What Conditions Can Be Mistaken for a Yeast Infection?

What are different circumstances that mimic a yeast an infection?

You’ve most likely observed that the signs of a yeast an infection are non-specific. Which means that whereas a yeast an infection could possibly be the reason for your signs, it’s sensible to go to a health care provider for a check if you happen to’ve by no means had this kind of difficulty earlier than. Study extra about the commonest medical circumstances that may be simply mistaken for yeast infections.

Sexually transmitted infections

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Should you’ve just lately engaged in unprotected sexual activity, any unusual signs following your encounter warrant a visit to the physician. Loads of STIs have related signs: For instance, trichomoniasis, or “trich”, could cause itching, irritated pores and skin, painful intercourse, and a burning sensation while you urinate. Herpes could cause sores, blisters, and itchy crimson spots across the vulva and vaginal opening.

Bacterial vaginosis (BV)

This bacterial an infection of the vagina is much like a yeast an infection, however the wrongdoer right here is micro organism that already reside within the vagina. You may expertise odd-looking discharge that may be inexperienced, white, or clear, and you may most likely expertise itching and burning as effectively. 

You may discover a definite scent when you’ve got a bacterial an infection — many individuals assume a vagina affected by bacterial vaginosis smells like fish — and this often distinguishes this situation from yeast. Typically, although, this symptom isn’t current and it may be nearly not possible to inform the distinction between BV and a yeast an infection.

Pores and skin allergy symptoms

Should you’re coping with redness, rashes, sores, and itching, it’s possible you’ll be having an allergic response, or what’s referred to as contact dermatitis, to a cleaning soap, detergent, or perfume you’re utilizing in that space. First, it is best to by no means wash your vagina with cleaning soap: It’s completely able to cleansing itself. Second, take a break from any merchandise you employ frequently and see in case your downside clears up. 

If avoiding harsh detergents, chemical compounds, and fragrances helps, you’ll wish to swap to hypoallergenic, fragrance-free merchandise that don’t irritate this delicate space. 

Should you’re nonetheless having signs later, don’t hesitate to go to your physician and focus on your subsequent steps.

Pores and skin circumstances 

Eczema and psoriasis are two examples of pores and skin circumstances that may trigger uncomfortable vulvar and vaginal signs. Eczema could itch and trigger thick pores and skin on the vulva, whereas psoriasis could appear like pink or crimson patches of pores and skin with out the scales that often outline this situation. These circumstances typically look completely different on the vulva as a result of the pores and skin in these areas is extra moist, delicate, and delicate than the pores and skin on different components of your physique.

Urinary tract infections

Burning throughout urination is the basic symptom of UTI, however it could actually occur throughout a yeast an infection, too: Typically, the tissues across the vagina are so infected that urine stings or burns.

UTIs sometimes have extra extreme signs which you can’t mistake for one thing else, comparable to bladder ache, fever, and chills, however additionally they typically have minor signs or none in any respect. Don’t delay in getting examined for a UTI if you happen to assume this can be the trigger. An untreated UTI can result in severe bladder and kidney points.

It’s widespread for even skilled practitioners to misdiagnose vulvovaginal circumstances attributable to their shared signs. Discharge, itching, and burning can accompany a number of circumstances, and it’s possible you’ll have to go to your physician for testing to find out the precise reason behind your troubles. It’s essential to check for pH to find out whether or not there’s even an an infection within the first place — or in case your difficulty could possibly be an allergy, autoimmune situation, or one thing else. Most wholesome vaginas have a barely acidic pH of round 3.5 to 4.5.

Should you’ve had a yeast an infection earlier than, it’s possible you’ll assume you realize yeast an infection signs after they happen once more — but when your regular over-the-counter remedy isn’t working, it’s time to think about one other trigger. Get in contact together with your physician when you’ve got any considerations about your situation and be sure you schedule an intensive analysis when you’ve got extra severe signs. 

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