Watching Sexy Spy Sydney Bristow In Alias Made Me Gay

That is to not say that Alias was with out heterosexuality, but it surely was the type of heterosexuality that was interesting to a closeted preteen. It was no less than tolerable, principally as a result of it nearly by no means amounted to something. Mourning her lifeless fiancé was a handy excuse for Sydney to show down the advances of everybody else, specifically her comfortable boy greatest buddy performed by a younger Bradley Cooper with inexplicable frosted ideas, and her CIA handler, who was additionally cute and younger and type of androgynous. Sydney could not get entangled with both of them as a result of she was hung up on somebody who was lifeless. In later seasons, when she is in a position to be with them in numerous capacities, one thing all the time received in the best way of them really ending up collectively. She could not ever actually be comfortable in a relationship with a person; there was all the time one thing that received in the best way. This, too, was relatable. 

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