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By Dr Sanjay Dhawan

Kajal and surma are conventional Indian substances to make-up these stunning eyes. Initially “kajal” didn’t begin as a make-up however as a house treatment remedy. Zinc, copper sulphate and plenty of medicinal herbs had been vital substances which had particular motion on eye infections. In olden days, trachoma, conjunctivitis, corneal ulcer and different blinding infections had been quite common in Noth India and this a part of Asia. Medical help and medicines weren’t simply out there or had been out of attain of most. In that situation kajal had relevance and performed the position of defending the eyes as our nice grandnmothers propogated.

The constituents of kajal had been chosen emperically or on rumour. The strategies of making ready kajal had been crude and there was no technique to outline the focus of every consituent & its precise impact on the attention. This stays the case until date. At this time with the supply of excellent medicine in exact focus and nicely researched results on the eyes and the illness that they’re meant for, “kajal” looses it is relevance and position. Nevertheless, kajal continues for use extensively by females as a magnificence enhancer.

Kajal can have opposed results on the eyes. A few of them are listed under:


  1. Conjunctivitis – chemical, poisonous and infective
  2. Allergy
  3. Toxicity / Chemical Response
  4. Meibomitis
  5. Stye & Hordeolum – infections of the glands of the attention lids
  6. Corneal ulcer – which may probably result in blindness
  7. Uveitis – sure chemical compounds in kajal can incite irritation inside the attention
  8. Glaucoma – some constituents  can improve eye stress resulting in glaucoma
  9. Dry Eye – common use of kajal could be assiciated with scarring of tear / lacrimal glands inflicting dry eye syndrome
  10. Conjunctival discoloration

It advisable to altogether keep away from use of kajal / surma or any make-up that goes inside the attention. The make-up that is still exterior e.g. eye-liner, eye-shadow, mascara, and so forth. are alright for use however must be meticulously eliminated on the finish of the day. Through the interval of any eye an infection, harm, surgical procedure, and so forth, no eye make-up must be used. Eyes are valuable and really stunning even with none make-up, we should always take excellent care of them.


(Disclaimer: Dr Sanjay Dhawan is Senior Director & Head – Ophthalmology, Max Healthcare. The views expressed within the article are these of the creator, Zee Information doesn’t endorse it.)

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