried or baked into varied meals and dishes.2  

You will need to seek the advice of a professional physician earlier than taking uncooked bananas or natural dietary supplements. Don’t discontinue or exchange an ongoing therapy of contemporary medication with an ayurvedic/natural preparation with out consulting a professional physician.   

Facet Results of Uncooked Banana: 

There’s not a lot data on the unwanted side effects related to using uncooked bananas. Nevertheless, some folks could react in a different way to some frequent vegetables and fruit. If you happen to expertise any unwanted side effects or discomfort after consuming a uncooked banana, you might want to instantly contact your healthcare supplier.  

Additionally, keep away from utilizing uncooked bananas are every other fruits for his or her properties or towards any well being circumstances with out consulting your physician.  

Precautions to Take with Uncooked Banana: 

Listed below are some basic precautions you’ll be able to take whereas utilizing uncooked bananas: 

  • Precaution for pregnant and breastfeeding ladies: There’s a lack of dependable data supporting using uncooked bananas in pregnant and breastfeeding ladies. It’s higher to remain on the safer aspect and use them sparsely or after consulting your physician.  
  • Precaution for the aged and youngsters: Kids and the aged must be cautious when utilizing uncooked bananas. It’s higher to stay to average quantities and keep away from overeating.  

Earlier than utilizing uncooked bananas for any illness situation, ensure you have consulted together with your physician in regards to the potential precautions. It’ll assist you keep away from any negative effects.   

Interactions with Different Medicine: 

There’s a lack of knowledge reporting interactions of uncooked bananas with medicines. Subsequently, if you’re taking medicine for a medical situation, you will need to seek the advice of your physician concerning potential drug interactions with vegetables and fruit. It will assist you keep away from undesirable well being results.  

Additionally, keep away from utilizing inexperienced bananas or different fruits as medication with out consulting your physician or healthcare supplier.  

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Continuously Requested Questions: 

What are the advantages of uncooked bananas? 

Uncooked bananas have proven potential makes use of for a lot of illnesses, reminiscent of coronary heart illness, diabetes, and digestive points. It might even be useful in weight administration.1,2 Nevertheless, you will need to seek the advice of your healthcare supplier earlier than utilizing uncooked bananas towards these circumstances. Keep away from utilizing fruit or herbs to handle well being circumstances with out consulting your physician.  

What are the advantages of uncooked bananas for weight reduction? 

Consuming uncooked bananas could assist with weight administration due to a specific sort of starch. This starch could act like dietary fibre and contributes to a sense of satiety for a extra prolonged interval as it’s digested slowly.2  These properties could assist you handle weight. Nevertheless, earlier than making any modifications in your food plan or utilizing any fruit or herb for weight reduction, you might want to speak to your dietician or nutritionist.  

What are uncooked banana advantages for pores and skin? 

Uncooked bananas have loads of vitamin C.4 Vitamin C could assist handle pores and skin pigmentation, pores and skin injury, and loosening of the pores and skin triggered because of overexposure to ultraviolet radiation.5 It’s possible you’ll use uncooked bananas in your food plan to get these results. Nevertheless, when you’ve got any pores and skin situation. It’s higher to seek the advice of with a pores and skin physician earlier than you utilize any fruit or herb on your issues.  

What are uncooked banana unwanted side effects? 

There’s a lack of awareness reporting the unwanted side effects of uncooked bananas on people. Nevertheless, in the event you expertise any unwanted side effects or discomfort, discontinue its use and speak to your healthcare supplier instantly.   


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Disclaimer: The data included at this website is for instructional functions solely and isn’t supposed to be an alternative choice to medical therapy by a healthcare skilled. Due to distinctive particular person wants, the reader ought to seek the advice of their doctor to find out the appropriateness of the data for the reader’s state of affairs.

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