Sure Signs There is a Blood Clot Inside You — Eat This Not That

A blood clot can save the day and cease the bleeding when issues like a paper reduce or shaving accidents occur, however a blood clot will also be a harmful well being concern that may flip lethal. Blood clots occur for a number of causes and figuring out the signs of 1 can actually save your life. Eat This, Not That! Well being spoke with consultants who clarify what to learn about a blood clot and indicators you’ve got one. As at all times, please seek the advice of along with your doctor for medical recommendation. Learn on—and to make sure your well being and the well being of others, do not miss these Positive Indicators You’ve got Already Had COVID.


Thomas Gut, D.O., Affiliate Chair of Drugs at Staten Island College Hospital tells us, “Blood clots happen when an ideal storm happens inside a blood vessel. Classically, it occurs when blood vessel injury and activation of the clotting mechanism happens in an space the place blood is not transferring nicely.”

Sean Marchese, MS, RN, a registered nurse at The Mesothelioma Heart with a background in oncology scientific trials and over 15 years of direct affected person care expertise provides, “Blood clots sometimes kind when the physique senses an damage to an space and can kind a pure plug utilizing platelets to cease the bleeding. Nonetheless, sure issues with clotting elements could make blood clots once they’re not wanted. Autoimmune illnesses, most cancers, infections and organ failures can all intrude with the fragile clotting cascade and create blood clots that injury the physique.”

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Dr. Intestine explains, “COVID an infection has been proven to extend the danger of blood clot formation particularly throughout the first two weeks of an infection.”

Marchese says, “Researchers imagine that COVID causes blood clots as a result of excessive ranges of irritation related to the illness. Because the virus aggravates areas all through the physique, antibodies kind, accumulating in tight areas and stimulating blood clot manufacturing.”

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Dr. Intestine states, “Typically, those that have had clots beforehand, cancers, immobilization, are aged, or are critically sick may have the best threat of clotting.”

Marchese explains, “Folks with persistent situations similar to coronary artery illness, diabetes, hypertension and metabolism issues are at increased threat for blood clots. You might also clot extra steadily should you’re over 65, take sure hormones or had a earlier blood clot. Some methods to forestall blood clots embody carrying loose-fitting garments, strolling, consuming much less salt, and elevating your ft at night time.”  

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Dr. Intestine says, “In case you discover swelling or tightness in an arm or a leg, it’s best to notify your physician.”

Marchese tells us, “In case you discover new swelling in your arms or legs, areas of redness or ache, or temperature adjustments in a single extremity, it’s best to see a physician instantly. Speedy remedy is essential. Blood clots can journey shortly from the extremities to the center or mind, inflicting a coronary heart assault or stroke.” 

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In accordance with Dr. Intestine, “This could be a signal {that a} blot clot has shaped or travels to your lungs. A clot within the lungs can put super pressure on the cardiovascular system and may even end in coronary heart failure.”

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Dr. Intestine says, “If considered one of your thighs is cramping and swelling after an extended automotive trip,  this could be a signal {that a} clot has shaped in your leg, particularly if blood has pooled and hasn’t circulated nicely.”

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Dr. Intestine warns, “Coughing up blood could be a signal that the stress enhance inside your lungs from a touring clot has brought on blood vessels to burst. This could immediate emergency consideration.”

Marchese reveals, “Probably the most frequent areas for blood clots to journey is the lungs. The bronchioles are small airways that assist trade air and may simply entice blood clots, known as pulmonary embolism. In case you develop into in need of breath with out train or have an unexplained and constant cough with out indicators of an infection, see a physician as quickly as attainable.” 

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Marchese says, “A blood clot that travels to the center can develop into lodged within the delicate tissues that management coronary heart fee. When a blood clot travels to the center, it is often accompanied by extreme chest ache or hassle respiratory. In case you discover new chest ache, shoulder or arm ache, problem respiratory or surprising adjustments in coronary heart fee, search medical care instantly.”

Swollen feet

Marchese shares, “The hallmark signal of a blood clot is having signs in a single extremity, not the opposite. For instance, the correct leg might have an space of redness, ache or swelling that’s not current on the left leg. This signal must be taken significantly and investigated by a healthcare skilled as quickly as attainable.”

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