Raw Papaya: Uses, Benefits, Side Effects and more!


Uncooked papaya could also be fully loaded with well being advantages. It might be thought-about a powerhouse of vitamins and is obtainable all through the seasons. It’s recognized for its dietary worth.1,2 

The uncooked papaya plant is a useful nutraceutical fruit plant. The botanical title of the papaya tree is Carica papaya Linn and it belongs to the household Caricaceae. It originated in southern Mexico and Costa Rica and obtained launched to the tropical and subtropical areas of India, Sri Lanka, Australia, Hawaii, Philippines and South Africa. Papaya is usually known as as papita, papaia, pawpaw, papayabaum and arabd-kharpuja.1,2 

Learn forward you’ll study extra about this multipurpose industrial fruit crop. 

Dietary Worth of Uncooked Papaya: 

Papaya is a commoner’s fruit as a consequence of its low price and excessive dietary worth. Papaya accommodates an unlimited array of phytochemicals, together with proteins, fat and oils, enzymes, polysaccharides, flavonoids, nutritional vitamins and minerals. Papaya is fairly low in energy and has a excessive quantity of vitamin C.1 

The nutrient content material of uncooked papaya is as follows: 

Dietary Element  Worth 
Proteins  0.47 g 
Carbohydrates  10.8 g 
Fat  0.26 g 
Sugar  7.82 g 
Fibre  1.7 g 
Sodium  8 mg 
Calcium  20 mg 
Magnesium   21 mg 
Potassium  182 mg 
Iron   0.25 mg 
Phosphorus   10 mg 
Zinc   0.08 mg 
Manganese  0.04 mg 
Copper  0.045 mg 
Selenium   0.6 µg 
Riboflavin  0.027 mg 
Vitamin C  60.9 mg 
Thiamin   0.023 mg 
Niacin  0.357 mg 
Vitamin B6  0.038 mg 
Folate  37 µg 
Vitamin A  47 µg 
B-carotene  274 µg 
Vitamin E  0.3 mg 
Vitamin Okay  2.6 µg 
Lysine  0.025 g 
Leucine  0.016 g 
Aspartic acid  0.049 g 
Glycine  0.018 g 
Glutamic acid  0.033 g 
Vitality   43 kcal 

Desk 1: The dietary worth of uncooked papaya per 100 grams.3 

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Properties of Uncooked Papaya: 

Papaya accommodates numerous biologically lively plant chemical compounds that is likely to be used for various functions.1 Papaya may need the next properties: 

  • It might have antioxidant properties. 
  • It might have antifungal properties. 
  • It might have antibacterial properties. 
  • It might have antimalarial properties. 
  • It may need antitumor properties. 
  • It may need anti-sickling (would possibly manag sickle cell ailments) properties. 
  • It may need anti-ulcer properties. 
  • It may need anthelmintic (would possibly forestall parasite an infection) properties. 
  • It might have anti-inflammatory properties. 
  • It might have useful properties for wound therapeutic. 
  • It might have diuretic (would possibly enhance urine manufacturing) properties. 
  • It might have carminative (would possibly relieve flatulence) properties. 
  • It might have laxative (would possibly take away waste from the intestine) properties. 
  • It might have blood glucose-lowering property. 
  • It might have blood pressure-lowering exercise.1,2 

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Potential Makes use of of Uncooked Papaya: 

The entire plant of papaya may need useful worth. It has numerous phytochemicals like enzymes, nutritional vitamins and minerals. A few of its potential makes use of are given beneath.2 

1. Potential Makes use of of Uncooked Papaya for Digestive System: 

Consuming uncooked papaya would possibly profit the meals digestion course of. Unripe papaya would possibly include a superb quantity of digestive enzyme, which is likely to be a wonderful support to digestion. It might assist in the graceful digestion of protein current within the meals. Individuals who can’t digest wheat gluten might tolerate it whether it is combined with the white latex of uncooked papaya. It has the crude papain enzyme, which could assist solubilise gluten protein. Therefore, it might be utilized by individuals who have hassle with the digestion of protein-containing meals objects.1 

2. Potential Makes use of of Uncooked Papaya for Wounds: 

Papaya fruits is likely to be utilized in topical ulcer dressing, which could promote wound therapeutic. It might be used within the burn dressings of youngsters. It might additionally scale back the odour related to long-term pores and skin ulcers. The papaya fruit pulp could also be mashed and utilized to the contaminated burn wounds, which can assist dea with an infection growth. The potential mechanism may very well be the enzymatic motion of papain in addition to the antimicrobial exercise of papaya fruit.1 

3. Potential Makes use of of Uncooked Papaya for Pores and skin: 

Uncooked papaya could also be useful for restoring and rebuilding the broken pores and skin. The peel of papaya accommodates vitamin A and is likely to be used as a skin-lightening agent. In the event you apply a combination of papaya peel with little honey to your pores and skin, it might act as a moisturiser and make your pores and skin look smoother. The rubbing motion of the white papaya pulp would possibly assist enhance pimples and wrinkles on the facial pores and skin as a consequence of its good bleaching exercise. It might additionally take away the useless pores and skin cells permitting the lightening of pores and skin color.2,4 

4. Potential Makes use of of Uncooked Papaya for Most cancers: 

Consuming uncooked papaya would possibly assist to cut back the chance of the formation of colon most cancers and prostate most cancers in males. The fruits of papaya include dietary fibre, which can bind to the toxins current within the colon that will trigger cancer-related to the colon. Uncooked papaya would possibly assist sweep these toxins from the physique, retaining a wholesome atmosphere contained in the colon. These vitamins may also shield colon cells from the damages attributable to the free radicals. 

