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The endocrine system is not talked about typically and many individuals have by no means heard of it, however we depend on it for a number of important capabilities that have an effect on our temper, development, metabolism, improvement and sexual well being. The endocrine system consists of eight main glands and when hormone ranges are too excessive or low, your general well-being will be enormously affected. Eat This, Not That! Well being spoke with Kanchana Viswanathan, M.D, FACE with Dignity Well being St. Mary who shares what to know concerning the endocrine system and signs to concentrate to that point out you would have a dysfunction. As at all times, please seek the advice of your doctor for medical recommendation. Learn on—and to make sure your well being and the well being of others, do not miss these Positive Indicators You’ve got Already Had COVID.


Dr. Viswanathan tells us, “Endocrine System contains a number of hormone producing glands secreting quite a lot of hormones -like Insulin  (sure -insulin is a hormone ) secreted from pancreas, thyroid hormone from thyroid gland , steroid hormones like cortisol from adrenal gland intercourse hormones -estrogen, testosterone from ovaries and testicles. There are additionally main hormone producing glands just like the pituitary and parathyroid glands. These hormones affect a number of cells all through the physique. Therefore any dysfunction of the endocrine system causes signs affecting your complete physique.” 


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Dr. Viswanathan says, “Widespread indicators of endocrine imbalance embody: “Fatigue, unintentional weight reduction or weight acquire,blood strain modifications , modifications in coronary heart rhythm, irregular durations in ladies, infertility, erectile dysfunction and infertility in males.”

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Based on Dr. Viswanathan, “Endocrine hormones like insulin and thyroid hormone  have an effect on a number of ranges of metabolism. Insulin is a vital hormone to metabolize carbohydrates and supply the power for mobile actions and storage of meals for later use. Insulin secretion abnormalities result in diabetes and indicators of diabetes will be fatigue, weight reduction, extreme thirst and urination.”

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Dr. Viswanathan explains, “Thyroid hormone deficiency (Hypothyroidism) can decelerate metabolism and trigger weight acquire. Thyroid hormone additionally impacts coronary heart rhythm and coronary heart muscle operate.”

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Dr. Viswanathan shares, “Extra thyroid hormone (Hyperthyroidism) can improve coronary heart price. A hyperthyroid state could cause arrythmias (irregular coronary heart rhythm) together with atrial fibrillation.”

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Dr. Viswanathan says, “Adrenal gland makes steroids like cortisol which is a stress hormone and a deficiency of cortisol (Adrenal Insufficiency) will result in extreme fatigue , weight reduction and low blood strain. Extra cortisol (Cushing’s) causes fatigue together with weight acquire, hypertension and excessive blood sugar (diabetes).

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Dr. Viswanathan states, “Intercourse steroids (Estrogen) dysfunction in ladies can result in irregular cycles, infertility. A typical ovarian hormonal dysfunction is PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). 

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“Low testosterone in males (Hypogonadism ) causes fatigue, erectile dysfunction and reduce in muscle mass,” Dr. Viswanathan says. 


Dr. Viswanathan advises, “If one experiences any of the signs -best choice is to see your major care doctor for the suitable lab work. Most of the hormone issues like diabetes and thyroid will be confirmed with easy lab assessments. Primarily based on the bodily examination and labs the doctor can provoke therapy and if wanted check with an endocrinologist.”


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