The Spiritual and Symbolic Meaning of a Dragonfly

I have encountered numerous dragonflies all through my life, merely resulting from rising up going to the James River each spring and summer time. Whether or not I used to be swimming, languidly floating downstream in a tube, or leaping into the rapids, dragonflies all the time flew into view. For me, seeing them wasn’t something out of the atypical. In spite of everything, dragonflies are identified for residing close to our bodies of water like rivers, ponds, and lakes, significantly in the course of the summer time months. Different folks, nonetheless, haven’t encountered the gorgeous (and predatory) flying insect and as such, are curious to seek out out the underlying dragonfly which means.

To assist shed slightly gentle on the shimmering bugs, we chatted with movie star psychic and mystical knowledgeable, Inbaal Honigman, about dragonfly which means. Maintain studying to uncover what she has to say.

Dragonfly Symbolism

One may assume that dragonfly which means is ominous because of the insect’s predatory nature (as adults, they eat different bugs and are extremely expert at searching their meals). In accordance with Honigman, although, dragonflies mark a constructive second of transformation.

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“As a really slender creature, with practically clear wings, lightness defines the dragonfly,” says Honigman. “There’s an otherworldly high quality to them, nearly illusory—are they actually right here in any respect? Blink, and you will miss them.”

With that in thoughts, one can surmise that seeing a dragonfly is a reminder to benefit from alternatives as they come up, as you by no means know the way lengthy they’ll be current because the world (and your house inside it) transforms. In that very same vein, Honigman says that dragonflies signify hope, new beginnings, potential, and luck, and that they function an exquisite reminder to stay every day as your final. “Benefit from every second,” she says. You by no means know when it can go.

Which means of a Dragonfly Touchdown on You

Now, if a dragonfly lands instantly on you, that’s much more notable, because it’s not only a transient passing reminder to be extra current, however a direct nudge to be. In fact, in the event you’ve ever been round dragonflies, chances are you’ll know that they will chunk. Whereas their bites aren’t thought-about harmful and sometimes don’t even break the pores and skin, they will sting (I say that from firsthand expertise). That stated, even a dragonfly’s chunk has which means. “It may signify a concern of change,” Honigman says. “As dragonflies symbolize transformation, the chunk might be your unease with the concept of reworking your life.”

Which means of Recognizing Dragonflies in Unison

It’s not unusual to see dragonflies flying collectively, as they’re an insect breed identified to swarm (ie: fly en masse to prey on different bugs). Whereas it’s a very pure occasion, truly bearing witness to it’s notable, Honigman says. “Seeing a swarm of dragonflies enhances the which means of a single dragonfly,” she explains. “Its non secular which means of transformation, and taking advantage of what you have got, is multiplied, and the message is due to this fact extra pronounced.”

Repeat Appearances of a Dragonfly

When you’re indirectly on the water or significantly near the water, however you retain seeing dragonflies, Honigman says that the message is coming by loud and clear in an try to succeed in out. “When you see dragonflies repeatedly, this can be since you are known as on to make a change in your life, rework your self,” she says. “The extra you ignore the message, the extra it can seem. When you’re seeing dragonflies at an uncommon charge, you might have been ignoring the messages for some time, so sit and assume—the place ought to transformation happen? What transformation are you able to create for your self with a purpose to profit your life?”


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