5. Different Potential Makes use of of Uncooked Papaya: 

  • Papaya is an considerable supply of vitamin A and C. If consumed frequently, it’d assist to enhance eyesight and in addition forestall early age blindness in kids.1 
  • Papaya fruit accommodates vitamins similar to provitamin, dietary fibre and minerals, which could assist to cope with toothache, mouth ulcers and gum illness.4 
  • Papaya is a wealthy supply of folic acid. It would assist to kind sure proteins, that are useful to beat the chance of growing a coronary heart assault or stroke.5 
  • The vitamin C-rich papaya may need an anti-inflammatory exercise that will assist scale back the ache and swelling within the joints, similar to in rheumatoid arthritis, which entails ache in two or extra joints.5 
  • Papaya accommodates vitamin A, which could assist promote wholesome lungs in heavy and passive people who smoke.5 

Although there are research that present the advantages of uncooked papaya in numerous situations, however these are inadequate and there’s a want of additional research to determine the true extent of advantages of uncooked papaya on human well being.  

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Learn how to Use Uncooked Papaya? 

Papaya is a wholesome and scrumptious fruit.2 It might be utilized in numerous methods. 

  • Uncooked papaya is unripe and could also be used as a vegetable. 
  • It is likely to be used within the preparations of pies, sherbets, and sweets. 
  • It might be utilized in cooking for tenderising the meat.1 
  • Uncooked papaya fruit could also be fermented and used.2 
  • It might be utilized in an everyday weight loss program as contemporary fruit juice and salad.5 

You have to seek the advice of a professional physician earlier than taking any natural dietary supplements. Don’t discontinue or exchange an ongoing therapy of recent medication with an Ayurvedic/natural preparation with out consulting a professional physician.   

Aspect Results of Uncooked Papaya: 

The uncomfortable side effects of uncooked papaya could also be associated to ladies’s well being.  

  • Papaya’s white milky juice (latex) accommodates sure enzymes (papain), which could trigger being pregnant issues.2  
  • It would have an effect on sure hormone ranges. Therefore, it is likely to be dangerous to the mom’s and child’s well being.2  
  • It might trigger oedema, which is recognised by swelling of cells as a consequence of extra fluid retention.2  

Ayurvedic herbs might have particular uncomfortable side effects and should react in another way in each folks. Be certain that you seek the advice of an Ayurvedic doctor earlier than utilizing it for correct steering.  

Precautions to Take With Uncooked Papaya: 

Consuming uncooked papaya could also be thought-about protected. Nonetheless, normal precautions must be adopted. 

  • Uncooked papaya would possibly produce uncomfortable side effects in pregnant ladies. 2 Therefore, pregnant ladies ought to keep away from having papaya throughout being pregnant to forestall unnatural issues.  
  • Breastfeeding moms ought to seek the advice of an Ayurvedic doctor to be on the protected facet. 
  • Additional precautions should be taken whereas giving them to kids and older adults to keep away from any health-related issues. 

We suggest you seek the advice of your Ayurvedic doctor earlier than having papaya for medicinal functions. They would be the right individual to information you concerning the protected dosage kind. 

Interactions With Different Medication: 

There may be not sufficient info obtainable on the interplay of uncooked papaya with different medicine. Nonetheless, this doesn’t imply that there aren’t any interactions in any respect.  

Due to this fact, it’s all the time higher to comply with the recommendation of an Ayurvedic physician. They may prescribe you one of the best ways to have it. 

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Steadily Requested Questions: 

What are the advantages of uncooked papaya for weight reduction? 

Uncooked papaya has low-calorie content material, which can make it an appropriate fruit for overweight individuals who can embrace it of their common weight loss program. Thus, it might assist to handle weight.1 You have to seek the advice of your nutritionist for greatest recommendation on weight reduction. 

That are fundamental nutritional vitamins of papaya? 

The three fundamental highly effective antioxidant nutritional vitamins current in papaya are vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E.2 

Is papaya good for controlling ldl cholesterol? 

Papaya is likely to be a superb supply of dietary fibre, which can assist to decrease the excessive levels of cholesterol within the physique.2 Nonetheless, folks ought to search the recommendation of an Ayurvedic physician earlier than utilizing it to handle the ldl cholesterol within the physique.2 

What are completely different synonyms of papaya? 

Papaya has completely different names, similar to Erandakarkati in Sanskrit, Omakai in Malayalam, Pharangi in Kannada, and Pappali in Tamil. The worldwide names embrace Tree Mellon, Mamao and pawpaw.5 

Aside from uncooked papaya fruit, what completely different components of the plant can be utilized?  

Different parts, together with seeds, leaves, roots, flowers, and stem bark, may be utilised since they’ve potential purposes for managing a wide range of human illnesses.2  

Nonetheless, earlier than utilising any of the plant’s sections as a herb, we advise that you just first seek the advice of your physician.  


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Disclaimer: The knowledge included at this web site is for instructional functions solely and isn’t meant to be an alternative choice to medical therapy by a healthcare skilled. Due to distinctive particular person wants, the reader ought to seek the advice of their doctor to find out the appropriateness of the data for the reader’s scenario.

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