What Causes Typhoid Fever?

What’s typhoid fever?

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Typhoid fever is usually attributable to a micro organism referred to as Salmonella typhi, which solely infects and sickens people.

Typhoid fever, or paratyphoid fever, is a bacterial sickness that causes a chronic excessive fever, diarrhea, and physique rash. It is sometimes attributable to a micro organism referred to as Salmonella typhi, which solely infects and sickens people. A associated pressure, Salmonella paratyphi, can infect home animals and people, inflicting an identical illness generally known as paratyphoid fever. 

You catch typhoid fever whenever you eat meals or water that is been contaminated with Salmonella. The illness is uncommon in developed international locations however is a big public well being subject in growing international locations. Communities with poor water and sanitation regulation are most in danger for outbreaks of typhoid fever. 

Signs of typhoid fever

Typhoid fever causes a sustained fever, or a temperature that does not come and go. As soon as contaminated, your fever may climb as excessive as 104 levels Fahrenheit.

Early signs usually embrace fever, abdomen ache, and fatigue. 

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Causes of typhoid fever

Salmonella typhi micro organism are unfold by consuming meals and ingesting water that is been contaminated. The micro organism are discovered within the stool of an contaminated particular person or by somebody who’s a provider. Carriers have recovered from typhoid fever, however nonetheless carry the micro organism and might infect others.

Typhoid fever is usually a results of poor hygiene practices. The micro organism might find yourself in somebody’s fingers or one other a part of the physique. It is also doable to contract typhoid if the water used to scrub meals or put together drinks is contaminated with Salmonella-laced sewage. 


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When to see a health care provider for typhoid fever

Typhoid fever may be harmful and life-threatening. Untreated typhoid fever could cause issues like bradycardia, hepatosplenomegaly, or pneumonia. It is very important name your physician as quickly as you discover signs, particularly if you understand you’ve gotten been uncovered. If you’re nonetheless touring whenever you start to note signs, name the U.S. consulate for assist.

Past the menace to your well being, it is very important diagnose and deal with your typhoid fever so that you don’t unfold the illness. Even after your signs subside, you should still be a provider for Salmonella typhi. Get a sequence of stool cultures till you understand you might be not carrying the micro organism.

Diagnosing typhoid fever

Bodily exams for typhoid fever may be unreliable. Your physician will usually use your signs, a bodily examination, and your journey historical past to make a analysis. 

They could nonetheless run a stool pattern to search for the presence of Salmonella typhi micro organism. Or a blood take a look at can point out tpyhoid fever with elevated white blood cell counts.

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Stopping typhoid fever

There is a vaccine that may assist stop typhoid fever. It is really helpful in case you’re touring outdoors the U.S. to a rustic the place typhoid fever is frequent. When touring observe these security precautions: 

  • Drink bottled or boiled water. 
  • Eat meals that is totally cooked. 
  • Wash your fingers earlier than consuming and ingesting. 
  • Do not eat uncooked greens or fruits that may’t be peeled. 

Some vacationers carry electrolyte packets to forestall dehydration from foodborne diseases like typhoid. 

Therapies for typhoid fever

If there’s an opportunity you have been uncovered to typhoid fever, see a healthcare supplier instantly. Generally, the illness will go away by itself, however it could final for weeks or months with out remedy: 

Your remedy plan will contain a course of antibiotics. The remedy and size of time you are taking them rely in your age, signs, and normal well being. 

When you begin taking the remedy, it is necessary to: 

  • End the complete course of remedy.
  • Wash your fingers after utilizing the toilet.
  • Keep away from getting ready meals for different folks.
  • Have a sequence of stool cultures to make sure the micro organism is not in your physique. 

Signs of typhoid fever normally subside after remedy. Comply with up along with your physician to test if you’re nonetheless a provider. Additionally contact your physician in case you wrestle with persistent fever and weak point, as you would have issues from typhoid fever.


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Medically Reviewed on 3/3/2021


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