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There are numerous causes to chop again on alcohol, together with the truth that it may be fairly dangerous to your well being. For example, “alcohol carries seven energy per gram (greater than protein and carbohydrates), which makes alcohol very calorically-dense, however nutrient-poor,” Jean Hanks, MS, RDN, CDN, a registered dietitian nutritionist at Properly by Messer, tells Eat This, Not That!. That is to not point out the truth that often consuming alcohol “promotes fats storage, because the physique prioritizes metabolizing alcohol within the physique over meals if the 2 are being consumed on the similar time.” On prime of that, Hanks says that consuming alcohol can “intrude with a superb evening’s sleep,” whereas “extreme consuming is linked to liver harm and elevated blood stress.”

Nonetheless, it won’t at all times be simple to go up a second glass of wine or one other pint of beer though that is what is finest in your physique. Thankfully, a brand new examine has discovered that there is a easy behavior that may show you how to cut back how a lot you are consuming frequently.

What the examine discovered

Within the examine, which was revealed within the journal Dependancy, 260 households in the UK that every sometimes consumed two 750-milliliter bottles of wine each week (the equal of 10 five-ounce glasses of wine) had been requested to undertake a brand new consuming behavior for 14 days. Whereas some had been directed to proceed to buy 750-milliliter bottles of wine, others had been to go for bottles that had been half the scale. On the similar time, some members had been instructed to drink out of 350-milliliter glasses whereas the others used smaller 290-milliliter glasses.

When researchers then took a have a look at how a lot wine members had consumed throughout the two weeks, they discovered that those that bought wine in smaller bottles drank one fewer glass of wine (146 milliliters) in comparison with when consuming from the bigger bottle.

A extra important discovering was that members who used the smaller glasses drank 6.5% much less wine, or the equal of 1.7 fewer glasses (253 milliliters), over 14 days.


“Whereas this explicit examine is small (260 households) and solely centered on one inhabitants (folks residing within the UK), it means that altering the scale of 1’s glassware could possibly be a practical technique for folks attempting to chop again on their alcohol consumption,” Hanks tells Eat This, Not That!.

This consuming behavior could also be extra useful than different habits on the subject of controlling alcohol consumption.

Hanks notes that “suggestions for alcohol consumption sometimes concentrate on the variety of drinks (ie, males ought to stick to 2 to 3 drinks max per day) relatively than the precise quantity of alcohol consumed.” Nonetheless, Hanks factors out that “usually, folks at residence aren’t measuring 5 ounces, the serving measurement for wine, once they pour a glass.”

As a result of folks hardly ever measure a wine pour precisely to the advisable serving measurement, “if of us are centered on sticking to a sure restrict for glasses of wine, and the glasses are smaller, it is sensible that they might then be consuming much less wine general.”

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