Sure Signs Your Colon is “Clogged” — Eat This Not That

A clogged colon, or intestinal obstruction, is a well being situation the place the contents of intestines are blocked from transferring by way of the intestinal tract. Whereas a variety of instances might be handled by way of non-invasive procedures, typically surgical procedure is required. “If I see {that a} affected person’s situation might be handled with out surgical procedure, I give them that possibility,” says Nabajit Choudhury, MBBS, MS. “Lots of sufferers have anxiousness about surgical procedure, so if there is a strategy to tackle their situation with out working, I talk about that with them. In most of those instances, I can function laparoscopically, which implies there are simply small incisions close to the positioning of the obstruction. If there’s a tumor or a development, or the gut is twisted, we’ll probably want a bigger incision close to the center of the stomach.” Involved about bowel obstruction? Listed below are 5 indicators your colon is clogged, in line with specialists. Learn on—and to make sure your well being and the well being of others, do not miss these Positive Indicators You’ve got Already Had COVID.


Feeling bloated and swollen might be a symptom of an intestinal obstruction. “A partial blockage often shows itself by way of cramping belly ache, watery output with a foul odor, and potential belly distension and swelling of the stoma adopted by nausea and vomiting,” says Gwen B. Turnbull, RN, BS, CETN.

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Nausea might be an indication your colon is clogged, docs say. “You are often nauseous, you are vomiting, unable to maintain something down,” says Erica Loomis, MD. “It is past your regular abdomen flu, or one thing like this.”

Muscle cramps might be an indication of a clogged colon, specialists say. “You must notify your physician or your stoma care nurse if you’re unable to alleviate the signs your self, in the event that they develop into extreme (ache, vomiting, muscle cramps, dehydration), or in the event that they final for greater than 8 hours,” Turnbull says

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Unexplained belly ache might be an indication of bowel obstruction. “You’ll be able to hear and really feel your abdomen churning, and are overwhelmed often with belly cramps that go away you sweaty and nauseated. Because the day goes on, the cramps worsen and by night, you vomit…. You’re feeling completely horrible,” says Turnbull.

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Lack of ability to have a bowel motion might be an indication of bowel obstruction. “Most individuals cannot have a bowel motion or they cannot go fuel, they begin to get very bloated,” says Dr. Loomis. Typically the discomfort turns into so extreme, individuals go to the ER. “It might be an entire obstruction or narrowed,” Dr. Loomis provides.

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