Signs You May Have a Heart Attack Like Bob Odenkirk — Eat This Not That

Actor Bob Odenkirk suffered a near-fatal coronary heart assault in 2021 whereas filming a scene for Breaking Dangerous spinoff Higher Name Saul–however fortunately there was a defibrillator on set and CPR was carried out. “I got here out of it with a surprisingly recent vitality in direction of my entire life, like I used to be born once more,” says Odenkirk, whose coronary heart stopped beating for 18 minutes. “Like, ‘Hey, everyone! … Let’s return to work and make stuff!'” Listed here are 5 warning indicators of coronary heart assault, in keeping with medical doctors. Learn on—and to make sure your well being and the well being of others, do not miss these Certain Indicators You have Already Had COVID.


Chest ache and discomfort could possibly be an indication of coronary heart assault. “Whereas chest ache is often the commonest symptom of the guts assault, it’s many occasions poorly localized,” says heart specialist Abdulla Kudrath, MD. “It’s nearly all the time behind your breastbone accompanied by a sense of strain. It could possibly radiate to your neck and out to the jaw and your arms. The left arm is the place the ache is usually felt with a squeezing kind sensation referred to as angina. You might have secure angina if the signs occur together with emotional misery or exertion and depart once you relaxation. If the indicators grasp on [for] various minutes, the prognosis wouldn’t be secure angina, and you need to search assist.”

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Struggling to breathe could possibly be a warning signal of coronary heart assault. “If it’s a coronary heart assault, a delay may trigger the guts muscle to be broken,” says heart specialist Eric Topol, MD.

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Nausea and light-headedness could possibly be an indication of coronary heart points, medical doctors warn. “Ladies are extra probably than males to report nausea as a symptom of a coronary heart assault,” says Victor Marchione, MD. “It could even be accompanied by indigestion signs or frequent belching. Some sufferers have even described feeling as if they’ve a flu main as much as a coronary heart assault. If nausea or indigestion is sudden with no obvious trigger, this could possibly be associated to a coronary heart assault.”

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Ache within the left arm is a standard signal of impending coronary heart assault. “Left arm ache or shoulder ache is usually a frequent symptom of an impending coronary heart assault,” says Dr. Marchione. “A coronary heart assault happens when the blood move to the guts is blocked on account of plaque buildup alongside the arteries. When blood move is interrupted, a part of the guts muscle can get broken and, relying on severity, can result in loss of life. The excellent news is, the success charges of surviving a coronary heart assault are a lot greater these days, however the secret’s recognizing the indicators of a coronary heart assault early on and searching for remedy immediately.”

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“Sweating is among the best-known indicators of a coronary heart assault,” says Dr. Kudrath. “It occurs due to a protection mechanism (your sympathetic nervous system) being activated as a response to a struggle or flight. Sweating can happen with out chest ache, and also can occur with the opposite non-chest ache indicators of a coronary heart assault.”

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If unsure, search medical consideration instantly. “It is necessary to not ignore signs and wait till they develop into extreme,” in keeping with heart specialist Zi-Jian Xu, MD, PhD, FACC. “When you have a priority, discuss to your physician. If coronary heart illness is caught early, there are numerous life-style modifications you may make to scale back your danger of additional issues: eat a nutritious diet with loads of vegatables and fruits, get common train (for most individuals, about 150 minutes per week), keep a wholesome weight, drink alcohol carefully (if in any respect), and do not smoke.”

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